Singer Prince Calls For Peace At Surprise Baltimore Concert

Unless you’ve been completely closed off from all forms of media, you have likely heard about the tragic situation that is going on in Baltimore. The riots have covered news stations for weeks, and everyone has an opinion about why it’s happening, and how to stop it.

Apparently, singer Prince is one of the individuals who isn’t afraid to voice his feelings concerning how the citizens of Baltimore should deal with the issues. A recent article posted on the Rolling Stones website details how Prince spoke to the audience during a surprise concert at a peace rally in the city of Baltimore. The singer charged the youngest members of the audience to strive for “P-I-E-C-E:” He implored them to take their “piece” of the local economy so that they would feel that the city also belonged to them.

FreedomPop Review thinks it’s wonderful that an icon like Prince has the guts to speak his truth, no matter what the consequences may be. Hopefully the people of Baltimore were galvanized by his visit and can transform the experience into positive change.