Doe Deere…Cosmic Cosmetics Creator Extraordinaire

Her name is Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, and she has taken cosmetics to whole other creative cosmic level. When asked about her alter ego, Xenia, Doe giggles and says, in her thick Russian accent “Xenia was a fairy princess who would share her secrets with me while I slept. She filled my head with so many ideas that I would wake, pick up my colored pencils and create.” If you are lucky enough to get her to “paint your face” you will walk away believing in fairies and in magic. Doe Deere is an inventor, creator, business woman and has been called one of the “Top Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs of the Millennium” She has been featured in over 50 magazines and is currently working on creating her own YouTube channel. “I created the Youtube channel so my customers have immediate access to makeup tips, application ideas and sometimes even advice on romance.”
Doe Deere can’t contain her excitement. If you can get her to sit still for 30 minutes then you have truly achieved some magic of your own. She is excited because her makeup brand, Lime Crime, not only is sky-rocketing in sales it is being featured in the November issue of Nylan magazine. Between her Magic Dust eyeshadows and Candyfuture Lipsticks, people are going crazy over this exciting brand of cosmetics. Happy customers are sharing their stories online as they continue to rave about her makeup. Doe Deere in a storyexchange inteview states “Our sales are not the only thing sky-rocketing, Lime Crime is guilty of sky-rocketing our confidence too. People were tired of muted and dull and they were screaming for more vibrant, fun colors. So, we gave them what they wanted.”
People are drawn to Doe, not just because of her ethereal appearance but because she has this magnetic charm and appeal and when she opens her mouth you are always surprised at what comes out of it. Doe is not always the giggly fairy princess, when she talks business she is sharp, witty and articulate. “She is a fascinating figure and the creator of a makeup line that is eliciting a very enthusiastic audience.” Lime Crime, with its unique packaging in various shades of pink with sparkly unicorns, is about extreme pigments and vibrant colors.
Doe does not pay much attention to the handful of people out there who are trying to give her a hard time. “Some of the top minds in this industry have warned me that with overwhelming support there will always be the few who are out to poison the well. Pay them no mind and do what you do.” Doe has indeed adopted that philosophy and continues to impress us with her shock and awe formula.

Visual Searching With Slyce

If you own a mobile gadget, you may be preparing for an app or a new technology enter the device. If you are looking down that road, you may be imagining the day when you can do anything with the press of a button. You may be anticipating a technology that will without fail make your life a breeze, be it traveling to a new destination or doing your routine chore. Your needs, wants, taste and decisions are handled based on your previous likings. The role of visual search technology is an incredible one in this arena, not to mention its reliability and price.

Visual Search Technology is at the forefront whether you want to locate your destination or research a product. This new tool utilizes the images from apps and links the product in the real world. In other words, rather than describing the product that you are about to buy, explore or study through words and phrases, simply take a picture and convey the message. Through this technology, you will be able to accurately access the content that facilitates e-commerce and categorization.

Begin with uploading pictures into your smartphone. You are at home or in the middle of a desert. The uploading process may have started only a few seconds ago or you have the picture stored in the system. The source can be anywhere from laptop, cell phone to flyer and billboard. The app will then guide the user through a series of actions such as posting on social network, transferring to a retail store website, buying a product or selling online. The images can be shared, pixel by pixel and detail by detail to the end user. This technology uses image recognition to look for similar content in the database thereby matching the photo with the content. The app can be a native photo app or any specific app meant for the purpose. In addition, the technology has the ability to match the picture without the need for bar code scan.

Slyce Inc is the leading provider of Visual Search technology. This company, based in Toronto, launched its first visual search technology platform in the beginning of the year 2013. Since then, it has expanded its business to various locations all over Canada and the United States. The company has partnered with a number of retailers including health-care and transportation, while providing customers a hassle-free shopping experience.