ClassDojo is a Game Changer in the Classroom

ClassDojo is an exciting app that teachers, students and parents use to all be on the same page when it comes to classroom activities. It forms a new way of communication that occurs between the three parties in a way that puts everyone in the same room.

Students can share their work with their parents via photos, messages, and video. Teachers can broadcast up and coming events, grades, and assignments to parents, and parents can ask questions and follow their students’ progress.

In the morning a teacher can check on who is going to be sick today, and thus absent from class. Parents can send the teacher a message with any individual instruction that might apply for that particular day. During class a teacher can give points for good results. For example a “ping” is sent for all to hear for “Excellent Listening” or “Good Class Participation.” When students get into it, they experience a subtle peer pressure to excel.

ClassDojo is present in over 90 percent of kindergarten through the eighth-grade in US schools and in 180 countries where it is translated into over 35 different languages. Teachers rave about it and parents get very excited when they realize the approachability they have into their child’s educational process.

ClassDojo really shines because it enhances and promotes the “soft skills” of learning which are very difficult to measure. Skills such as perseverance, focus, and drive to achieve are all over ClassDojo. The whole process is a “gamified” learning process, a digital regimen that students are already used to.

ClassDojo works on Android, Ios, and Kindle Fire. The devices are furnished to students and teachers free of charge and there is no charge to parents for the students’ participation. When students can use a system that is almost like the games that they are already proficient at using, the ClassDojo is like nothing to them as far as difficulty.

Parents who participate fully realize the advantage that their children have and they jump on board willingly and with enthusiasm. The results speak for themselves because the process works, and works very well, indeed.