Chris Pratt: How Long Will We Love You?

Chris Pratt has rapidly ascended the ladder of Hollywood Greats thanks not to his acting on screen, though he is fantastic, but more due to his absolutely affable charm. You see, Daniel Amen says that Chris Pratt is an enthusiastic man with humor about him. He sweats genuine friendliness and he has been gifted the art of making people smile. Ever since being discovered as a waiter in Hawaii, and making his break in D-Level indie films, Pratt has worked tirelessly with a smile on his face. Now he is one of the biggest ‘funny men’ in Hollywood and the anchor to multiple HUGE franchises with ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. The truth is, Pratt is so much more than all of that.

While on a press tour for the upcoming ‘Jurassic World’, Pratt took time to share his old and hilarious headshots with the crowd. The black and white images got an instant uproarious reaction and Pratt wasn’t shy about laughing along with them. At his core, that’s what makes Chris Pratt so entertaining. The man is willing, able, and ready to laugh at himself in order to get to the joke. Look at some of his work on ‘Parks and Recreation’ to see how he balanced being the ‘goofball’ with being self aware of what he was doing. It’s truly great acting.

Now the Summer of Pratt II is upon us. After last years break out success with ‘Guardians’, Pratt will have another chance at blockbuster success with ‘Jurassic World’.