Rocketship Education Provides Outstanding Teaching and Learning Programs

The first Rocketship Education school was opened ten years ago in a church based in San Jose, California. Even though the Rocketship has contributed significantly to the communities over the years, it is on the verge of progressing. The following are some of the lessons we can learn from the learning institution’s ten-year journey.

1.Children can acquire personalized learning from home

Rocketship Education gained national recognition from its personalized learning approach. The approach involves inviting parents to monitor their kids’ learning from school. It can be noted that parents can use the approach at home to monitor their kids’ academic progress.

2.The education sector should receive more support

In the U.S., there are few demands for quality education programs. Rocketship Education is one of the few schools that have implemented such programs. Parents are urged to be proactive in demanding for quality education for the sake of their children.

3.Emphasis on the roles played by both parents and teachers

Parents are involved in all activities meant to improve their children’s performance at Rocketship Education. The school’s teachers have also been trained to handle kids irrespective of their backgrounds equally.

4.Meaningful inclusion and continuous learning

Rocketship’s meaningful inclusion model is aimed at helping disabled children adjust to the institution’s day-to-day educational activities. Rocketship is also guided by the flex model that involves timely coaching, actionable feedback, and goal setting.

About Rocketship Education

As a non-profit institution, Rocketship Education is made up of public elementary charter schools. It targets kids from low-income families living in areas with no access to quality education. As a truly transformative network of public charter schools, Rocketship’s mission is to inspire communities, empower teachers and inspire communities.

Rocketship’s mission of engaging parents is aimed at mitigating the achievement gap. The education center works with guardians with an objective of helping them become their children’s and communities’ advocates. Based on this initiative, students become proactive both at home and school. They are guided by their guardians at home when doing homework. Students are proactive at school whenever they respond to classroom activities promptly.

The Academy of Art University Steals New York Fashion Week

On September 9, 2017, The Academy of Art University caught attention with their innovative designs that students sent down the runway. This was the 21st rendition of this talented school’s eclectic runway showcase. The designs were fresh and fashion forward. This year’s students created designs that were close to their heart. Each look made a sensational statement, and the individuality of each designer was readily apparent. Even so, the entire collection still felt enmeshed in a joyful cohesive family unit. This year’s show garnered respect from many of today’s leading fashion VIP’s. New York Fashion Week is always a frenzied and spectacular affair. These upcoming fashion artists from San Francisco showed that they belonged in the elite Soho fashion center stage.

The Academy of Art University is located in foggy San Francisco. This academy opened its doors in 1929, a school by artists for artists. The inclusive atmosphere of this sparkling city extends into the inner recesses of this prestigious school for all things art. Designers come from all over the world to study fashion here. Many top fashion companies hire the graduates of this exclusive and revered art academy. The instructors all have successful careers in the fashion world, and the students are encouraged to explore their inner passions.

Students at this art learning institute can choose from a wide variety of study options. This school offers varying degrees in arts, fashion, costume design, animation, motion pictures and on and on. This higher learning school has classes for many art fields. Situated within the center of San Francisco, the students are inspired by the beauty around them. These students participate in the community, offering their skills to brighten the neighborhoods. The students at this magnificent school are taught incredible artistic skills and how to be a positive and beneficial global citizen.

The sensational fashion show in New York brought applause and accolades. These students from The Academy of Art University drew inspiration for their bold and intricate designs from things that impressed them personally. Clearly these students are the fashion faces of tomorrow. Fashion is in good hands.

You can see some of the designs on the school’s Twitter here.