Class Act Showcase: Jon Urbana Gets It Done

When it comes to environment and caring for it, along with community and business ventures, Jon Urbana has his work cut out for him. He enjoys staying busy and taking part in events that mean a lot to him. He grew up in the Colorado area and knows what it is like to experience to beauty. The home of the Rockies has definitely shaped him into the man he is today. It’s why his thousands of Facebook devotees love to keep up with his life.

The environment has always been something that Jon loves and cares for. He decided to start a GoFundMe Campaign to help raise donations for a non-profit organization called Earth Force. All of the proceeds that he raises will be donated to the organization which is geared towards the youth. Earth Force is focused on educating the younger generation and teaching them how important it is to care for the environment. He is also an avid animal lover, and has also started a charity fundraising event located online to help raise donations for a no kill cat shelter. The shelter is responsible for taking in stray cats that need homes, and will keep them until they find an owner for them. In a blog post with his plans, it became clear that Jon Urbana hopes to help raise money to help with the overall costs in keeping the animals until they can find a permanent home.

Jon, an esteemed alum of the Villanova lacrosse program, was recently recognized by the FAA for his pilot skills. Urbana is now a certified pilot who has exceeded the necessary skills it takes to achieve medical and safety status when becoming a certified pilot. The FAA always advises consumers to ensure that they are only flying with certified pilots who have passed all of the rigorous tests for safety and accountability measures.

He presides over a laser skin care company called Ellipse USA. They are responsible for correcting skin care problems such as scarring, fine lines and wrinkles along with many other issues that patients have. He ensures that each client is satisfied and that the business is ran efficiently.

On top of his daily busy functions, he uses Tumblr all the time and is the founder of a lacrosse youth camp. He currently has registrations open for the camp allowing youth to better their skills and become fundamentally more function at the sport.