Want To Color Your Hair Without Having To Bleach It? Don’t Worry, Lime Crime Has The Right Hair Dye For You

Over the last few years having hair that looks like it was dipped in a rainbow seems to be all the rage. Pop stars such as the singer Katy Perry of Roar fame and the rapper Nicki Minaj have helped to popularize the notion that having fun, funky, vibrant hair is a fashion choice that is accessible to everyone even if they do not walk down red carpets or star in viral music videos for a living. Nowadays there are probably more consumers than ever who will want to try out new looks that will enable them to show the world their personality and distinguish them from their friends or from everyone else who is walking down the street.

However consumers that want to look like Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry but who do not want to necessarily take the risks that can come with dying one’s hair can run into a bit of a problem. People who have hair that is dark brown will often choose to bleach their hair so that a bright color such as light blue, or neon pink or lime green will be able to show up more vividly. The only problem with this is that while having platinum blonde hair will make it easier for a bright or unconventional color to show up it can also severely damage someone’s hair in the long run. When people bleach their hair they can risk weakening their hair and making it more prone to breaking off and being dry.

This can mean that some people with dark hair might feel as though the trend of dyeing their hair distinct colors is simply not realistic for them. Those consumers who are conscious about the health of their hair will no longer need to worry about having to court hair damage when they dye their hair. The beauty company that is known as Lime Crime has recently come up with a solution for consumers like this. That solution is known as the new additions to Lime Crime Unicorn blue hair dye collection. The new additions to the collection include four colors: Chestnut, Sea Witch, Charcoal and Squid. The colors are on the darker side which makes them perfect for consumers who want to try something different but also want it to be somewhat muted.