Achievement of James Dondero at Highland Capital Management

James Dondero has more than three decades of experience in the credit and equity markets. He co-founded of Highland Capital Management, which is among the largest and highly experienced alternative credit managers across the world. Through Highland capital Management, Dondero and the co-founder Mark Okada are currently managing about $21 billion in assets. The two partners had worked together for a long time in the credit sector and for this reason they were able to establish Collateralized Loan Obligation and in 1996, they launched the first non-bank CLOs. Today, James Dondero on Linked In is the president of Highland Capital Management, overseeing its operations as well as investment strategies. He is a resident of Dallas, TX. Throughout his career, Mr. Dondero has managed several funds that have received accolades and awards for their excellent performance. Before founding Highland, James Dondero was working for Protective Life as the chief investment officer. During his tenure at this company, Dondero was able to grow its business to about $2 billion with a period of five years from its startup stage. He had also worked for America Express managing an estimated $1 billion in fixed income funds on PR NewsWire before he joined Protective Life. At American Express, Dondero held the position of Corporate Bond Analyst and later promoted and became Portfolio Manager. Highland Capital Management has been focusing mainly on distressed and high-yield investment. James Dondero is a graduate of University of Virginia’s School of Commerce specializing in Accounting and Finance. In addition, Mr. Dondero is a professional Management Accountant and is allowed to use the CFA designation. Under the leadership of James Dondero, Highland Capital Management established its affiliate in 2010 to specialize in CLO investing and management. Highland has a variety of credit-oriented services that deliver high yield credit market. Since its establishment, HCM expanded rapidly to be among the biggest managers of bank loans in the continent. This has been achieved through the hard work and dedication of James Dondero. Today, the HCM has more than $12 billion of bank loans under management. As the leader of investment strategies at Highland, James ensures that the company invests in distressed equity and debt markets. He has also ensured the HCM has employed highly talented and professional teams across the industry. The teams work under supervision of Portfolio Managers who exploit and seek new market opportunities for the company. The company has performed excellently in middle market sectors like industrial, telecommunications and healthcare companies. James Dondero is a member in the boards of MGM studios as well as American Banknote. Additionally, he chairs the board of directors for CCS Medical, NexBank among others. James is a top entrepreneur and an investor who is recognized across the entire world. HCM,s goal is to contribute time and also resources to different programs that focuses directly on improving the lives many people who are in need. James Dondero and HCM have solutions to offer to investors who want to diversify their portfolio and also venture into new markets.

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