Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans Dressed Up As Terminator

Bruce Levenson has known Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a goofy guy as he has done a number of pranks over the years, but recently he may have done his best one yet. According to an article with a video that was found on reddit and posted on YouTube, Schwarzenegger got dressed up in his old Terminator outfit and went strolling through the streets of Hollywood. I guess you couldn’t really call it a disguise if he is dressing up as himself, but the man really knew what he was doing.

To top it off and make it an even funnier situation, the actor posed inside the famous Wax Museum and scared people passing by as they got a closer look at him. What a hilarious guy Arnold is, and it is nice that despite how famous he is that he takes the time to just hang out and interact with his fans. Not many actors would do such a thing on a regular basis so it is key that he is just enjoying life and using his fame for good things. The Terminator actor had a lot of fun doing this and in a partial manner I think it was meant to promote the newest installment to the Terminator series, Genysis which will be coming out later on the in year. It will be an action packed film and it this was a genius way to promote it.