Making the Transition From Humor to Drama


Tom Hanks movies have managed to provide people with a lot of entertainment during his career. He has been able to transition from one area to another as one of the most creative forces in the movie industry. He has had multiple movies over the years, and he has always been a perfectionist.


In the early years Tom Hanks of into his list of 1990s comedies. He has movies like “Big” and “House Pit” where he would hone in on his comedy skills. He would become good at providing laughs, but he wanted to be able to do more than this. He made a conscious decision to engage in more drama as he got older. That is why he would take on other roles in movies like “The Green Mile” and “Saving Private Ryan.” These would be heart touching movies that would allow people to get a different feel for the type of work that Tom Hanks was capable of. He would take on the role of a soldier. He would take on the role of Paul Edgecomb in “The Green Mile” and choices like this would take him further. He would become known as an actor that could move from the comedy to the drama without any problems.


He would thrive as an actor that could make people believe in his transition roles. He transformed his appearance completely when he did “Castaway.” This is one of his strongest performances. He would also have great movies like Forrest Gump that would totally change his career.

How Far Crystal Hunt’s Career Has Come

Crystal Clarese Hunt has been known far and wide for her creative and ambitious work. As an actress and a producer, she has been involved in many famous movies and television shows. Hunt has endured other ventures as well, such as owning a boutique in her hometown in Florida. In these competitive businesses, Crystal is a radiant star and proves to be one of a kind.

The starlet first came to Hunt when she was only two years old. She started off by doing toddler pageants, and her renowned talent was acting. Soon after this, her face started appearing in many commercials including the 25th anniversary celebration for The Walt Disney company. Hunt has proven to be an admirable and good hearted icon for young women her whole life.

After childhood, Hunt went on to do many impressive acts. CBS came out with a new show “Guiding Light”, in which Crystal was chosen for the role of Lizzie Spaulding. This character was a troubled daughter who had to put up with grieving parents. She played this role for three years from 2003 to 2006, and wound up being nominated in 2005 for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series and a Soap Opera Digest Award. Hunt’s productive career was only beginning. In 2007, she played Demetria “Dinky” Rosemead Hodgekiss in “Sydney White”. Two years later Crystal went on to another famous soap opera show “One Life to Live”, playing Stacy Morasco. This year she has a featured role on the movie “Magic Mike XXL” playing Lauren.

Hunt decided recently that acting was not going to be enough for her. With ambition and hard work, in 2014 she produced the movie “Talbot County” with her friend and acting colleague Dania Ramirez. She was also known for owning an elegant pet boutique called “My Pets Dream Boutique” in Clearwater, Florida, her home town.

Crystal Hunt is an honorable and hardworking woman who has earned respect in the acting and producing business.

Joseph Bismark: How a monk does business


The popular blog Left Handed Right Mind recently posted an article innovative businessman Joseph Bismark, a successful leader at international direct sales company Qnet. In it the author presented some tenets of Mr. Bismark’s business and life philosophy that struck me as unique and refreshing.

In the article it states Mr. Bismark became a monk in his early childhood in his native Philippines. He remained there until he struck to make his mark on the business world at the age of 17. Mr. Bismark does not go into detail about his time as a monk, but as I read on, I became convinced that his time there shaped him into the dynamic leader he has become. In addition to his position at Qnet Mr. Bismark also spends a great deal of his time working on behalf of Qi Group, an organization whose goal is to promote a more environmentally responsible way of life.

At Qnet Bismark has encouraged entrepreneurial practices among Qnet’s many independent representatives. He places a strong emphasis on corporate teamwork and many believe his leadership is a major reason for the rapid growth in sales of the health and wellness product lines at Qnet.

Qi Group has also seen success under Mr. Bismark including the company’s resort Prana in Koh Samui which is powered from environmentally solar and a tower in Malaysia that has gone paperless in and effort to reduce the consumption of trees. Since taking over at Qi in 2008 the company has seen amazing growth and is now doing business in 30 countries with more than 1500 employees and is involved in businesses as diverse as hospitality and finance.

In conclusion Mr. Bismark’s philosophy of a calm peaceful spirit has allowed him to maintain leadership positions at two rapidly growing companies like Qnet and Qi Group. His encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, along with his dynamic style of leadership have been a benefit to both companies. Perhaps we all could befit from a little bit of a monks spiritual training.

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