Ara Chackerian Talks About What It Takes For A Biotech Startup To Succeed

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. He is also an investor who owns ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. His specialty is investing in startups in this industry. One of the companies he co-founded was TMs Health Solutions. This firm uses transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat people who have treatment resistant depression.

He has years of experience developing and leading companies in the field of healthcare. Other companies has developed along with TMS Health Solutions are Embion/Provider Lins, BMC Diagnostics, and PipelineRX. He has also had a seat on the board of many companies like Mint Medical Education, TMS Health Solutions, and PipelineRX. Beyond healthcare, Ara Chackerian is also very interested in environmental causes. As an example of this he has a sustainable reforestation project going on in Nicaragua. This project hires local farmers to grow Teak. Before they had been burning down the rain forest in order to graze their cattle so this was a big improvement on his part. Check out their website

Ara Chackerian is also a committed philanthropist. He has donated his time and money to many nonprofits. Among these are youth development organizations like Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures, and CREA Nicaragua. This latter one provides educational opportunities to people in Nicaragua who live in poor and rural areas. He is designated as a CREA Friends and his wife, Michaelle Chackerian, is this nonprofits treasurer.

He says there are a lot of biotechnology startups in the healthcare field nowadays. They are being supported by venture capitalists such as himself. He does have some concern, though, that not enough of these companies are not part of any mergers and acquisition transactions and are also not achieve initial public offerings. You can visit limonapateak

Ara Chackarian says that in recent year new technologies such as robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and digital imaging are increasingly being used to treat patients. He said another benefit besides better patient outcomes is that the business side of medicine is run much more efficiently than in years past. He says that the successful biotech startups are the one who attract talented people, are built around an innovation, can sell that innovation to consumers and venture capitalists, and then deliver good returns to their investors.

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Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was born January 21, 1876.He grew up in Liverpool England. Jim Larkin had very low education. He was an Irish labor organizer. Also, he was an activist, who established the Irish transport.  Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Plus, he founded the General Workers Union. The General Workers Union became the biggest Union. When the ITWGU fell apart, Jim Larkin came to the United States in 1914. Jim Larkin established the political programme of the ITWGU in December, 1908.

Jim Larkin and James Connolly founded the Irish Labor Party in 1921. The Irish Labor Party is an Democratic political party in the republic of Ireland.

Also, Jim Larkin was the leader of many strikes. The most notable strike he had led would be the, 1913 Dublin Lockout. The Dublin Lockout was a huge industrial debate. Workers in Dublin didn’t have many rights. The workers went on strike for several months and finally won their rights.

Jim Larkin travelled to the United States in 1914, to raise money and battle the British. Jim Larkin’s best friend, James Connolly died. Jim Larkin established the James Connolly Socialist Club in on March 17, 1918.

James Larkin was convicted for criminal anarchy. Then, he was sent back to Ireland. While there, he founded the Worker’s Union of Ireland. The Worker’s Union of Ireland was a trade union.

Jim Larkin joined the Irish Labor Party in 1945. Jim Larkin kept on working hard, until he died January 30, 1947. Jim Larkin will be forever remembered as an outstanding Activist.

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Chainsmokers and “Sick Boy”: A Darker Twist to EDM

The Chainsmokers have been very successful for two years now. Some music fans that listen to Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, feel like it has been decades that the Chainsmokers have been in the spotlight. But they really have only been in the mainstream for two years now. Their rise to becoming Electronic Dance Music Superstars has been due to their song “Roses”, which was released in 2015. Since then, the duo has been successful for not months, but years now. This type of success comes with tremendous pressure to perform. The duo has the ability to put out more than half a dozen songs on the market in a year, as they traditionally release something new every month, in an effort to keep up with the times and keep their music current relative to the industry. But Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have not put anything out in nine months, until they put out “Sick Boy”. The song is reflective of their anger and desire to outsmart the critics, many of whom have not met Pall and Taggart personally, but still criticize both their music and their lifestyle. The song also allows Pall and Taggart, who have grown as artists and as people, to talk about the problems within society today, as their music is reflective of the generation that they grew up in, and the problems in society that they face.

Traditionally, the Chainsmokers brand of music can be thought of as a mix between top 40 Pop and also EDM music. The new song “Sick Boy” has a darker twist to the music that is a new chapter in the legacy of the duo as artists and as EDM experts.

The duo feels that this new chapter will allow them to draw in new fans, and a new group of those that can appreciate EDM.

Nick Vertucci Continues to Nurture Real Estate Investors

Nick Vertucci grew up in a low-income family. His father passed on when he was ten years, leaving his mother to bring up the family single-handedly. It was a difficult experience.

Living on his own and earlier troubles

At the age of eighteen, he left home to live on his own. Selling computers and computer components was his first business. His fortunes changed when he began a real estate business in 2004.

It was not easy to make a living out of the computer business, and for some time, he lived in his van. He was determined to make ends meet. When his business started picking, he started a family and got three children.

Nick Vertucci lost his business in the 2000 economic crash. At that time, he did not have any savings and was heavily indebted.

He lost everything, and his home was almost repossessed. It was hard for him to take care of his family, but he took up any job to earn upkeep for them. He persisted hoping that one-day things will improve.

The real estate breakthrough

In 2004, a friend invited him to a real estate seminar. He did not know what to expect, but after the three days seminar, he knew he wanted to get into real estate.

Nick Vertucci began buying and rehabilitating homes and renting them. Later, he began selling them, and this proved to be profitable. Today, he is among the most successful real estate investors in America.

Financial freedom

Nick Vertucci has successfully built his real estate business and attained financial freedom. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, which he has gained in the many years he has operated this business.

Adam Milstein’s Latest Article On The Biggest Anti-Semitic Propaganda Today

Adam Milstein has been writing on a lot of topics on Jewish-American and Israeli social issues and one of his latest is about identifying today’s antisemitic activities and combating them. He said the greatest source of it today is coming from an alliance on the radical left with progressives and Muslim organizations like the Muslim brotherhood and other jihadists. Milstein says these Islamic groups want to degrade Israel and spread propaganda about it being an illegitimate state and he said the platform of these groups is just as dangerous as what happened in the alternative right when the Third Reich rose to power in Germany. He writes that Jewish-Americans need to use social media and technology platforms to condemn these actions, and they should also get involved in the political process to promote laws like the Taylor Force Act that favor the US strength in its relationship with Israel. Follow Adam Milstein’s profile on

Adam Milstein is best known as an real estate investor, activist, philanthropist and a writer for many Jewish news organizations. He was born in Israel just 4 years after its modern nation state was formed, and as a young man he served in the Israeli Defense Forces fighting in the Yom Kippur War. He married his wife Gila upon returning home from the war, and around that same time he began his formal business education at the Technion Institute of Technology. He relocated to the US in 1980 and several years later became a founding member of Hager Pacific Properties where he currently arranges financing for both commercial and residential property investments and brokers deals for clients. Adam Milstein has always undertaken active philanthropy, but he officially established the foundation in 2000 and is also currently Chairman of the Israeli-American Council.

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Adam Milstein has several goals as philanthropist which can be summed up in his philosophy of active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. He’s fought first of all to bring disaffected Israelis living in the US into the mainstream Jewish communities there, and also to help Israelis in the homeland understand the role that expatriated Israelis play in the world. Second, Milstein wants everyone to understand why Israel should be supported unconditionally because it’s the source of unity. And thirdly, Milstein hopes to get young people all over the Jewish community excited about the future of Jews and Israelis and embrace their identity as part of Israel. Visit Adam Milstein’s Youtube channel.