Ara Chackerian Talks About What It Takes For A Biotech Startup To Succeed

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. He is also an investor who owns ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. His specialty is investing in startups in this industry. One of the companies he co-founded was TMs Health Solutions. This firm uses transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat people who have treatment resistant depression.

He has years of experience developing and leading companies in the field of healthcare. Other companies has developed along with TMS Health Solutions are Embion/Provider Lins, BMC Diagnostics, and PipelineRX. He has also had a seat on the board of many companies like Mint Medical Education, TMS Health Solutions, and PipelineRX. Beyond healthcare, Ara Chackerian is also very interested in environmental causes. As an example of this he has a sustainable reforestation project going on in Nicaragua. This project hires local farmers to grow Teak. Before they had been burning down the rain forest in order to graze their cattle so this was a big improvement on his part. Check out their website

Ara Chackerian is also a committed philanthropist. He has donated his time and money to many nonprofits. Among these are youth development organizations like Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures, and CREA Nicaragua. This latter one provides educational opportunities to people in Nicaragua who live in poor and rural areas. He is designated as a CREA Friends and his wife, Michaelle Chackerian, is this nonprofits treasurer.

He says there are a lot of biotechnology startups in the healthcare field nowadays. They are being supported by venture capitalists such as himself. He does have some concern, though, that not enough of these companies are not part of any mergers and acquisition transactions and are also not achieve initial public offerings. You can visit limonapateak

Ara Chackarian says that in recent year new technologies such as robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and digital imaging are increasingly being used to treat patients. He said another benefit besides better patient outcomes is that the business side of medicine is run much more efficiently than in years past. He says that the successful biotech startups are the one who attract talented people, are built around an innovation, can sell that innovation to consumers and venture capitalists, and then deliver good returns to their investors.

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