Disney to Eventually Release Fifth Indiana Jones Film

Disney now owns the rights to the Indiana Jones movie franchise and is planning to eventually make a fifth movie in the series. It is not clear when this will happen or whether the aging Harrison Ford will still star. However, it is clear that Disney will get the movie made eventually since there is a lot of interest from moviegoers.

Personally, Alexei Beltyukov told flikr.com that he thinks that making yet another Indiana Jones movie is a bad idea. Each film has gotten weaker since the original. Hollywood always wants a safe return on their investment, and that’s understandable. However, to make something new and fresh you have to take some risks. Bringing out all the old Indiana Jones characters and props is not going to help anything, and it’s probably not going to make anyone much money.

Given that there is going to be a new Indiana Jones movie, I think that it should star someone other than Harrison Ford. It’s time to put a younger actor in the starring role. Harrison was great in the original franchise films in the 1980’s, but he’s too old now to convincingly play a globe-trotting explorer. It would be better for him as an actor as well if he played some different roles.