Talk Fusion: Making Life Easier For Everyone

Talk Fusion just seems like that company that is never satisfied with the work they are doing and that is meant as the highest form of praise. It means they never settle and they never stay with one thing. If there is a product that is good, they want to make it great. They are always looking for areas in which the product can be enhanced and grow to even greater lengths. That is what they have done with their upgrades to video chat. Talk Fusion is all about making communication easier, especially in today’s fast paced world. They know that people are on the go and they need to use their devices to chat with people and get business accomplished.

This new advancement allows people to chat on both Android and the iPhone, so they can do video chat with someone regardless of what type of phone they have at the present moment. That is the true beauty of the product. There is also no sign up and no account registration needed, so again, that makes it even easier for people that wish to use Talk Fusion, according to the following link:

Ever since Talk Fusion has been around since 2007, they have been making advancements in the video communications world. They have made that their number one goal and their number one mission. They do not rest until something is done properly and correctly. That is why Bob Reina has assembled a team, an IT team, that is ready and willing to take on any challenge that is put on their table. Most of the time in interviews, one will hear Bob praising them for the work they do to make Talk Fusion the cutting-edge product that it is. There is a reason they have had so much success in 2016 and many have called it their best year yet.

They also offer video newsletters, video conferences, and video emails. It is exciting to see what they might come up with next, as they are in the brainstorm room constantly and bouncing ideas off each other about Talk Fusion and ways to make it the best ever.

Kyle Bass’ Comments On China Seem Inert

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Bass said that if China “materially” were to have a currency devaluation, current economic collapse concerns may not have the weight he’s previously imputed. He said whatever happens in the next two to three years, it won’t be “Armageddon”. He further pointed out that should the material devaluation happen, it would be an exciting time to invest in China.

Contrast this with an earlier statement he made where he gave China’s economic collapse a forty to fifty percent chance of happening by the end of 2016. Then dial it back to October of 2015, when first he began calling doom and gloom on China for their expanding debt bubble, and a clearer picture emerges. Financial vocabulary swept away, all Bass has really said is that China could do good, or they could do bad; which basically means nothing. Bass has compared China’s economy now to that in America pre-2008, when the Great Recession hit. That’s kind of spurious, considering China’s population is 1.3+ billion, or more than four times that of the United States. That is a ubiquity of human capital which is definitely not being accurately represented on paper. It’s likely that an economy with such a population can grow a bubble with much greater tensile strength then that blown by America’s sub-prime lending faux pas. The point is, even if he’s right, and China’s economy does resemble America’s during this time, he may have neglected to consider that timetables for them will necessarily differ from those in America.

But maybe he does recognize this, and he’s trying to manipulate the market such that fringe investors bearing substantial capital may withhold their investment, and thus artificially facilitate the collapse Bass has seemed rabid to produce since at least October, UsefulStooges reports. His media influence and past history would certainly make such a scheme within the realm of possibility. Between running a hedge fund, regularly supporting a socialist leader in Argentina responsible for twice defaulting the country (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner), and undercutting banks like Bear-Stearns on Wall Street in a way which led to personal profit, Bass has a sordid history of financial dealings. It is recommendable, then, to consider his China predictions in the same light.

iFunding Combines Real Estate Investment and Crowdfunding

One of the biggest changes in the venture capital and small business capital industry over the past five years has been the massive increase in the amount of crowd funding that has taken place. Many entrepreneurs with a great business plan are idea are now able to raise tens of thousands of dollars through crowd funding within a matter of days.

While crowd funding has been great for business owners and entrepreneurs, seasoned real estate investors as well through iFunding are now getting into crowd funding. iFunding is an online crowd funding website that is designed to help real estate investors get matched up with real estate professionals that need either debt of equity for a specific project.

iFunding allows people interested in investing in real estate to invest from as little as $5,000 into specific real estate projects. Each real estate project is fully vetted by the iFunding staff to ensure that the project is viable and could provide a sizable return on investment. iFunding has provided a wide variety of projects from single family home conversions to commercial projects that have raised millions of dollars. The company also provides a range of asset classes that an investor can choose from including apartment buildings, retail, hotels, and office projects.

iFunding has turned into a very successful company thanks to the leadership of its founder and CEO William Skelley, who was recently named as a member to the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. William Skelley has a long and successful history in real estate investment and capital raising. Prior to starting iFunding, he founded a small investment bank that was able to origination over $2 billion in commercial real estate transactions while raising hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. He also spent some time at Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund that was initially founded by a Harvard Busines School professor.

Along with many investors, William Skelley said on Twitter he sees significant potential in the growth of iFunding. The technology and concept is still growing and allows younger investors to partake in major transactions, which is something that would not have been available to them in the past.

Bruce Levenson Made His Career Happen

There are some things that not too many people are able to do because the jobs are limited, and because it just takes too much work to be able to have the jobs. But, even though both of those things are true of being a team owner, there is no reason for someone to give up on their dream of making that happen if it is something that they want to do. Bruce Levenson dreamed of owning a team for a long time before he bought one, and now he is able to appreciate the success that he has had. There might only be a few people who are able to do something like that, and it might require a lot of hard work to be able to achieve it, but that does not mean that anyone who wants it should not try for it. Who knows what can happen when they do that?
Bruce Levenson didn’t know that his dreams would come true when he set out to make them happen. He had no guarantee that he would see the kinds of success that he has had in his life, but he set out toward the goal of owning a team for himself, anyway. And now he has to be glad that he did, as he is able to enjoy the feel of owning an NBA team.
Bruce Levenson has been a hard worker in his career. He has made sure to always do his best no matter where he was working or who he was working for because he knew that that was the way to success. Anyone who wants to own a team for themselves one day should consider that. The should think about how Bruce Levenson made it a point to deliver good work to each of the companies that he worked for, and they should try to do the same, themselves.
It requires quite a bit of hard work, and a large amount of motivation, for one to be able to have the kinds of success that they want to have in their career. It takes a special kind of person who is willing to put in a lot of work to own an NBA team. But, if that is something that someone feels passionately about doing, then there should be no stopping them from trying to make their dreams happen. Like Bruce Levenson did, they just might be able to make it happen.

Non-Accredited Investors Are Now Welcomed

For most of the history of investment firms, accredited investors has been the most sought after prize. These are the investors who have a net worth of greater than $1 million while also possessing an annual income of $200,000 or more. These are the kind of people who are likely to have extra money to put money into the market. That being said, Forefront Capital now seeks out non-accredited investors to put money in the market with them as well.

Investors who make a middle-class income can now get started with Forefront Capital and the experts they have to help walk them through the process. They hire the best market watchers around and make sure that even small-scale investors are able to get the information they require about the market.

It is unfortunate that non-accredited investors have been ignored for so long. They have been pushed to learn about investing for themselves and not have the expert guidance they require. This is no longer the case. Now, Forefront Capital can help them and make sure that they start putting some of their dollars to work for them. It may help get them from being in the middle class to greater things in the future.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront, and Reuters wrote that he has spoken many times about non-accredited investors and how he wanted to help them. He talks about how it is a necessity to get as many people as possible in the market. Investing may be the only way that many are able to enjoy retirement in their future. It has to start as soon as possible and this means that one does not have the time to wait around until their income increases. He wants to help people here and now where they are. Forefront Capital is making it happen.

Joseph Bismark: How a monk does business


The popular blog Left Handed Right Mind recently posted an article innovative businessman Joseph Bismark, a successful leader at international direct sales company Qnet. In it the author presented some tenets of Mr. Bismark’s business and life philosophy that struck me as unique and refreshing.

In the article it states Mr. Bismark became a monk in his early childhood in his native Philippines. He remained there until he struck to make his mark on the business world at the age of 17. Mr. Bismark does not go into detail about his time as a monk, but as I read on, I became convinced that his time there shaped him into the dynamic leader he has become. In addition to his position at Qnet Mr. Bismark also spends a great deal of his time working on behalf of Qi Group, an organization whose goal is to promote a more environmentally responsible way of life.

At Qnet Bismark has encouraged entrepreneurial practices among Qnet’s many independent representatives. He places a strong emphasis on corporate teamwork and many believe his leadership is a major reason for the rapid growth in sales of the health and wellness product lines at Qnet.

Qi Group has also seen success under Mr. Bismark including the company’s resort Prana in Koh Samui which is powered from environmentally solar and a tower in Malaysia that has gone paperless in and effort to reduce the consumption of trees. Since taking over at Qi in 2008 the company has seen amazing growth and is now doing business in 30 countries with more than 1500 employees and is involved in businesses as diverse as hospitality and finance.

In conclusion Mr. Bismark’s philosophy of a calm peaceful spirit has allowed him to maintain leadership positions at two rapidly growing companies like Qnet and Qi Group. His encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, along with his dynamic style of leadership have been a benefit to both companies. Perhaps we all could befit from a little bit of a monks spiritual training.

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