David McDonald Has Devoted His Life To Excellence In The Food Business

American food industry businessman David McDonald originally hails from the midwestern state of Iowa and began his long and distinguished career in the food processing and food distribution business immediately following his academic career at Iowa State University.

David McDonald has been with world leading food wholesaler OSI Group for more than thirty years now and initially started with the firm in the role of project manager.

Today, David McDonald is the President of the firm as well as a sitting member of the firm’s board of directors. The fact that he worked his way up from an entry position and eventually made it all the way up to the top of the corporate ladder is something that David McDonald OSI Group is extremely proud of.

David McDonald OSI Group has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a local butcher shop in the Chicago area. Today, the company is a worldwide presence in the food industry that continues strive to constantly improve and to grow its business through expansion, acquisition and forging partnerships. David McDonald OSI Group has been a huge part of the expansion of the food outfit that now has operations in seventeen different countries globally. One of the big recent moves that OSI Group has made under the guidance of David McDonald is Baho Food. This is a Netherlands based food distribution company that is now a new member of the OSI family. David McDonald has noted that Baho is a really great fit for OSI Group and also a great addition to the company’s portfolio.

David McDonald OSI Group is a firm believer that the company’s success, as well as his own success, are rooted in the ability to forge partnerships with valuable companies. He also emphasizes the fact that the OSI team members on the ground always work hard to develop a good understanding of the particular market that they are working in. This allows the company an ability to serve its customers at the highest level possible.

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Luiz Carlos and His Legacy a Trabuco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos deserves to be happy and proud for all he has achieved so far. When he was at Sao Paulo University, Luiz probably did not know about the bright future awaiting him. He did bachelors in Philosophy and a major in letter programs. These academic achievements may not have reflected his present work and position, but that is the thrill of it. Luiz used what he has to become a prominent individual in Brazil. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at bloomberg.com.

Luiz Carlos began his career at Trabuco Bradesco as a desk clerk. At only eighteen years, Luiz worked hard and diligently at everything he did. His effort paid off by receiving promotions. Luiz was once an executive director and later the president of the Bradesco. Throughout his career journey, Luiz aimed at bringing positive change and difference. Every position he has held was left better than he found it.

Luiz Carlos leadership in Trabuco Bradesco has exhibited robust capabilities of effectively implementing changes. Organizations struggle with effecting change smoothly. For Luiz to do with minimal challenges was a significant advantage for the organization. Giving all his career life to Trabuco Bradesco has not gone unnoticed, primarily by the entrepreneur community. He has won an award as the entrepreneur of the year. Visit istoedinheiro.com to know more.

In his various positions of leadership, Luiz transformed Bradesco by including fresh talent. Although the organization has numerous people working for it, adding new human resources is beneficial. The new employees will bring in a diverse and inspired perspective to business. This prediction was true, and it has made Trabuco Bradesco the biggest bank in Brazil.

Besides searching for new talent and hiring, Luiz is an excellent mentor. His employees appreciate working with him because Luiz believes in lifting others. By mentoring others, they become better at their work and ready for growth. Many employees have received new opportunities after following Carlos’ guidance.

Today, Luiz Carlos is the chairman of the organization. Octavia Lazari has big shoes to fit after he was named the new president of Bradesco. Luiz will continue to influence and steer the organization to higher heights. He hopes to leave a substantial legacy in this thriving organization.

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Mike Baur On Sharing Your Business Ideas With Others

The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is a Switzerland-based venture capital firm, but it’s not quite your typical venture capital firm. This company has several facets to it from giving a platform to investors in the form of new companies, giving coaching and classroom time for entrepreneurs to build on ideas, and networking entrepreneurs with investors. Mike Baur helped found the SSUF and he brought a wide range of management ideas to the company that he had learned in banking. Baur’s chief mission at the SSUF is to bring startup companies online within a short time frame and help them become sustainable, and he explained how entrepreneurs could make that happen.


Mike Baur told Red Bull Media, a media conglomerate that supports the SSUF that good business ideas don’t have to be searched for. Entrepreneurs will have their “aha” moment that the idea will come, and it will usually grow from there. Instead of fearing that the idea will be stolen, entrepreneurs should never be afraid to share the idea because it can bring together the right business team for them. And nobody should be afraid of failure because those who fail the first time around will do better the next time around.


Mike Baur wanted to go into the venture capital field because he realized this field had much more variety in a typical day than the same old routine in banking. Baur had certainly done a good job in banking while he was at UBS Bank and later Clariden Leu, so much so that he was on the executive board by the time he got to Clariden Leu. Banking was one of Switzerland’s strongest institutions when Baur first began as an apprentice, but by the time he was an executive the post-recession regulations had kicked in and had made banking much more difficult. So in 2014 he decided to go his own way.


The reason Mike Baur decided to form his own private business accelerator was because he felt he could offer more help to business founders than grant programs that the government offered. He met up with former investment advisor Max Meister and with the backing of Helvetia, CTI Group, Goldback Group and Red Bull they were able to open their accelerator. The accelerator has been responsible for many disruptive financial tech businesses brought online, and part of the investment in those businesses has been channeled through Fintech Fusion. Baur also is the CEO of Think Reloaded.


How to Become a Successful Business Owner

Many people dream of becoming a successful business owner. Running a business is not easy, but a company does provide additional income and ways to impact the local community positively.

With the technology available to business owners, getting started is easier than ever. The problem is taking a company and making it profitable.

Jose Hawilla is someone who has started multiple companies in Brazil. With the economic growth in Brazil, now is the perfect time for someone to start a business. Learning lessons from Hawilla is a proven way for potential business owners to increase their chances of success.

Make a Plan

A successful company should start with a business plan. Few people take the time to write out a detailed business plan. A business plan helps the owner stay committed to various goals. While running a company, there are going to be issues that arise. Successful business owners can turn issues into opportunities.


Some business ideas require additional capital to get started. Other business ideas need almost no money. Jose Hawilla strongly believes in running a company without a high level of debt. Debt is especially dangerous for new business owners. Some business owners end up in a terrible financial position because they borrowed too much money at one time. Check out traffic.com for more.


Marketing is critical for anyone who wants to operate a successful company. Once the company is founded, the business owner should develop an effective marketing plan to engage potential customers.

Operating an online business is a proven way to earn additional income. An online store usually requires minimal capital to get started. An online business is a perfect solution for people who want to own a business without a lot of financial risks.

Jose Hawilla plans to expand his companies in the coming years to serve more customers.

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Professional Advice on Retirement for Millennials from Financial Planner David Giertz

David Giertz offers financial advice for millennials that are starting to think about saving for the future. The best way to start planning for the future is to stay alert about ways to save money and pay off debts faster.

Budget Well

A millennial should use their remaining income, after bills, for savings and to pay off debts. They should get rid of debts, such as school loans, as soon as they can so the future is depositing money into a retirement and/or savings account, debt-free. As soon as debts are paid, more money can be deposited into savings.

Roth IRA vs. 401(k)

David Giertz suggests using a Roth IRA for retirement. Unlike the 401(k), the Roth IRA is not taxed when a retiree withdraws funds. Income is taxes and then the deposit takes place. A Roth IRA compounds interest year over year, so the earlier one is invested in, the better.

Be a Creative for Extra Income

A passive income, small business, Etsy store or charging for a particular skill is a great way to be passionate about something outside of work and build a second income. Generating extra money at something that is aside from a standard 8 to 5 job is a great investment toward retirement and putting an unused skill to work.

David Giertz has a MBA from the University of Miami and is a professional in the financial services industry. He has experience of over 30 years and is a successful business coach.