Finding The Color For Spring From Lime Crime

When you begin looking at the colors that you’re going to use for spring, consider the shades that you’ll put on your face. Lighter colors are refreshing and can bring out your natural beauty instead of darker colors that are often reserved for the winter months. Lime Crime has several palettes and separate makeup items to choose from so that you get the look you desire.

Purple is a good color to consider for spring. From sangria to lavender, you can find all shades of purple and in all types of makeup, such as lipstick and eyeshadow. You can use purple on your nails or in your hair. This is a color that offers numerous options depending on other colors that you want to use and the clothing you’re going to wear during the day. The Venus 3 Palette features eight shades of purple including metallic and matte shades as well as a few natural tones that can be used in combination with the purple.

Your foundation is important in the spring. Choose a foundation that is waterproof whether you’re going to be in the pool or if you’re doing tasks around the house. Your foundation should be looked at as a base for the other products that you’re going to use, such as blush or highlighter. Find a foundation that has SPF in it to protect the skin while you’re outside. You should also find a foundation that blends well with your skin instead of getting one that doesn’t offer a natural appearance.

Lime Crime offers several types of lipstick. You can get a matte lipstick that coats the lips in a natural way and that will last for a long time or a gloss that adds shine to the lips. A long-wearing lipstick is often the best option in the spring because you don’t want to keep reapplying while you’re at the pool or while you’re enjoying the day with your friends or family. Blackberry Plushies is an option to consider that is soft on the lips and that will last throughout the day. There are 10 colors in the line to choose from that include pink and purple.