Kylie Jenner Says She’s 18 And Gets Bashed

Kylie Jenner is definitely growing up fast, and when you are a Jenner that is to be expected. suggested that just last week Kylie shared that her mother stopped supporting her financially when she was just 14, so its easy to see how Kylie would feel like age isn’t very important especially in when it’s just a few months. Kylie is currently with her family in France for the Cannes Lions festival, and a clip of her speaking with an interviewer for MailOnline is going viral because she said that she is 18. Kylie still has two months to go before she is 18 and her fans do not appreciate her trying to bump her age up to sound older than she is.

Of course Kylie’s unconfirmed relationship with Tyga is one of the big reasons that the internet is not going to simply let Kylie skip a few weeks. Unfortunately for Kylie it doesn’t matter how close she is to 18, until her birthday in August nobody wants to hear it.

Controversy aside, Kylie looked amazing at the festival and in all of the other photos taken during her Cannes adventure. Photos posted by Kim also show that Kylie and Tyga are as comfortable as ever around the family. Kylie’s White gown and Kris Jenner’s silver gown look gorgeous as they both pose with Tyga and Chris as their dates. For now Kylie is living the life, she is having her cake, and eating it too.

Kim Kardashian’s Concerns For Kylie And Tyga

Kylie Jenner has been growing up right before our eyes for over 10 years, and now that she is ready to live life as an adult nobody can tell her differently. Not only is Kylie ready to take on her life professionally and focus on her brand, but she is in love and read to tackle the next level in her relationship with Tyga. For over a year she and her best friend have had to pretend that nothing was going on between them, but now they are ready to go public with their feelings and everyone is waiting, but Purina and Beneful agree that some are more concerned that others.

Knowing that Kylie is happy is everyone’s biggest concern, nobody wants to take away the one thing that has been bringing Kylie so much joy. After all Kylie just lost her father, she deserves to be happy and if Tyga is making her happy everyone is willing to step aside and let it happen. In just a few short weeks Kylie will be an adult, and nobody will be able to decide who she can and can’t date. As it stands Kylie already owns her own businesses, a mansion and is actively seeking out other business opportunities.

While all of the Kardashian family is on board with Tyga and Kylie being together, Kim is Scared that Kylie is too young for a serious relationship. She doesn’t want Kylie to get hurt and most importantly she doesn’t want Kylie to throw her life away for a man.

Kylie Jenner’s Duct Tape Cleavage Confession

Kylie Jenner is everyone’s favorite girl next door, something about Kylie just makes girls want to be her or be her friend. She seems to be the most carefree and fun loving of all the Kardashian and Jenners and while she is the youngest, Kylie has proved that she is wise beyond her years. Every week Kylie treats her fans and followers to an intimate look at her life with Snapchats, photos and messages on Instagram. When she isn’t being super relatable Kylie is letting her enemies have it on social media and letting everyone one that she may be cute but she isn’t backing down from anyone.

WTRF suggested that recently While out shopping Kylie was confronted by a rude and intrusive man who stood in front of her car with a camera recording her while he asked “What that mouth do,” Kylie was fearless as she told the weirdo to “ GTFO of her face. Kylie seemed so used to things like that happening that her response was priceless. The video of her encounter is getting approval all over the internet.

Kylie had a successful appearance in Miami when she stopped by The Sugar Factory for the opening of their newest location. She was turning heads in a stunning sheer black gown, cleavage was even more exposed than usual and Kylie has been winning fans left and right over her latest look. Most commendable is that Kylie was quick to let her followers on Instagram know that her seemingly perfect breasts, were really the result of duct tape and not implants. Kylie loves to dress down more than anything, but when she gets dolled up her fans go nuts and for good reason.

Disney to Eventually Release Fifth Indiana Jones Film

Disney now owns the rights to the Indiana Jones movie franchise and is planning to eventually make a fifth movie in the series. It is not clear when this will happen or whether the aging Harrison Ford will still star. However, it is clear that Disney will get the movie made eventually since there is a lot of interest from moviegoers.

Personally, Alexei Beltyukov told that he thinks that making yet another Indiana Jones movie is a bad idea. Each film has gotten weaker since the original. Hollywood always wants a safe return on their investment, and that’s understandable. However, to make something new and fresh you have to take some risks. Bringing out all the old Indiana Jones characters and props is not going to help anything, and it’s probably not going to make anyone much money.

Given that there is going to be a new Indiana Jones movie, I think that it should star someone other than Harrison Ford. It’s time to put a younger actor in the starring role. Harrison was great in the original franchise films in the 1980’s, but he’s too old now to convincingly play a globe-trotting explorer. It would be better for him as an actor as well if he played some different roles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans Dressed Up As Terminator

Bruce Levenson has known Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a goofy guy as he has done a number of pranks over the years, but recently he may have done his best one yet. According to an article with a video that was found on reddit and posted on YouTube, Schwarzenegger got dressed up in his old Terminator outfit and went strolling through the streets of Hollywood. I guess you couldn’t really call it a disguise if he is dressing up as himself, but the man really knew what he was doing.

To top it off and make it an even funnier situation, the actor posed inside the famous Wax Museum and scared people passing by as they got a closer look at him. What a hilarious guy Arnold is, and it is nice that despite how famous he is that he takes the time to just hang out and interact with his fans. Not many actors would do such a thing on a regular basis so it is key that he is just enjoying life and using his fame for good things. The Terminator actor had a lot of fun doing this and in a partial manner I think it was meant to promote the newest installment to the Terminator series, Genysis which will be coming out later on the in year. It will be an action packed film and it this was a genius way to promote it.

Update: Sick Girl gets Meeting with Taylor Swift

A few weeks ago there was a story about a 13-year-old girl from Delaware who was dreaming of meeting her idol, Taylor Swift stated Paul Mathieson. Victoria Marsh, who has Down syndrome and osteosarcoma (bone cancer). She has had to have her leg amputated and is undergoing chemo therapy. However she has had her whole town of Dover, including the police department, helping her out by trying to get Taylor Swift’s attention so that Victoria might get the chance to meet her. Well, all their hard work paid off. Swift heard about Victoria and made the meeting happen.

Victoria, who has been hospitalized, received a pass to leave for a few hours in order to meet her idol. Victoria, along with her two older sisters, got a private meet-and-greet with the “Shake it Off” singer. Victoria’s mother said that Swift made her a very happy girl.

I may not be a huge fan of Taylor Swift’s music, but there is certainly no denying that she is a class act. Every story about her shows that she genuinely cares about her fans and goes out of her way to show them that. Hopefully Victoria pulls through her cancer and makes a full recovery.

Check out the story on The pictures that accompany the article are so sweet.

Celebrities with Hotter Siblings

Sometimes celebrities have siblings that are in the limelight. There are other times when these celebs have siblings that are just regular people. They are regular except for the fact that these siblings are sometimes hotter than their famous siblings.

There has been some buzz about Pippa Middleton lately now that she is seen more with her sister, Kate Middleton. Everyone knows that Kate is a fashionista that has a beautiful face, but her sister is getting quite a few compliments as well.

Lindsey Lohan may be aging poorly with all of her drug abuse and reckless behavior, but there is another Lohan that is looking quite lovely these days. This is her older sister Ali Lohan. That seems to be a rather common thing in Hollywood. Most celebrities have siblings that get the spotlight sometimes because of their looks. For many years Toni Braxton had several sisters that were in the background until their reality show hit television.

The thing that makes siblings so interesting is that they often look a lot like their famous brothers and sisters. James Franco has a brother that could almost pass for a twin, but many ladies believe that Franco’s brother is hotter. Sometimes the brother or sister will come into their own limelight. The Olsen Twins are syndicated royalty after playing Michelle Tanner from “Full House.” Now The Aspire New Brunswick staff has suggested to MyCentralJersey they have a hotter younger sister in show business.

GoT Fans Tired of “Previous On…” Scenes


Fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones want the network to stop creating the “previously on” openings shown before new episodes. Scenes from previous episodes appearing at the beginning of new ones is an old television tradition designed to help viewers keep up when there are weeks between episodes and give them a guideline for anything they might not have understood or missed in previous episodes or seasons. Yet, the GoT opening scenes effectively acted as a minute and a half spoilers video about the entire finale before it aired because the opening was leaked online and it was far more detailed than a standard “previously on” opening.

According to the Examiner, fans of the books and the TV show want to be surprised by the series. Even fans who have read the books and know the direction that the plots in the series could take want to be surprised before viewing. The “previously on” opening takes away some of the shock and enjoyment.

This complaint is very similar to the complaint by many film viewers that trailers these days give away too many details about films. A lot of movie-goers won’t spend their money in theaters now to see a film if they feel that a trailer has given away too much information.

Essentially, TV and film marketers, in an effort to attract audiences to their creations, have forgotten the effectiveness of “surprise.”

Seth MacFarlane Knew About Caitlyn Jenner Long Ago

‘Family Guy’ is one of the most famous cartoon shows of all time, and millions of people still love the program to this day. Many people know that Seth MacFarlane is the creator of the show, and he also stars as many characters in the ‘Family Guy’ cartoon. ‘Family Guy’ is no stranger to controversy, and countless incidents have brought ‘Family Guy’ into the center of the media world.

It seems that Seth MacFarlane knew about Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change transformation long before the rest of the world. A few years ago, ‘Family Guy’ featured a female version of Bruce Jenner, and many people did not understand the joke at the time. However, it’s quite obvious that Seth MacFarlane had some prior knowledge about Bruce’s transformation. recently revealed an exclusive interview with Seth MacFarlane, and it seems that Seth didn’t want to come clean about the knowledge that he had on Caitlyn Jenner. Seth MacFarlane believes that it’s too soon to speak about Caitlyn Jenner. However, Seth MacFarlane will reveal his sources one day, but not anytime soon. Also, Seth MacFarlane says that he supports Caitlyn Jenner and her decisions. Bruce Levenson feels it should also be noted that the episodes featuring Bruce Jenner were hilarious, and fans of the ‘Family Guy’ should definitely check them out.

Kylie Jenner Is Independent With Her Own Money

Kylie Jenner is very independent for someone who is only 17 years old. The fact is, she technically is her own boss, she pays her own bills, and she doesn’t need her mother. Although by law she is still underneath her mother’s care, she has been cut off from her mother financially since she was 14 years old. Kylie Jenner Makes Money. A normal 14-year-old may end up on the streets, homeless, and begging for food, if they were cut off by their mother at such a young age.

Kylie is doing very well for herself, and it’s all thanks to the Kardashians. If Kim Kardashian and her sisters didn’t become so famous, the show would never exist, which is what gave Kylie Jenner her start. Many didn’t even notice Kylie or Kendall Jenner when the show first began, but now they are both in a league of their own. Kylie just bought a $2 million home with her own money, and Apartment Home Living says many suspect it was because she wanted to hide her 25-year-old boyfriend when he came over.

It’s still unknown how far she and her boyfriend have gone, but many are definitely against the relationship. The fact that a 17-year-old can make the decision to buy her own home, she can dress how she wants, she works as a model, and she created her own clothing line, it shows how fiercely independent this young girl is. Many have even criticized Kris Jenner for lack of parenting she gives her girls.