Lime Crime Products Transform Your Looks

Women complain about products that do not last very long. They apply them in the morning and an hour later, they have to apply the product again. One complaint is about applying certain name brand lipsticks that fade away or smear. Well, Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that produces a high quality line of lipsticks that are very long-wearing and do not fade. For example, their Velveteens are sure to capture your attention. They are the one’s heating up social media and online beauty talk.


Metallic Velvetine Matte Lipstick

The Metallic Velvetine Matte Lipstick is simply a wonderful addition to the Lime Crime Lipstick line. This is a cruelty free vegan based lipstick that is in a gorgeous metallic sheen. The product line is produced with a wonderful collection of deep, rich sheens that will get you noticed. The lipstick glides onto your lips and produces a very velvety smooth look. The best part is that it is smear proof and will last all day long. The product is available in colors like Happi, Lana, Mercury, and Blondie. The lipstick is available as a single purchase or in a trio.


Purchasing The Metallics

There are several popular sites that have a vast collection of the Metallic Velvetine Matte Lipstick. The problem is that they might not have all the latest, up to date releases. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the makeup website for the latest editions.


About Lime Crime

The founder of this very unique makeup line is Doe Deere. Deere and the company are on a mission to change the way that people regard their makeup. The company’s philosophy is that makeup is a creative tool. One should never apply makeup simply to cover up assumed imperfections or to enhance one’s looks. This philosophy certainly rings true with the makeup company’s several million fans across the world. They’ve literally changed the way that people regard beauty and the way that they wear makeup. It is also important to note that the company is a social media phenomena. They’ve attracted millions of fans to their social media sites, looking for more information on their brand.

Lime Crime’s Four Legged Friendly Sale

Lime Crime has a sale going on with some of its most popular, select products. Some of these products will provide 20% of proceeds to a good cause. That would be to help fund the Kitty Bungalow’s building project after the charm school lost money to build its sanctuary for wayward kitties. You can provide some assistance of your own by participating in this wonderful sale, where they are selling bundles of their lip products for marked down price.


Bundles for the Kitty Bungalow proceeds are called the Kitty Bungalow Bundle: Bite, Pounce, Meow, and Purr. In each bundle the customer will receive two separate colors to go with the theme. The Purr bundle would include two glittery colors, one in rose gold and the other a foil looking gold glide on. Perfect for a cover for your favorite lipstick or to wear on their own. You can get some interesting results by experimenting on the different colored lipsticks you own and applying either of these two glittering lip covers as a top layer. Also try topping them with a clear gloss, to get an added preserved effect to your lips or try them out as mermaid highlighters for your cheeks, under eyes, and brow.


The kittens at Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats would surely thank you if you take a chance on any of these lovely 2-for-1 deals! Another pairing that you could save money on would be the Pounce pair of liquid lip sticks. This comes in burnished bronze and rose bronze for a classic look that stands the test of time. If that’s not bold enough, you could always go for the Bite bundle. Holding true to its name, you’ll get the two soft colors deep plum and pink mauve, which will bring out the rich, fullness of your lips with an exotic appearance that looks and feels smooth to the touch. Much like that of a flower petal in spring.


If liquid lipstick is not really your thing, there’s also a bundle with two natural colors that come in a classic twist tube. Of course, this tube looks anything but old fashioned, since it’s adorned with the signature Lime Crime logo in retro silver with a shocking purple background.

Why Lime Crime’s New Hair Dyes Are Going To Be Everywhere This Summer

With pastel hair still a major trend in 2017, Lime Crime has just launched a collection of thirteen pastel hair dye shades that are sure to take over the beauty world by the time summer begins. Always thinking outside of the box, Lime Crime’s creator and CEO Doe Deere has dreamed up imaginative colors for the brand’s Unicorn Hair line that simply aren’t available anywhere else.


Colors like Neon Peach, Blue Smoke and Vivid nail the balance between dreamy pastel and vivid neon. Like all Lime Crime products, these exciting new shades are sure to turn heads. Best of all, they are semi-permanent, allowing hair care enthusiasts to experiment with each color until developing a signature shade.


What makes the Unicorn Hair line unique from other hair dye brands is the formula. These hair dyes are free of ammonia and other harsh ingredients that are known to fry fragile hair strands. Instead, the brand uses a base of vegetable glycerin, a natural, plant-based product known for its intense hydrating abilities. In other words, these hair dyes will actually leave your tresses feeling softer and healthier than before.


Additionally, Unicorn Hair dyes are completely vegan and cruelty-free just like all of the brand’s products. A devoted lover of animals, Deere was committed to creating a formula that would be friendly to our furry friends.


Each Unicorn Hair shade can be purchased in the form of a semi-permanent dye or a tint. A semi-permanent dye will provide more pigmented coverage and will work on light tones as well as medium tones. The tints just add a subtle kiss of color and work best on light tones.


The brand is known for its whimsical, fantasy-inspired packaging. The Unicorn Hair dyes come in plastic jars with a neon baby pink label and matching cap. The iridescent text on the label tells you that you’re getting a product that isn’t for the faint of heart.


Each jar of Unicorn Hair is only $16, making this dye uniquely affordable. Colors last for about ten to fifteen washes.


If you’re a fan of pastels and are ready to switch up your look, visit Lime Crime’s website and scroll through the variety of Unicorn Hair shades that are available.

Outrageously Fun Lime Crime Hair Dye

Looking for a semi-permanent hair color that allows your uniqueness to shine through? Good news! The Lime Crime has launched new Unicorn Hair Dye. Three years in the making, this hair dye is available in 13 full coverage and tint shades that are anything but understated.

The Lime Crime creator Doe Deere created this dynamic hair dye based on her own preferences. Known for her bright pink hair, Doe Deere is anything but ordinary, and she does not follow the crowd or let society dictate what she should or shouldn’t look like.

You can have as much fun as you want with these hair dyes. Your hair color won’t whisper, it won’t talk, it will shout with the new Unicorn Hair Dye from the Lime Crime. Be creative, mix colors, create your own color if you like! Retailing at approximately $16.00 each these dyes allow you to express your inner unicorn and let the world know who you are. You can even mix colors with other brands, and find a unique color to suit your needs. Leave a review on the website and let everyone know about your creation.

These dynamic dyes are 100% vegan, and not tested on animals. They contain no bleaches or ammonia, so they will not damage your hair.

It is recommended that you bleach your hair before applying the dye. The colors will show up better on lighter colors. If you apply to dark hair, it shows up more as a tint. The dyes will last for 8-12 washes, and they fade gradually and continue to look great while fading out of your hair.

Embrace your uniqueness and find the color you’ve always wanted. Unique shades such as gargoyle, sext, and bunny will give you the color you’ve always wanted. You don’t have to commit to just one color! Experiment as much and as often as you like! Have Fun!

Lime Crime is Brilliant for Unicorn Hairstyles

A popular and frequently ostracized hairstyle trend is “Unicorn” hair, and it’s here with a big bang in 2017! Lime Crime has been working on their next amazing beauty product for all their Unicorn fans for past three years. It goes without saying that they are now offering a product called “Unicorn Hair”, and it’s available now in 13 different shades for you extraordinarily extravagant enthusiasts out there.


What makes Unicorn Hair so unique and appealing to buyers is that it was made using vegan ingredients, and unlike other mainstream and top shelve products, Unicorn Hair does not contain two of the most harmful contents such as ammonia and bleach. So are you thinking about dying your hair a specific vibrant color? If so then you should treat your hair to a much healthier product.


If you are the kind of person who is specific about color tone and color tinting then this company is definitely a place you should browse through and at least consider. Lime Crime offers all of their 13 different colors in full coverage and even tinted. Their products last an average of 10 washes and each container of dye is extremely affordable at only 16 bucks! So it’s not pricey, it’s great quality dye, it’s made from vegan products, and contains no harmful elements. This definitely demonstrates how amazing the Unicorn Hair Dye is, right?


And if it’s worth mentioning, the company’s CEO & ‘Unicorn Queen’, Doe Deere, is all pro for preserving animal life and nurturing our environment while maintaining the most stylish look out there! The bottom line is that this semi-permanent hair dye has been long awaited by the company and its customers for years now, and now that it’s finally here you have the chance to see what all the hype is about!


Stay up to date with your hair dye products, Unicorns! Lime Crime has what all Unicorns need and have been waiting for since 2014. So the good news is that “Unicorn Hair” is on the shelf now and being used by people from all over the world already!