Bruce Levenson Brings Philanthropy To As Many Students As Possible

In 2015, Bruce Levenson completed the sale of Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise to the billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler for a Forbes estimated $850 million; the success and major profit obtained by the founder of UCG by the sale Hawks sale is not the major subject Levenson wishes to be known for, instead he has been working towards creating a lasting legacy at the University of Maryland. Levenson remains a major figure in his home areas of Washington D.C. and in the state of Maryland where his “Do Good Institute” is located at the University of Maryland.

The “Do God Institute” was the brainchild of Bruce Levenson and wife Karen who have been working throughout the life of the school to raise the $75 million needed to establish the institute on the campus of the college. Among the impressive aspects of the establishment of the “Do Good Institute” has been the fast growth of the school that began offering a single course named “Philanthropy 101” that allowed students to provide $10,000 of funding to good causes of their choice; this initial success has continued with a major now offered in philanthropy and not for profit leadership. See,

Bruce Levenson is probably best known to those outside the business world as the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks where he played a major role in pushing forward the cause of philanthropy within the NBA. Among the causes Levenson backed during his time at the Hawks was the U.S. Holocaust Museum that Bruce not only provided funding for, but also included a trip to the site taken by Levenson and members of the playing and administrative staff of the franchise; once again Bruce Levenson realized the Hawks players could play an integral role in making sure people of all ages were reminded of the issue of the Holocaust and discrimination in all its forms.

What are the Best Teen Movies?


Some good Teen Movies were made in the 1980’s. Movies such as “Just One of the Guys” and “Some Kind of Wonderful” portray typical teen life without being too outlandish. Many teens, even today, can relate to the lives of the teens that are in these movies, and many teens have encountered the same or similar problems depicted in the movies.

Although many of these movies are low budget, they do a great job at relating to the needs and lives of teen viewers. For instance, “Just One of the Guys” tells the story of a young woman who longs to gain a summer internship writing for a newspaper, but feels that she didn’t earn it just because she is female. This is a problem that is all too real, intriguing many teen girls.

If teenagers from any generating want to see a film that directly relates to common problems, they should explore the many movies filmed during this decade in order to find something entertaining that can be related to.

E-governe Offers New Solutions to Clients

The clients who use E-governe know that the company has been able to create many new things for them with the business that they have and with the different technological aspects of the business. For people who want to be able to have the right type of technology solutions, E-governe provides the perfect opportunity. They rely on the four main categories of their business: technology, customer support, data and security. These are the main sectors of the business and it allows them the chance to be able to see that they are doing more and that they are going to provide more to each of the clients that they have.

Technology can be tricky especially when it comes to business and being able to use it for business purposes. E-governe knows what they are doing, though, and that gives them a chance to show the people who are using their services what they are capable of and the different options that they have to do additional things. It is important to note that the technology that is used by E-governe is a business style technology and is something that people can find that they are doing the right way to be able to try more with their own businesses.

To go along with the technology that they provide, E-governe has come up with customer support solutions to help people have a better understanding of what they should be doing when it comes to different parts of their business. If people who are using the E-governe business solutions have a problem, then E-governe has a specific solutino that will go along with that problem. Because of the way that the company is designed on, the customer support team includes experts who know exactly how to handle the issues that any clients may be having with the company.

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While customers and clients of E-governe are able to get a lot of information from the customer support side of the business along with the technology-related portions of the business, they are also able to benefit from the data solutions that E-governe has come up with. The company not only gives clients the data that they asked for but they have different analysis levels for that data so that they will be able to show the people who work with them the different aspects of their business and the way that it is able to work. Thos who use E-governe know that they can get a lot of information from the data analysis.

With the data and the technology that they have, it is important to E-governe to make sure that they are using the right type of security system. This is something that they worked hard to create and that they use on their own computers. Because they are confident in its capabilities, they have worked hard to provide the same options to people who are doing different things with the options that they have concerning the security of their own computer systems for the data and technology.

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The Benefits Of Using WEN Cleansing Conditioner Today

There are a lot of different haircare products on the market today. You are not going to find a shortage of solutions, but if you want to ensure that you’re getting positive results, you’ll want to use only proven solutions. One of the proven options that is getting a lot of attention right now is WEN by Chaz. This is getting a lot of reviews right now, and it’s a good thing. Focusing on the conditioner that comes with this option, you may find that it’s better than the current option you have. Consider a few of the benefits that come through with this hair solution.

What Is WEN by Chaz

First and foremost, it’s imperative that you know what WEN by Chaz really is. It’s a product line that includes shampoo and conditioner. The reason why it’s getting a lot of attention is because it’s promoted by stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean. He’s been a salon specialist in Hollywood for some time, and he has been using the WEN option to help create outstanding hair for actresses of all backgrounds.

The product line is a set of solutions that are naturally derived, and help infuse hair follicles with the right balance of nutrition. The reason why many options don’t work, and WEN seems to work every time is simple, it’s focused on root hair problems. By addressing the root of issues that people have with their hair, WEN delivers.

Infusing Nutrition Into Follicles

The major benefit that you get when using Wen Cleansing Conditioner is the nutritional elements. When you use this line up, your conditioner will be deeply engrained into the follicles. With each strand getting a bit of nutrition, you’ll see untangled, naturally easy to manage hair. This lasts throughout your day, and you’ll be surprised by the balance that comes through.

Helps Strengthen Hair Strands

When using WEN on a regular basis, you’ll find that your hair will strengthen over time. The conditioner helps invigorate follicles to the scalp, and removes debris, oil, and other elements that could dampen hair’s elasticity. You want strength, without losing elasticity, which is why WEN is so important. By providing nutritional elements to the cleansing conditioner gives, you’ll see results fast.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that this line of beauty products aren’t about name recognition. They are about results. Chaz Dean has really focused on just delivering results through nutritional elements that are directly placed into the follicles. It adds strength, invigorates volume, and is quite beneficial for nearly all types of hair.