Handy’s embarrassing process

Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan has been through a lot this year. Having to see slide after slide, week after week to see the sad proof that his strategy was having very severe effects on his life and company.

Believing that in the midst of a major change it would invite new “professionals”, he wanted to roll out an online onboarding scenario in all twenty-eight of the markets.

While initially bringing about some relief with their new financial status, it soon began to cause an unexpected level of stress with each new meeting with potential investors led to conversations that weren’t so much about business, but more about whether there would even be a future for business.

Hanrahan believed that implementing an online onboarding strategy would save the company millions. Unfortunately, as it turns out, this wasn’t quite the case.

Onboarding went down by a large forty percent with little left to help the case leading to Handy needing to cancel several thousand of their bookings.

To make matters even worse, customer complaints suffered from a massive increase in accumulation and intensity. It got so bad, that the company shut down their telephone complaint line.

Handy as a company has managed to build more than $110 million dollars in venture capital, this is a devastating blow to the companies’ competitive advantage in their field.

Since then, not only has Hanrahan had to suffer from the embarrassment of dealing with the media, the people he does business with and the increase in customer complaints, but he also has to deal with the loss of trust from his coworkers and the scathing eye of his co-founder and partner.

There’s no doubting that it’s going to be a long and hard time for Handy.com to recover from this incident and get back to where they once were. Maybe this is a step for Hanrahan to learn from his mistakes, after all, Handy is gradually recovering each quarter. But he certainly will never be able to live this down.

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Julie Zuckerberg The Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is the Executive Talent Acquisition Leader at the Deutsche Bank. She studied philosophy at City University of New York-Brooklyn College. Julie collaborates with business leaders, commercial and private wealth clients, Global Technology and Operations, and Asset Management to spearhead recruitment process improvements and regional talent acquisition strategies. She has worked at Deutsche Bank since April 2014. Her position in the Bank involves material risk taking and key function stakeholders. She gives leadership advice to executive committees regarding hiring governance and the best recruitment practices to increase engagement and proficiency in attracting diverse and top talent pipelines.


Julie also managed to do some major recruitment in her previous position as vice president and Executive Recruiter at Deutsche Bank. She partnered with Business Partners and Hiring Managers to spearhead full-cycle recruitment for the posts of Director and Managing Director. She consulted with hiring managers to identify the most appropriate sourcing strategies such as search agency, firm engagement, internal mobility, direct sourcing, and networking means. Julie manages business relationships with contract governance in conjunction with external search companies and other organizations to come up with high quality and diverse candidate pools.


Julie Zuckerberg also worked at Citi as the Vice President and an Executive Recruiter from October 2007 to November 2013. She sourced for talent all over the world and engaged candidates from other parts of the world as she managed international relocating issues and the expatriate process while at this firm. Julie claims that only the qualified and talented candidates should qualify for the respective positions. Large companies and organizations always put their trust on her to provide them with the most qualified staff. Julie has led to the employment of many candidates ranging from high ranking positions to minor ones with her experience in the recruitment sector.


Julie believes that talent and skills can be found anywhere in the world and that is why she always go international when looking for candidates., Julie Zuckerberg is responsible for solving workplace conflicts and ensuring the employees get their legal rights. Julie always ensures that she walks the new employees through their new work benefits, opportunities, and working conditions. She has been serving as a link between clients and employees. Julie has deployed some recruitment methods such as direct sourcing, internet search, employee referrals, and social media. She also advises hiring managers on how to come up with job specifications for particular positions.


How Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto Have Transformed InnovaCare Health

The healthcare industry in the U.S. has changed to pave way for more services and better management of insurance policies. Different companies have competed to offer the best health insurance services and this has led to further development of the industry. InnovaCare Health is among leading companies across the country that has proved to offer some of the most reliable managed healthcare services.

The company has grown from a small entity less than 10 years ago to the leading player it is today. InnovaCare Health serves the Puerto Rico region and has remained the best choice for North America residents. With focused leaders and good policies, InnovaCare Health has grown through an upward curve over the past 10 years. It is among few that have managed to capture more than 200,000 users of Medicare Advantage services. Several professionals have been involved in the development of the company and two of the main who have put tremendous effort are as discussed below.

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InnovaCare Health hires new healthcare execs into leadership team

Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto is the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health and he has showed great support for projects that have sought to offer better service to customers. Since he joined InnovaCare Health in 2012, he has continually developed a team of professionals through new hiring and training. Rick Shinto brought new experience and skills that transformed how InnovaCare Health deals with problems.

Rick Shinto has worked with several other successful companies before, which include Aveta Inc., where he held an executive position as the CEO. He also served as the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM California. Rick Shinto has gathered a lot of experience in the more than 20 years he has been in the healthcare industry. Rick Shinto’s prowess has seen him author peer reviewed journals and articles that were published in leading media outlets like the Forbes Magazine.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides has been working with Rick Shinto all along since 2008 when she joined him at Aveta Inc., as the Deputy of the then President, Rick Shinto. She works as the Chief Administrative Officer and has pioneered several useful projects that have elevated InnovaCare Health to its glory. Penelope Kokkinides has been a key player in the development of healthcare programs, so her position at InnovaCare Health has helped to make the company better. Through her effort, the number of Medicare Advantage customers has increased from mere 10,000 to over 200,000 in the less than five years she has worked with the company.

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