Town Real Estate Professionals Comment on 2016 Market Trends

Many people are hesitant in NYC apartments for rent and real estate market will do in 2016. An article in the New York Daily News summarizes the situation. Town Real Estate believes the conclusions to be correct. With over five years in luxury real estate, they understand the market extremely well.

Overall, the market will continue much like it became by the end of 2015 with buyers ruling the market.

Sellers need to keep several factors in mind when looking to sell their properties. If the property is in a prime location, it will sell faster. The hottest location remain Brooklyn and Manhattan. Even in these locations, buyers have many choices in condominiums priced over 10 million dollars. Therefore, sellers can expect buyers to make many visits to the unit before making an offer. Sellers can also expect buyers to ask for more contingencies. Furthermore, sellers should not become impatient. Buyers will be asking more questions and listening to more advisers.
One of the ways that sellers must react to this trend in the market is to work with a professional realtor like those found at Town Real Estate. These professionals, headed by Andrew S. Herberger, understand how to answer questions to questions that buyers are asking. They also understand what contingencies make since for you to offer and which ones to avoid.

Professionals at Town Real Estate also agree with the article’s author that strength will continue to be seen in sales of condominiums between one and three million dollars. An important part of this segment are baby boomers looking to move back to the city. These buyers want to be closer to their grandchildren. This means that sales in Brooklyn should be particularly strong.

With the expectation that interest rates will continue to rise in 2016, buyer’s confidence will lower. Yet, when sellers are realistic, sales will still occur.

New Healthy Food Options for Dog Food Brands

Brands have been scrambling to capture the growing premium dog food market with new and innovative products that have greatly expanded the choices available on Amazon to dog owners. This article will explore some of these options that are available to dog owners and why they are striking a chord with these owners..

People will commonly switch to premium dog food products for the health benefits that they convey to their pets. Dog owners want to know that they are providing their dogs with the proper nutrition to keep them active and happy into old age and their buying decisions are often centered around the health and well being of mans best friend.

To accomplish this many dog food makers are trying to provide healthy food products for dogs such as though organic food options or meals special designed for individual dogs. For the former brands are offering more organic and natural food products for dogs that attempt to improve what they are eating and the ingredients that are included in it. Generally speaking, this means more organic foods and products for dogs. Some brands are developing these capabilities internally while others are acquiring former competitors with an expertise in organic food products. That is what Purina did with their acquisition of Merrick Pet Care and Beneful is now offering many of the same products, but with a greater range of options and with higher quality foods.

For the latter, Beneful, the large dog food maker that is owned by Nestle, Beneful is doing just that with a special online ordering service that is allowing pet owners to develop custom blends of dog foods that are specially designed for their own pets. Many pet owners switch to Beneful and are working with their vets to understand the exact nutritional needs of their dogs and then working to create a diet that meets those needs. If they have dogs that are sensitive to special dishes or food items they are working around this by choosing custom ingredients that don’t contain these negative food additions that are causing these problems for their dogs and the result is happier and healthier dogs.


Pet Food Sales Reach Record Levels As Beneful Grows

The market for pet foods is changing all the time and includes a range of new foods being created by independent producers who are looking for healthier ways of feeding the pets of the world. Over the last decade the market for pet foods has grown to reach more than $23 billion as increasing numbers of independent producers have entered the market seeking to create fresh foods. Since 2009, the pet food industry has been growing consistently and the premium pet food market has grown to top $10 billion in sales each year.

Beneful was one of the first premium pet food production companies that was created by a globally recognized pet food brand; in 2001, Nestle Purina developed the Beneful brand to provide a natural range of pet foods produced in a way that pushed the natural nature of the ingredients to the fore. The products created under the Beneful brand have become some of the best loved in the world, and pushed the brand into the top four on the planet.

One of the major reasons for the growth of the Beneful brand has been the innovative approach taken to all aspects of the products in the line; an area that has shown the impressive nature of Beneful is in the approach to marketing that has set new standards for many pet food producers. Amongst the innovations introduced by Beneful are the many different forms of advertising the company introduced aimed directly at the pets, which includes odors and images designed to attract the pets themselves to the the products.

The use of natural ingredients is one of the main improvements being made in the pet food industry with more of a focus on real meats, vegetables, and fruits. A number of independent producers are pushing the boundaries of pet foods with the introduction of real foods refrigerated and shipped directly to the customer. As the market for pet foods grows pet parents around the world are looking for the best possible foods to provide for their pet to enjoy as they stay as healthy and active as possible.



Busy Year ahead for CCOs like Helane Morrison as they expect More Regulations in 2016

CCO groups note that members are gearing up for more scrutiny in 2016. This comes despite of the SEC officials saying that they have not changed their perception on chief compliance officers working in money management firms. According to compliance experts, institutional investors should pay more attention to their own due diligence.

The role of a compliance officer is to identify risks and lead an organization’s response. The regulators do not plan to change the roles of compliance officers. However, according to Deborah Prutzman, the CEO of the Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC, the regulators are becoming more willing to enforce failures in order to have their expectations met. There have been high-status cases in 2015 that underscores this fact.

In June 2015, SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprise Inc as well as its compliance officer were charged by SEC. According to the regulator, there was failure to implement the set policies to hinder misappropriation of client assets, filing a misstatement in a Form ADV filing, and failing to carry out annual reviews. CCO Mason paid $25,000 while SFX paid $150,000 to settle the charge.

Andrew Ceresney, SEC Enforcement Director noted that there was no doubt about the professional judgment of a chief compliance officer. Instead, actions have only been taken on cases that involve failure to create and implement such policies. He said this to the National Society of Compliance Professionals in November while addressing compliance officers’ concerns. In addition, Ceresney said that they consider the facts as well as fairness in each case, although many cases involved CCOs that had engaged in clear misconduct.

According to him, SEC charges CCOs when they directly engage in a conduct that hurts investors. He also added that the enforcement actions should act as a support to CCO’s role within a firm.

Ms. Barr, president of the Investment Advisors Association, is of a contrary opinion. According to her, the anxiety levels are going up in terms of attracting the brightest to be compliance officers. As much as her fear is valid, in my view, the chief compliance officer field still attracts the best.

Helane L. Morrison is a former head of the San Francisco SEC office where she worked from 1997 to 2007. She carried out various duties that include securities enforcement, regulatory matters, and litigation in her capacity, as the district administrator, and later, as regional director.

Currently, Morrison is a managing director, chief compliance officer and general counsel of Hall Capital Partners. She is also a core member of the company’s executive committee. Morrison has extensively practiced law for over ten years. She got a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law.

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