Pushing Through With Creativity and Increasing Productivity With Lori Senecal

Everyone goes through that point where their productivity falls. Often times they hit a place where they are stuck and they can’t seem to come up with any more ideas. Not everyone can have a bunch of good ideas for their work like Lori Senecal does for hers. However, there are ways to overcome the drop in productivity. One thing that people can do in order to increase their productivity is get to the root of what is causing them to slow down and halt. One thing they may find is that they are burning out. This is especially true for entrepreneurs.


One thing an entrepreneur can do in order to be productive like Lori Senecal is take a few breaks every now and then. Another thing they can do is put together a schedule and organize everything so that they can get more done. Sometimes, a lack of productivity can come from being overwhelmed. When people are feeling a little more confident about the work they are doing, they will be able to move forward with their goals. As a result, they will make a lot of progress towards the goals they have for their business and other things they are involved in.


Lori Senecal has not only kept herself productive, but she has also taught others how to be productive. One of the largest factors in her business is being productive. She has shown that when she has taken over CP+B. She has whipped that business into shape. The old way of wasting time with a lot of conversation has given away to a more efficient task-based way of working. This increases not only the quantity of work that gets done but the quality. Lori Senecal has a high number of effective campaigns that she has completed for her clients. Lori has also won awards for the thought she has put into the ad campaigns. Of course, the most important thing is that her clients have gained new customers and have managed to keep their regular customers because of the thought and the creativity that have gone into those campaigns. Check out lorisenecalglobalceo.com




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COO Paul Herdsman: Putting Family First Helps Maintain Talent

As many entrepreneurs will agree, building a sound, successful business can be a grand yet difficult undertaking. Competition, demand and timing can seem like insurmountable hurdles to creating and maintaining a profitable business strategy.


But hard work, dedication and experience can offset these obstacles in a tremendous way. No one understands this better than Paul Herdsman, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, a customer relationship management, and near-shore business solutions company out of Montego Bay, Jamaica.


As a business-to-business solutions provider, NICE Global aims to add value to businesses through increasing customer retention and increasing revenues by decreasing overhead costs. NICE manages back office operations such as; technical support, live customer service, email marketing, after hours support, cross and up-selling services.


The success of NICE Global, according to Paul Herdsman, has just as much to do with cultivating employee satisfaction, proper training, performance incentives, interdepartmental respect, and progressive recruitment as it does with brand equity and customer engagement. Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


Herdsman, a married father of two strongly believe in the power of family. A philosophy of “putting family first” guides NICE’s operations, creating a culture that helps employees thrive at work and life. Click Here to go to his Linkedin profile.


Research conducted has shown that employee training programs can increase productivity by more than 230%, reduce staff turnover by 70%, and can lead to a return on investment of over 7,000%. Paul Herdsman ensures that all employees are properly trained, thereby increase quality of workplace experience while driving the bottom line.


Paul Herdsman began 20+ year career in consumer software and customer relationship management. He is a family oriented, problem solving COO who enjoys golf, fishing and keeping this short and concise.


Paul prides himself on not wasting opportunity and investing in people.


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The Great Paul Herdsman

In our everyday life, we are prone to make mistakes that we barely intent and which might end up affecting our businesses. To solve such problems, we need to approach the right people. Paul Herdsman is one such individual. Having been in the industry of online consumer acquisition and consumer software for more than a decade, Paul Herdsman is the right person to work with. He is a problem solver, a marketer, and a sales person. In 2014, Paul Co-Founded NICE Global a business solutions company that is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul is a family man, a golfer, and likes fishing as well when he is not in the office working.


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In the year 2013, they used outsourcers in different countries such as Honduras, the Dominican Republic, the US and India. Managing these centers in the right way became challenging and therefore creating a lot of strain on their internal resources. This saw them holding some discussions and decided to build their own center in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Despite being born in Jamaica, Paul Herdsman had no experience on managing people or building a company there. In the end of it all, everything worked out as they had planned. Their Jamaican associates handled their business needs hence offering their services to other clients, and therefore NICE GLOBAL was started. Refer to This Article for related information.


When asked about how his typical day looks like, Paul Herdsman said that there are two things that he is sure of in his daily routine, seeing his kids off to school, and seeing them off to bed. The rest comes with running his company. More so when the company goes with many people and at the same time located in a different country. Paul believes in being short and to the point in everything that he does. He does not believe in wasting time on thing that are of no value. He says that wasting time on creating an important work will end up taking away your productivity. Paul’s advice to young people is to become problem solvers, know the right question that need to be asked, and at the same time know the right people to answer them.


Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman