Lori Senecal, CP&B Global CEO Leaves Advertising

Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP&B will relinquish her role with MDC partners at year’s end. Both Senecal and the company has confirmed that the Senecal is exiting the business and advised that CP&B is actually searching for a successor.

Chuck Porter, CP&B Chairman states that he hired Lori Senecal in 2015 as the agency’s first global CEO because the company needed the strength and genius. Porter believes the move paid off more than he could ever imagine, citing the impressive fact that CP&B has not lost a client since Lori Senecal began working with the company. A feat unheard of in the current business climate.

Porter also recounts the impressive work by Senecal in acquiring American Airlines and her creation of a global system of management and process of communication that has elevated all aspects of CP&B operations.

Senecal’ global leadership team was completed last week when Danielle Aldrich was promoted to the role of CP&B West president. She will work closely with Vinicius Reis,

head of Miami and Brazillian markets, Richard Pinder, company president in Europe, and

Bamboo Yee who mans the company’s operational arm in Beijing.

Aldrich, a 14 year veteran with the company is believed by Senecal to embody all the traits desired of a CP&B be regional president.

Now that the global team is in place Senecal feels more secure in the future prospects of CP&B and feels much less apprehensive about her decision to leave the company.

People close to the situation think it possible that the successor for Senecal may come

from Forsman&Bodenfors, a creative agency based in Sweden. When asked about this,

Porter would neither confirm or deny the rumor but relented a little by acknowledging that it is a possibility.

Reflecting on her career to date Lori Senecal readily acknowledges that here achievements have greatly exceeded any expectations she had for herself when leaving McGill University where she earned her degree. After college Senecal spent time at McCann Erickson where she worked with top brands like Coca-Cola and Xbox to develop advertising campaigns. A fluent speaker of French, Lori is known for being creative and unique as well as possessing relentless focus when performing a task. You can follow her on Twitter

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