Better for you is better for pets too

Breeding dachshunds is my passion and something I enjoy a great deal. Currently, I have 7 that are ready for adoption. In fact, I breed quality dogs from healthy lineages so, what I feed them matters more than for comfort pets. I have searched and received advice from many breeders in my industry on pet care. Their council is invaluable and has helped me a lot when I didn’t know the right course of action to take. My advisors have taught me a great deal on premium dog food and how to meet the needs of your breed, while making use of the Scrooge strategy and saving every penny that doesn’t need to be spent. For my dogs I spare no expense on their vittles and health care. In fact, the top food recommended to me is the Backcountry line from Beneful. Without doubt, this is the best organic line of wet and dry dog food. My pups never go without this. By all means, the sheen it gives to their coats is unbelievable and I have to do very little else to keep them that way. Almost all of my dogs are given this formula because it is one of the most nutritionally sound ready made foods available to purchase in Amazon, Whole Foods and Target. Generally, I buy the food from Whole Foods or Target because I also shop there for my other house hold needs so, it is very convenient. Recently, I have begun feeding Beneful’s PurinaStore Bright Minds to my two older dogs at the suggestion of their veterinarian. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when they began eating it but it has really surprised me with how much vitality they suddenly have again. Both of them have always been very intelligent dogs but with the healthy fats in this formula the clock has rolled back concerning their mental and physical agility. Currently, I am looking at a bag of the Beneful’s Purina Bright Minds formula, in the ingredients it has coconut oil listed which, is why it is so easy to digest for older dogs.