Magic Mike XXL Has More To It Than Meets The Eye

I am a straight guy, but I enjoyed Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL for many different reasons. I knew Magic Mike XXL wasn’t going to win an Oscar or anything, but it’s just a fun adult comedy. The movie really does have a lot more appeal than just stripping in it too.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack, and I think dancing is a blast. I can sit in a movie or watch a television show, and just have a good time if it’s a dance movie. This was supposed to be a comedy, but it was also a dance film. In fact, it was as enjoyable of a dance film as it was a comedy.

There were a lot of sexually charged scenes aside from the stripping. The camera work in the scenes where there was supposed to be implied nudity was masterful, and also when there were two very attractive people with sexual tension saw brilliant cinematography which also says a lot about the actors in the film too.

I loved the cast. Channing Tatum was hilarious, and Crystal Hunt is a stunner. Channing Tatum is considered a top leading man in Hollywood, and he played the part of a diva perfectly when he was at the transgender bar acting while acting. Crystal Hunt was great as usual too. I know a lot of people haven’t ever heard of her, but they need to check her out.

I have recently enjoyed catching up on a show Crystal is in on the POP network called Queens of Drama. Crystal is also an Emmy nominated actress that got her start in the daytime soap opera Guiding Light. Guiding Light is a legendary soap opera so she definitely got her feet wet as an actress in the right spot. I look forward to seeing her first film as a producer called Talbot County which is supposed to based on a true story.

Magic Mike XXL is full of an array of talent and good looks. Straight men or lesbians should not let a bunch of male strippers shield them from having a great time. I had a lovely time laughing and dancing in my seat despite how silly I looked.

How Far Crystal Hunt’s Career Has Come

Crystal Clarese Hunt has been known far and wide for her creative and ambitious work. As an actress and a producer, she has been involved in many famous movies and television shows. Hunt has endured other ventures as well, such as owning a boutique in her hometown in Florida. In these competitive businesses, Crystal is a radiant star and proves to be one of a kind.

The starlet first came to Hunt when she was only two years old. She started off by doing toddler pageants, and her renowned talent was acting. Soon after this, her face started appearing in many commercials including the 25th anniversary celebration for The Walt Disney company. Hunt has proven to be an admirable and good hearted icon for young women her whole life.

After childhood, Hunt went on to do many impressive acts. CBS came out with a new show “Guiding Light”, in which Crystal was chosen for the role of Lizzie Spaulding. This character was a troubled daughter who had to put up with grieving parents. She played this role for three years from 2003 to 2006, and wound up being nominated in 2005 for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series and a Soap Opera Digest Award. Hunt’s productive career was only beginning. In 2007, she played Demetria “Dinky” Rosemead Hodgekiss in “Sydney White”. Two years later Crystal went on to another famous soap opera show “One Life to Live”, playing Stacy Morasco. This year she has a featured role on the movie “Magic Mike XXL” playing Lauren.

Hunt decided recently that acting was not going to be enough for her. With ambition and hard work, in 2014 she produced the movie “Talbot County” with her friend and acting colleague Dania Ramirez. She was also known for owning an elegant pet boutique called “My Pets Dream Boutique” in Clearwater, Florida, her home town.

Crystal Hunt is an honorable and hardworking woman who has earned respect in the acting and producing business.