Yeonmi Park is 22-year-old North Korean defector, human rights activist and criminal justice student who live in Seoul. She has been very vocal in her criticism of the North Korean government. She burst into the limelight in 2014 after she featured as a speaker at the Oslo Freedom Forum in Dublin. She was tearful and described her experiences in her journey in a powerful speech that has been watched 2 million times.

Yeoman Park was born in Hyesan in North Korea in 1993.Her father was a Midlevel civil servant and a party member. Her parents were gold, nickel and silver smugglers. After the father had been arrested, the family decided to escape. In 2007, the family closed the frozen river boundary into China. Their suffering didn’t end in China. Her mother was raped, and her sister had to be sold for them to survive. Her father later joined them but died of cancer. In 2009 aged 15, she with her mother closed into Mongolia. They had to walk the frozen Gobi desert and followed the northern stars to freedom. In Mongolia, they sought asylum in the South Korean embassy.

Yeonmi Park is a Criminal Justice student at Dongguk University in Seoul. He has been in media all over the world. She has leveraged herself to gain attention on the condition in North Korea. A fast learner, she has taught herself English and Chinese. She even co-hosts an English show and has her own Yeonmi Park Show. She is currently writing a book on herself. Her activists have led the North Korean Government to release an 18-minute video trying to discredit her. It is a common tactic used to intimidate and tarnish defectors. She believes the change in North Korea is inevitable and will be led by the young generation like her. This generation has been deemed the black market generation. It has exposure to capitalism and western media which obviously in the government. Yeonmi was inspired by a smuggled copy of the Titanic, which taught love can motivate her people.

She has witnessed a lot of injustices. Her mother was raped at a young age. She saw her mother’s best friend shot for a secondary reason. Her father was sentenced to 17 years in forced labour but later escaped. Her sister was sold off to a Chinese man who mistreated her. She then got lost but miraculously reunited with the family after five years. Despite these experiences, she is funny and talkative. Her fast learning skills and social nature has endeared her to many. Her charming demeanour hasn’t hurt either.

Yeomin Park is an inspiration to our generation. She is courageous and inspiring; her commitment on The Guardian to fighting for human rights deserves a Nobel peace prize. Her experiences have shaped her to be what she is. We wish her all the best. The current situation in North Korea is not sustainable. Putting down a generation is simply not feasible in the long run.

Hire Status Labs for Image Management

When you are applying for a job or trying to get customers for your business there are many things you have to do. One thing that many people don’t realize is really important is your status on the web. Many employers and clients will Google your name or company to see what comes up. Status Labs is a image management company that makes sure all of their clients have a great web presence.

One thing that this company does is online reputation management. Status Labs makes sure that your web results are positive ones. They can also make sure that you are seen on the first pages of a search engine. They want to make sure you look amazing when someone searches your name.

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Status Labs has a ton of experience in marketing and helping businesses with their social media pages. They are able to help out if your business is in a crisis or if you need a public relations team. If you are looking for an amazing reputation management company then look no further than Status Labs.

Dare Yourself With Lime Crime

For all the makeup maniacs on Facebook who cannot go a day without it, Lime Crime is precisely for you. Apart from beauty enhancement, it has the power to hide a majority of the blemishes on your skin. Also, Lime Crime is the best brand if you love to dare yourself and live each day effusively with make-up. The products offered by this brand are astonishing and have a lot that meets the eye. There are different products for different features. These are majorly for the lips, eyes as well as for hair.
The products that are put out for the eyes are of our major categories. These categories include:
Venus, the grunge palette, is a definite game-changer. There are eight vibrant colors that will eventually bring out a flawless look that is similar to paint finish. They are all matte and, hence, a throwback to the 90s. The names of the colors are enticing, and you need to be familiar with the product to pick out a color without looking. The colors are Rebirth, Creation, Icon, Muse, Divine, and Venus that are all matte while Aura and Shell glow.
The liquid eyeliners that are boldly colored that can have a great transformation on the appearance. These liners come in 8 varying colors that range from quill to orchidaceous which is a strong lilac color.
The Zodiac glitters are deeply inspired by the signs of the zodiac. In this case, the glitters applied on the eyelids can change color as you change your position. The zodiac colors are playful and eye-catching. Therefore, once put to shimmer, they are irresistible. There are 11 zodiac colored glitters.
The glitter helper is the final eye-product. It is water resistant to hold the glitters in place. It can be applied over eye shadow for a great effect.
Lip products are not left behind. There are three different categories of lip products:
To begin with, there are the Unicorn lipsticks that consist of 20 matte colored lipsticks. They are bold and frantically pigmented with color to leave an impression that can last. The colors available are amazing. From pale peachy nude to wine red, the result is glamorous.
The Velvetines are a collection of different colored liquid-to-matte lipstick. They leave your lips with a rosy soft touch. The lipstick is liquid as you apply but dries to become matte. The colors are a collection of daring and unique shades with fancy names. For instance, there is suede-berry, cement, and utopia among sixteen other colors.
The carousel lip-glosses are not excluded with their audacious and shimmery trademark. These are available in only five radiant colors.
Nail products are enthused by confectionery delights. There are colors are soft and gentle and are therefore very appropriate for the laid-back ladies. The ingredients in this product are not harsh and are, consequently, safe for nail use.
Lime Crime also has a collection of different hair dyes. The colors of theses dyes are pulsating and conspicuous. These colors are pink, lavender, purple, green, blue, gray, orange, as well as multi-colored
All the products produced by Lime Crime are of high quality. The ingredients of each product are available at hand, and this makes it possible for you to know if the product is good for your use. Try out these products and be utterly amazed.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon handles cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a popular option for people who want to enhance their body with procedures such as breast implants, tummy tucks, facelift, and other such procedures. If you are considering getting any type of cosmetic surgery, you want to have it done by a certified and competent cosmetic surgeon, and Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin, Texas fits that bill precisely.

Walden’s Cosmetic Surgeon Qualifications

The American Board of Plastic Surgery has certified Dr. Jennifer Walden and she did her cosmetic surgery fellowship. She additionally is part of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is one of the American College of Surgeons fellows.

She also is one of the board members on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as well as its Vice Commissioner of Communications. She has also been the recipient of several awards such as the 2014 Texas Super Doctors, as well as the 2004 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate and the 1998 Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation from the American Medical Women’s Association.

Other awards she has received include the 1998 Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship, which is presented by Kelsey-Seybold Foundation of Houston. She was also chosen as one of the country’s 24 best beauty surgeons in the US by Harper’s Magazine in 2014.

Walden’s Cosmetic Surgery Jobs

Some of Dr. Walden’s cosmetic surgery jobs include being an attending surgeon in plastic surgery. This was performed at both the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, and at Lenox Hill Hospitals. She owns and operates Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, as well as being allowed to do cosmetic procedures at the Westlake Medical Center, and the Seton Hospital, as well as doing surgery at Central Park Surgery Center, and additionally at the St. David’s North Austin Medical Center gives her surgery privileges. Other facilities she practices cosmetic surgery at include the Marble Falls Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

Walden is especially active in women’s health and how it interacts with things like women’s empowerment, autonomy, and breast health. Some of her specialties include soft tissue injectable products, mother’s makeovers, and plastic surgery for celebrities, plastic surgery for teens, as well as breast surgery, laser surgery, etc.

Active participant in media discussions

Plus, she has been an active participant in several media outlets, having been a guest on the Today Show, Fox News, 20/20, and having appeared in magazines like Self, Vogue, Cosmo, Health, Bridal Guide, New York Magazine and others.

Lime Crime Cosmetics’ Doe Deere Dares To Do It Her Way

Doe Deere is a Russian-born entertainer and entrepreneur also known as Xenia or the Unicorn Queen. Raised in New York City, this driven young woman is the creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime is known for its crazy colors and intense pigments delivered to your door in pink packaging with sparkly unicorns. Doe Deere dares to be different with everything she does with Lime Crime. This isn’t make-up for the faint of heart. This soft-spoken businesswoman with the adorable Russian accent is a marketing maven. She created Lime Crime make-up with her own hands and markets it using concepts from her fertile mind.

Lime Crime is not Doe Deere’s first foray into business. She has been a model, fashion designer, and a rock musician with several albums under her belt. But none of those things allowed Doe Deere to connect with a large and growing public the way Lime Crime has. What’s interesting is that she stumbled into the creation of Lime Crime while making cosmetics that would draw attention to her while she was on stage. The colors of the make-up in the cosmetics line Doe Deere created are wild and loud and have names like CandyFuture lipstick and Magic Dust eye-shadow.

When Doe Deere moved to the United States as a child, she had no idea she would create a cosmetics line that would provide men, women, and everyone in between the freedom to express themselves with make-up in ways people have never seen before. However, young Doe Deere had the feeling she would be a woman of substance. Plus she has always had the confidence to work towards making her dream a reality. Doe Deere’s work on ethic is what differentiates her from the millions of other people that dream about owning a business. She’s a go getter and she’s kept on going until she got what she wanted.

Raised in a family of humble means, Doe Deere has always been driven to rise above. She believes fortune favors the bold, so she’s been bold from the start. She’s never been afraid to pursue her goals and dreams. She believes in the American Dream and the power of the rugged individualist to attain that dream. Still, Doe Deere is aware of the need for a good team of people willing to dream and work with you. Were it not for the encouragement of the visitors to her online make-up tutorials, she may never have offered Lime Crime cosmetics for sale to the public.

Doe Deere isn’t a fly by night success. She has worked for many years to find the right product and bring it to market. There have been many long days and even longer nights when against all odds she continued to work, study, and listen so she could create, market, and succeed. She acknowledges that she stands on the shoulders of the brave, beautiful, driven women that have come before her and she wants to be an inspiration to those that come after her.


Since we live in a competitive business world, pursuing career in this field can be a very difficult process, especially when one takes into consideration the increasing competition and everything else this world includes. A competitive business world offers two possibilities : one can lose, or if one wants, he needs to change and use the skills and techniques some of the most important business leaders used, for instance, James Dondero on highlandfunds.

Mr. Dondero represents the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, and he also serves as the CEO at HCM Acquisition Company and the Chairman of the Board . Prior to this, he worked at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, where he helped the business grow a lot between 1989-1993. He is also experienced in leveraged bank loans, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, common stocks and emerging market debts. He was responsible for American Press’ one billion dollars income funds, and before that he completed a training program about finances in JP Morgan. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Management Accountant, and this background has helped him to succeed in the investment field.

On top of being the president of Highland Capital, Mr. James Dondero serves on numerous different boards. He is currently the chairperson of NexBank and the chairperson of Cornerstone Healthcare Group.

His skills and dedication to work are unparalleled, and looking at his portfolio, one can see how he has become the successful businessman he is now.

Highland Capital Management has three mottos: bold, experienced and disciplined. This is what James Dondero, the company’s founder, is. He is an epitome of experience, boldness and discipline. He built his business from nothing, and now many different companies owe him their success. It all began when he became a partner with Protective Life Insurance Corporation, and as the company was progressing, James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Ranger Asset Management, which later changed its name to Highland Capital.

This happened in 1993, and since then he has also served as the company’s president. The company’s specialties include financial institutions, corporations, public pension plans and numerous foundations. The main headquarters are located in Texas, which is the place when Mr. Dondero currently resides. However, the company have offices in other place as well : New York, Singapore and Seoul.

Mr. Dondero helped the company launch its first bank loan find and he later successfully continued its expansion . The company now has $21 billion of assets, and its co-founder has also managed to turn it into one of the companies that have provided various solutions for many years. Another important thing is that the customers’ need always come first, and this is why so many people seek his help and advice.

Taking all these things into consideration, one might conclude that although it is not easy to pursue a business career due to the increasing competition , there are those who managed to do this and use their skills in many different fields, as James Dondero did.

Nail Art Advantages

One of the things that I enjoy doing is decorating my fingernails. I recently discovered a few vibrant colors of nail polish at Lime Crime, a company that sells various types of makeup online. The colors that are sold are bold and edgy, which is what I like when it comes to my fingers. I like it when my fingers stand out from what others are doing. One of the ways that I do this is by applying details that fit my personality. I have found that there are some advantages and disadvantages to nail art designs. Some of the ones that I use are already made, and all I have to do is apply the stickers or designs to the nail. Others are made with a different color of nail polish, so I have to be careful in how I make the nails look.

When I choose the nail art I want to use, I like knowing that there are different designs to match my mood. I can get something that is playful or something that is a little more serious. Some of the designs that I use blend with the holiday season for the time of the year. I have created pumpkins for Halloween, Easter eggs for Easter and Santa faces for Christmas. This is the excitement of nail art. It’s something that you can do to the nails that will make them look fun instead of being one simple color. When you look at nails that have a design, they usually make you smile, especially if you created the design on your own instead of letting someone else draw it on the nails for you.

Nail art is something easy to do on the nails. You can get small stencils that are placed over the nails, painting over the stencil in a different color that will create the design on the nails. Creating nail art gives me a way to relax. It gives me a way to take the time I need for myself when the kids aren’t in school. It’s also a way that I reward myself if I have reached a goal or a deadline. One of the disadvantages is that it can take a little longer to get the nails completely dry after applying the art.

Lime Crime is a company that I have grown to love when it comes to fingernail polish. The bottles are just the right size, and the colors are magnificent. I enjoy the fast response on Lime Crime website at when I have a question and when I have an order that is being shipped.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Websites?

Have you ever signed up for at dating website only to find yourself still single? I suggest trying Anastasia Date. This dating website is not like any other. Anastasia Date was first founded in 1933 by a “Russian-American couple who met by chance.” The Anastasia Date website allows users to connect with other people in different countries such as the United States, Russia, China, Columbia, and Morocco. In other words, this means that there are more people to interact with and may even give one the chance to see a different part of the world. With Anastasia Date, members are able to live chat, web cam chat, send presents and gifts and set up a date with the person they are most interested in! Signing up for Anastasia Date is free and members are also able to browse other profiles for free. However, if you want access to activities, there is a fee to pay but Anastasia Date offers a “plethora of items within a flexible price range.” If you are still unsure about joining Anastasia Date, it may ease your mind to know that there are over 6,000 success stories a year! That’s roughly 16 people A DAY!
If you don’t have access to a computer or don’t like viewing websites on your mobile phone, then have no fear! Anastasia Date also offers a mobile app! The app is available for free download on Google Play and itunes. Anastasia members are now able to live chat, view member profiles, and have VIP access through the mobile app. This is a great feature to have, especially in today’s world where everyone is on the go! It’s nice to know that you can leave your house, sit in your favorite coffee shop, and still carry a conversation with your person of interest! Like Anastasia Date states, “Love knows no boundaries!”

FreedomPop Started Offering Services in the UK

The growing, free wireless internet and phone service provider, FreedomPop has finally established roots in the United Kingdom as their first international market outside of the United States. It has been developing these programs for several years and executives plan to continue forward in providing quality services at low costs to its customers. British residents can pay only seven pounds to start using the service. This set up fee is all they have to pay to have a monthly allowance of 200 MB of data, 200 text messages and 200 minutes of talking time.

For many United States consumers this way enough phone usage. In fact, the chief executive reports statistics that support this. According to reports by the Telegraph, only around 50 percent of United States consumers opted to purchase more usage beyond the monthly free allowance. It was enough phone usage for some people. Some also use the service as a supplement to their existing phone service. It alleviates fears of going over their plan’s allowances and experiencing high costs for phone usage. Others were just fine with the free service as it was.

The United Kingdom’s market will have options for extending the free service. As of September of 2015, FreedomPop on itunes is still working on finalizing these new expansion plans. The plans beyond the basic, free plan will cost anywhere between 4.99 pounds to 16.99 pounds. This is still quite a saving from normal costs of phone services. The company buys usage in bulk and relies on wifi networks.

FreedomPop plans to sign up its new UK customers quickly and efficiently, using their complete online sign up. The sign up can be found on their website. It’s easy to get started in their program and start saving money on the phone bills. Eventually, FreedomPop plans to launch its services in retail locations. This will popularize the brand more and make it a common name among UK residents. They plan to start doing this as soon as possible, as the chief executive has been in talks with a few major retail sellers. This is only the first step of many to gain international recognition for providing free and low cost internet and phone services to people all over the world.

Bruce Levenson Made His Career Happen

There are some things that not too many people are able to do because the jobs are limited, and because it just takes too much work to be able to have the jobs. But, even though both of those things are true of being a team owner, there is no reason for someone to give up on their dream of making that happen if it is something that they want to do. Bruce Levenson dreamed of owning a team for a long time before he bought one, and now he is able to appreciate the success that he has had. There might only be a few people who are able to do something like that, and it might require a lot of hard work to be able to achieve it, but that does not mean that anyone who wants it should not try for it. Who knows what can happen when they do that?
Bruce Levenson didn’t know that his dreams would come true when he set out to make them happen. He had no guarantee that he would see the kinds of success that he has had in his life, but he set out toward the goal of owning a team for himself, anyway. And now he has to be glad that he did, as he is able to enjoy the feel of owning an NBA team.
Bruce Levenson has been a hard worker in his career. He has made sure to always do his best no matter where he was working or who he was working for because he knew that that was the way to success. Anyone who wants to own a team for themselves one day should consider that. The should think about how Bruce Levenson made it a point to deliver good work to each of the companies that he worked for, and they should try to do the same, themselves.
It requires quite a bit of hard work, and a large amount of motivation, for one to be able to have the kinds of success that they want to have in their career. It takes a special kind of person who is willing to put in a lot of work to own an NBA team. But, if that is something that someone feels passionately about doing, then there should be no stopping them from trying to make their dreams happen. Like Bruce Levenson did, they just might be able to make it happen.