Success Academy Makes Access to Education Easy For All

Success Academy is the largest free charter school network in New York, and it aims to make access to education reachable and affordable for all children regardless of their background. Eva Moskowitz founded it in 2006, and since its establishment, it has opened many charter schools in New York.


Unlike other district schools, which could be selective, Success Academy offers space to all state children, including those with disabilities. The admissions are once every April. Success Academy enrollment is an effortless activity, and it only takes parents few minutes to complete the whole application process. However, when the number of applying students exceeds the number of available spaces, the random rotary is done, and the lucky students are admitted.


In fact, around 76 percent of the students come from low-income families with 8.5 percent of them being English language learners and about 15 percent being special needs students. Also, around 93 percent of the total population of students comprises of children of color, and this explains why success Academy has helped many African-American children.




Success Academy is authorized to oversee all the activities concerning its operation and performance. It has a responsibility to formulate policies that will enhance effectiveness in the learning process, teaching process, and parent’s satisfaction. Ensuring students are receiving a high-quality education is among the primary aims of Success Academy. Therefore, this learning institution has a stronger accountability to its actions than the other district schools.


All the charter schools are not only accountable to parents and the community, but also the state government. Thus, after every five years, they are subject to review to determine whether or not they are worth to continue operating. Success Academy is not an exceptional, and thus it strives to implement policies that will avail the best learning environment to the students.