Non-Accredited Investors Are Now Welcomed

For most of the history of investment firms, accredited investors has been the most sought after prize. These are the investors who have a net worth of greater than $1 million while also possessing an annual income of $200,000 or more. These are the kind of people who are likely to have extra money to put money into the market. That being said, Forefront Capital now seeks out non-accredited investors to put money in the market with them as well.

Investors who make a middle-class income can now get started with Forefront Capital and the experts they have to help walk them through the process. They hire the best market watchers around and make sure that even small-scale investors are able to get the information they require about the market.

It is unfortunate that non-accredited investors have been ignored for so long. They have been pushed to learn about investing for themselves and not have the expert guidance they require. This is no longer the case. Now, Forefront Capital can help them and make sure that they start putting some of their dollars to work for them. It may help get them from being in the middle class to greater things in the future.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront, and Reuters wrote that he has spoken many times about non-accredited investors and how he wanted to help them. He talks about how it is a necessity to get as many people as possible in the market. Investing may be the only way that many are able to enjoy retirement in their future. It has to start as soon as possible and this means that one does not have the time to wait around until their income increases. He wants to help people here and now where they are. Forefront Capital is making it happen.

Joseph Bismark: How a monk does business


The popular blog Left Handed Right Mind recently posted an article innovative businessman Joseph Bismark, a successful leader at international direct sales company Qnet. In it the author presented some tenets of Mr. Bismark’s business and life philosophy that struck me as unique and refreshing.

In the article it states Mr. Bismark became a monk in his early childhood in his native Philippines. He remained there until he struck to make his mark on the business world at the age of 17. Mr. Bismark does not go into detail about his time as a monk, but as I read on, I became convinced that his time there shaped him into the dynamic leader he has become. In addition to his position at Qnet Mr. Bismark also spends a great deal of his time working on behalf of Qi Group, an organization whose goal is to promote a more environmentally responsible way of life.

At Qnet Bismark has encouraged entrepreneurial practices among Qnet’s many independent representatives. He places a strong emphasis on corporate teamwork and many believe his leadership is a major reason for the rapid growth in sales of the health and wellness product lines at Qnet.

Qi Group has also seen success under Mr. Bismark including the company’s resort Prana in Koh Samui which is powered from environmentally solar and a tower in Malaysia that has gone paperless in and effort to reduce the consumption of trees. Since taking over at Qi in 2008 the company has seen amazing growth and is now doing business in 30 countries with more than 1500 employees and is involved in businesses as diverse as hospitality and finance.

In conclusion Mr. Bismark’s philosophy of a calm peaceful spirit has allowed him to maintain leadership positions at two rapidly growing companies like Qnet and Qi Group. His encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, along with his dynamic style of leadership have been a benefit to both companies. Perhaps we all could befit from a little bit of a monks spiritual training.

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Different Types of Visual Effects and Their Uses

Visual effects are often used in the film industry as a way to create actions that would be hard to replicate in real life. An example might be a large explosion that would otherwise damage the set if set off in real life, or perhaps the dinosaurs used in Jurassic World that wouldn’t exist in our present time. Some effects can easily be replicated in real life, but are instead used because it’s cheaper to create them then to use them on the set. Visual effects have revolutionized the movie industry, and here are some of the most common types of effects used today.

Digital Animation

Digital animation is a common use of visual effects in today’s movie industry, especially for kid movie companies such as Pixar and Disney. However, digital animation isn’t just animated cartoonish characters, but has many other uses as well. CGI, otherwise called computer generated imagery, is often used in sci-fi movies and is considered a form of digital animation. Even transitional effects used in the credits of movies are considered digital animation. Most people have worked with some form of digital animation if you’ve ever created a powerpoint or video.

Matte Paintings

Matte paintings are used for background imagery in the film industry. They make it look like there is a large scenic background, so that the world looks vast and isn’t focused on one central location. They have been used since the beginning of the film industry, but are used a bit differently today. Now, most matte paintings are digitally rendered.

Live-Action Effects

Live-action effects are another common form of visual effects used in movie making. The actors are placed in front of a blue or green screen, which can then be taken out and replaced with a different background or imagery. This makes it possible to film an action on a small set, and then place the actors in front of a large scenic background.

John Textor

BusinessWire writes that one of the most well known visual effects artists today is John Textor. Much of his work comes from his digital humans, recreating people such as Tupac and Michael Jackson. His current project is producing Art Story, a new movie being developed by Disney that focuses heavily on animation. Beforehand, John was CEO and Chairman for Digital Domain Productions as well as it’s parent company Digital Domain Media Group. Combined, these companies have worked on more than 80 large featured films.

Visual Searching With Slyce

If you own a mobile gadget, you may be preparing for an app or a new technology enter the device. If you are looking down that road, you may be imagining the day when you can do anything with the press of a button. You may be anticipating a technology that will without fail make your life a breeze, be it traveling to a new destination or doing your routine chore. Your needs, wants, taste and decisions are handled based on your previous likings. The role of visual search technology is an incredible one in this arena, not to mention its reliability and price.

Visual Search Technology is at the forefront whether you want to locate your destination or research a product. This new tool utilizes the images from apps and links the product in the real world. In other words, rather than describing the product that you are about to buy, explore or study through words and phrases, simply take a picture and convey the message. Through this technology, you will be able to accurately access the content that facilitates e-commerce and categorization.

Begin with uploading pictures into your smartphone. You are at home or in the middle of a desert. The uploading process may have started only a few seconds ago or you have the picture stored in the system. The source can be anywhere from laptop, cell phone to flyer and billboard. The app will then guide the user through a series of actions such as posting on social network, transferring to a retail store website, buying a product or selling online. The images can be shared, pixel by pixel and detail by detail to the end user. This technology uses image recognition to look for similar content in the database thereby matching the photo with the content. The app can be a native photo app or any specific app meant for the purpose. In addition, the technology has the ability to match the picture without the need for bar code scan.

Slyce Inc is the leading provider of Visual Search technology. This company, based in Toronto, launched its first visual search technology platform in the beginning of the year 2013. Since then, it has expanded its business to various locations all over Canada and the United States. The company has partnered with a number of retailers including health-care and transportation, while providing customers a hassle-free shopping experience.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Split

Kourtney Kardashian, sister to the Kardashian clan, has split with her boyfriend Scott Disick. Rumors have been swirling around these two for some time now, and it seems as though the 36-year-old beauty finally decided to call it quits with her baby daddy. Sources close to the couple have said that Kourtney finally called their relationship quits because it seemed as though Scott could not tone down his partying ways.

Brad Reifler said that before the split was announced publicly, Scott was seen being cozy with his ex-girlfriend, fashion designer Chloe Bartoli. The two were spotted together at an event in Monte Carlo. Scott has also been seen in Las Vegas recently, promoting the club 10ak. It seems as though Kourtney is sticking with her sisters through her rough patch. She recently posted a photo of the three of them together on Instagram and called them her “aces”.

Scott has relocated to his new digs in Beverly Hills, about an hour away from Kourtney and their children who reside in the home that the two used to share in Calabasas. The couple share three children together, Mason who is 5-years-old, two-year-old Penelope, and their newborn baby Reign.

For the full story on the split and Scott’s new bachelor pad, click the link to check it out on The Daily Mail.

Rolling Stones Gallery Exhibit to Be Held

The Rolling Stones rock band will be having their first major gallery exhibit soon. The exhibit is called “Exhibitionism” and will be at the Saatchi Gallery in London this fall before being taken on the road to eleven other museums around the world. The exhibit features various paraphernalia such as show programs, guitars, stage costumers, tour diaries, advertisements and more related to the Rolling Stones that the band has collected over its 50-year history.

Guitarist Keith Richards says that the exhibit isn’t just about the Rolling Stones but also a look at all of the items associated with a band of their size. Singer Mick Jagger says that the band has been planning the exhibit for a long time, and he is happy they were finally able to bring the project to fruition.

It’s interesting to look at how the Rolling Stones have gone from being a rebellious and anti-authority group of young people to being distinguished old men who are putting on a prestigious gallery exhibit. Keith Mann suggests that no one would have guessed in 1965 that one day their old guitars and stage costumes would be exhibited in some of the most exclusive museums in the world. I guess that rock and roll has truly grown up.

Kourtney Kardashian Overheard Venting About Scott’s Drama

Kourtney Kardashian is the motherly, family woman of the Kardashian sisters. writes that not only is Kourtney the oldest sister, but she has the most kids and has been in the same man longer than anyone else. We have watched Kourtney and Scott go through ups and downs for as long as they have been together, from the very first time we saw Scott on Keeping Up With The Kardashians he has had his hands in the cookie jar. It seems that Scott is constantly dealing with his depression, anger and issue with alcohol and drug use. With all of Scott’s demons Kourtney has been by his side like a rock ready to help him through it, even when it makes her look like a pushover.

Scott has been at his worse even since the passing of his parents, and his own parenthood has not helped ground him one bit. Now that he fathers three children with Kourtney, Scott seems to be spiraling and Kourtney and her family don’t know what to do next. Most recently, rumors of Scott cheating with a 21-year-old woman while partying in New York have been swirling around the internet, and it seems like the gossip is finally starting to get to Kourtney.

Apparently Kourt was overheard while at dinner with a friend, and she was talking about Scott with a stressed look on her face. Onlookers say that she didn’t stay long and didn’t seem to be having a very good time, her issues with Scott are becoming more of an issue than she signed up for, and they may not be able to overcome their next wave of drama.

Veteran Homes

Musicians, Actors, Athletes, and famous people in general make a lot of money. At times, it’s really hard to comprehend just how much money they do in fact make. It’s often time in the millions. Sometimes many of us wonder if they make so much why don’t they do more to give back? Every now and then they do. A famous person restores our faith in humanity by showing just how much they do care.

Tim McGraw is one of those people. He is giving away mortgage free homes to veterans! He’s already given away 6 of them, and he plans to give away 30 more. It’s truly remarkable. Those mortgage free homes are not cheap, and they are going to be a huge weight off someone else s shoulder. The best part is that he chose one of the most deserving groups. All too often, James Dondero notes, we see homeless veterans out on the streets because they had no where to go after the war or after their service was done. According to Reddit News, Tim McGraw is changing that for some of the lucky ones.

He understands the sacrifice that many made and he really wants to give back. He wants to show them that the world appreciates what veterans have done for this country, and give them what they deserve. It takes a special man to do this, and the world is lucky that Tim McGraw is in it.