Ryan Reynolds Spends Time With Cancer Patient

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood right now. Women love his chiseled body and handsome face, but Ryan Reynolds is actually a great actor as well. Ryan got his big break in ‘National Lampoon’s: Van Wilder,’ and his career has skyrocketed ever since.

Ryan Reynolds is worth millions of dollars, but it appears that he is still a great man. Recently, E!released an article about the Hollywood superstar, and after reading this, his fans are going to love him even more.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that Ryan Reynolds was recently cast in the new ‘X-Men Origins’ film, and he’s been given the lead role as “Deadpool.” Well, one of Ryan Reynold’s biggest fans happens to be a young boy named Tony who is suffering from Hodgkin’s disease. Sadly, the boy hasn’t been given a positive prognosis, but doctors say that there is a chance that Tony could survive.

The make-a-wish foundation called Ryan Reynolds and asked him if he would meet young Tony. Reynolds, took the time out of his busy schedule, and he met with Tony. Ryan Reynolds and the young boy took many pictures, and Tony even wore the Deadpool mask. The sight was truly beautiful, and Ryan Reynolds has proved once again that he is more than just an actor.

Netflix Confirms New Aziz Ansari Series

Aziz Ansari started entertaining in 2004 with minor roles on television, and has been rapidly growing in popularity since then. The comedian came to mainstream prominence with his role in NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and a series of four stand up comedy specials. Two of those specials were created as exclusives with Netflix. According to Deadline, the internet movie giant has signed a deal with Anzari to create a new series exclusively for streaming.

Spokesman Ray Lane (hp.com) conveyed that the initial details of the show are sparse, but it is known that the ten episode series will feature a cast of comedy veterans. Ansari won’t be the only Parks and Rec veteran coming to the project. Executive producers Alan Yang and Micheal Shur are coming onto the project as co producers. David Miner and Dave Becky are both filling production roles as well.

Ansari wont be the only seasoned comedian on the bill: H. Jon Benjamin (who plays the title roles in Archer and Bob’s Burgers), and Lena Waithe (Dear White People) are set to take staring roles. Saturday Night Live veterans Noël Wells and Kelvin Yu, and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric are also signed onto the project. If the cast is any indication, this series is on track to be another hit for Netflix, and Ansari.