Atlanta Hawks Former Ownership, Danny Ferry, AIG, and Contract Controversy

Apparently, a contract dispute has arisen between the old Hawks ownership group, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), and their insurer, New Hampshire Insurance Company (AIG). Bruce Levenson, AHBE’s controlling partner, has filed a lawsuit against the insurance company for breach of contract and insurance bad faith.

The suit stems from a buyout agreement between AHBE and Danny Ferry in June of 2015 and claims that Ferry made regarding wrongful termination and unfair treatment when he was let go. AIG says, they have no idea.

AHBE says they provided notice to AIG about Ferry’s accusations on April 2, 2015, and as stated in the insurance policy that notice should have triggered the coverage. The group has court documents that back confirm their assertion. AIG won’t acknowledge that they received notice, let alone that the policy was triggered.

The lawsuit states that Levenson ( and his group believe the contract is valid and that Ferry’s claims should have put things in motion. AIG continues to say nope, no way. AHBE says the situation speaks for itself. Stay tuned; Levenson doesn’t like to lose.

Bruce showed an interest in media during his time in law school, so he tried his hand at journalism. In the late 1970s, he and Ed Peskowitz started United Communications Group and reported on the significant issues of the period. See,

They did well and in the early 2000s formed an LLC to buy the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Bruce loves his professional life and has enjoyed great success; however, what he loves more are his wife Karen and their three sons. The couple also enjoys staying active in charity work and give generously to several causes.

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