The Legend of Conan Continues

With all the hype surrounding Terminator: Genesis, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s other return to an iconic role has been overlooked. The Arnold has taken a little time out to discuss The Legend of Conan (formerly King Conan) and he says the barbarian’s swan song movie has a really great screenplay.

The folks at The Aspire New Brunswick believe the reboot of Conan the Barbarian was a good film, but the box office returns were weak. Now, Conan is getting yet another chance at success in the form of The Legend of Conan.

Originally, Oliver Stone wrote the first screenplay for the first Conan the Barbarian film. Eventually, John Millius took over the writing and directing chores and he deviated greatly from the original Robert E. Howard Conan stories. Millius did plan out a trilogy of Conan movies, but he did not return for the silly sequel Conan The Destroyer.

After the critical drubbing Conan the Destroyer received, plans for a third Conan movie withered. Schwarzenegger moved onto a series of hit films, then a bunch of flops, and then into politics, and now back to films. Since King Conan features an older Conan, this might be the perfect time to make the final film.

Actually, this will be the final film for Arnold in the role. Another reboot is possible. Even though the 2011 film was a dud, to think there won’t be another Conan remake in the future is short-sighted. They are making a new Tarzan movie and there have been some really bad Lord of the Jungle films before, too.