Chris Brown Twirls Off Stage and Falls

Lately Chris Brown has been in a good place, after years of legal issues, bad relationships and terrible luck in general, Chris Brown seems to finally be enjoying a drama free life. Recently he was shocked to find out that he actually has a 9 month old daughter and they instantly bonded upon meeting. Photos and videos of Chris is his daughter show their love for each other and anyone can see the positive influence his daughter “Royalty,” has been having on Chris and his decisions.

At the moment Chris is in the middle of celebrating his 26th birthday, and what better way than doing what he loves to do? Chris kicked off his birthday with a party and special performance at the Drais Yacht Club in Las Vegas , Nevada. The crowd was loving every minute and Chris of course was in full entertainer mode when he hit a mean twirl that sent if flying off stage.

Fortunately Chris was okay and the crowd didn’t swallow him whole. His body guards were able to rescue him before things got uncomfortable. The rest of his birthday fun seems to have been a blast, Fersen Lambranho just hopes that this isn’t one of those moments.