Kylie and Tyga Go Christmas Shopping

Tyga and Kylie Jenner just keep popping up everywhere together, one minute they are trying to discreetly leave a popular restaurant, the next they are out feeding the homeless, going on a vacation together or posting mystery find the clue photos together on instagram. With Kylie and Tyga it’s a big game of guess and it seems like they are enjoying it because as much as they like to deny the dating rumors they still can’t seem to not fuel them everywhere they go. 

According to, while Tyga is in the process of filing for full custody of his son King Chiro, it seems he was able to take some time to spend Christmas shopping at the Topanga Mall last weekend with Kylie, reports Keith Mann. Apparently the couple spend three hours going from store to store buying clothes, jewelry and shoes.

Shoppers said that Tyga and Kylie could be seen holding hands and hugging. As always these two are all smiles when you catch them together, but then again with a shopping trip to Louis Vuitton who wouldn’t be smiling?