Has Lambert Hurt American Idol?


American Idol was once one of the “can’t miss” programs airing on television. That is no longer the case for a lot of former audience members. The ratings have been slipping for some time. With the arrival of Adam Lambert as a judge, the drop continues.

A 13% drop in the ratings was experienced with the debut of Lambert. You could easily blame him for being the catalyst for the drop. While doing so definitely would be easy, the action might also be more than a bit superficial. One less-than-inspiring choice for a judge is hardly what leads audiences to bow out in huge numbers.

Then again, they may just do so if they feel the new judge is a ridiculously bad match. Lambert doesn’t fit that image, though. He has a positive history with the program as a former competitor. So, it would be bizarre to assume he was grossly rejected by the same audience that made him a (somewhat) well-known name.

Perhaps the real problem here is audience fatigue is setting in. What does this mean? Any and all television shows begin to lose audience members after a certain amount of time has passed. In particular, a variety-type show that is not delivering acceptable new talent ends up boring audiences. Once bored, the audience departs and does not come back. According to Green Wedding Shoes, audience members that were once loyal to the show, like Dave and Brit Morin, are finding it harder and harder to stay entertained by the stale content.

Details on ‘The Purge 3’ Under Wraps

Horror and suspense films have a long history of spawning any number of sequels. The box office success of a franchise that is built around the principle of making all crime legal for one night is set to issue a third film. When “The Purge” was released the originality of the concept was something that made fans such as Sultan Alhokair of all sorts of franchises take notice, but when it comes to details on the third movie in the franchise producers are being quiet.

According to Screen Rant, “The Purge 3” will not be about the very first time period that allowed everyone a release for their homicidal tendencies. With the third installment scheduled for a 2016 release date, production duties on the film have been started by James DeMonaco, but Platinum Dunes, the studio behind the franchise, is not releasing any spoilers about the film. However, the groups are apparently okay with shooting down rumors.

The actual focus of the third film will likely be kept under wraps for a little while longer, but fans of the series have not been led astray so far. Therefore it seems likely that a few months of secrecy could actually benefit the sequel by building up some anticipation and buzz. Of course, whether or not a fourth and fifth film in the franchise will be released is also up in the air, but if audiences are welcoming to the third film, the sky is the limit.

My Best Friend Is In Africa, And I Found Her On Skout

I am a type of person that likes to socialize, so it was no problem when I joined Skout. I first joined the Skout website, and when I found myself falling in love with the network, I decided to get the app. The app allowed me to use the social media network on my phone, and to talk to different people throughout the day. I signed up for an account, and it only took me a few minutes to do. I created a profile, adding my picture, some of my interests, and a bit of personal information. After I finished with my profile, I decided to search for people to talk to.

I had a specific type of person I was looking to talk to, and I wanted them to be in my local area. Although this was a great idea, I was finding a limited amount of people that I wanted to talk to in my local area, and I decided to broaden my horizons. I found out that Skout has users in dozens of countries all over the world, so I decided to utilize this information. Instead of doing a specific search like I normally do, I used the “shake to talk” feature, which is amazing. I spent hours on it the first day, shaking my phone, and waiting for a new person to show up on my screen. Those who showed up, we talked, those who didn’t interest me, I moved on.

I reviewed a certain girl’s profile, and it turned out she had a lot of the same interests as me, but she just so happened to be in Africa, and I live in the USA. I was not even going to bother making a long conversation, but I was intrigued by this person. I thought it was very cool that she and I had so many of the same interests, but we lived half a world apart from each other. After we talked the first day, I decided to add her to my favorites list. I didn’t see her online again for a couple days, because we are in different time zones. When I looked her up on my favorites list, I found her again, and we began to chat.

I found myself enjoying her company so much, I got curious and wanted to know if she had also added me as a favorite. In order to access this feature, I had to purchase Skout points. The points were low priced, and I bought some points, so I could find out if this girl added me as a favorite. I found out that she had added me as a favorite, and it made me feel a bit special. Using the points, I also was able to find out which other Skout members were searching for me, which aided me as to who I should add to my favorites list. No matter who I befriended, I really stuck with the girl from Africa.

This lady in Africa, spoke to me every time I was on Skout. We even linked up on Facebook. I decided to send her greetings, and virtual gifts, which can be purchased using the Skout points too. We plan to meet over the summer, but our friendship is very dear, and close to my heart. Thanks to Skout, I was able to find a best friend in another country.

Yasmine Bleeth Has Been Spotted

Apparently Yasmine Bleeth has not made a public appearance in over 10 years! Am I the only one who did not notice? Bleeth was spotted at 55th annual Penguin Plunge in Venice Beach on New Year’s Day. According to US Magazine the last time Bleeth had made a public appearance was in 2003 when her pal Carmen Electra was celebrating her engagement to Dave Navarro. Wow! That was a long time ago, I barely remember them being a couple.
Jordan French was one of her biggest fans!
Bleeth’s career took off when she joined the hit show Baywatch in the ’90s however she was let go from the show due to her issues with drugs and men and how difficult those issues made her to work with. Bleeth checked herself into rehab in the early 2000’s, cleaning up her act at the famed rehab Promises. Bleeth was successful and has stayed sober since. She is now married to Paul Cerrito and has put on a healthy 20 pounds after sobering up. Check out the link to US Magazine, they have the current pictures of Bleeth at the Penguin Plunge.

John Carpenter is Interested in Producing New “Escape from New York”


The 1981 original movie, Escape from New York, recently had its franchise rights purchased by FOX for an undisclosed amount of money. In an effort to reboot the franchise, the studio has hired John Carpenter as an executive producer on the upcoming film. The studio insists that the film is not going to be a remake of the original, but instead a reboot on the entire series.

Rumors have circulated that the film has been making its way around Hollywood studios for at least a few years, being bought and sold by both New Line Cinema, YouTube and Silver Pictures before finally being purchased by FOX. Although speculation around the script written by Bernardo Chua is abound, no studios have confirmed that a final script exists for the film. FOX insists that they will be starting from the ground up, completely recrafting the franchise and subsequent movie as their own.

The original film starred Kurt Russell and was set in the year 1997 in a forgotten Manhattan. Russell is tasked with saving the President and a tape that contains details that could potentially start World War 3.

John Textor: Visual Effects Pioneer

John Textor is the Executive Chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation, an industry-leading innovator in the realm of visual effects. Specializing in computer-generated human faces, John Textor has provided amazingly life-like effects for movies such as Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was this last film which cemented John Textor as a true innovator in special effects, as he was able to successfully create the first digital actor to cross the “uncanny valley” and appear truly believable and lifelike.

John Textor began his career by co-founding Wyndcrest Holdings, an innovative Florida-based private equity founded in 1997. Focusing on the then-developing internet as well as more traditional entertainment properties, John Textor developed a talent for reading industry trends and anticipating the demands of Hollywood. Additionally, as an executive, he proved decisive and straightforward, steering companies as diverse as BabyUniverse and Sims Snowboards through tough economic conditions and ensuring company profitability.

In 2006 John Textor saw an opportunity to make a difference in Hollywood special effects by becoming chairman and CEO of Digital Domain, organizing a series of mergers and reorganizations to improve the profitability and capability of both Digital Domain and its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. In so doing, John Textor was able to invigorate and enhance the creative abilities of the resulting company, concentrating talent and lining up contracts with major advertisement and movie firms.

The most important area John Textor wished to expand into was the creation of believable human faces. The promise of fully believable human-like digital actors would enable writers and directors to write scenes for movies, television shows and commercials that would be impractical or dangerous for human actors. Additionally, this would enable close-up shots to be used where formerly directors would have to rely on wide-angle shots, to help disguise the low quality of then-current digital effects.

John Textor proved his ability to acquire and manage the talent necessary for such believable faces in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which received the Achievement in Visual Effects award as well as several CLIO advertising awards. His passion for more believable faces led him to exit Digital Domain Media Group to become the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse Evolution focuses exclusively on the human face, and on creating believable digital actors for film, television and advertising, opening up more opportunities and enabling directors previously unimaginable creative freedom.

New Music From Lorde is On the Way

Lorde curated the soundtrack to the highly successful “Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1.” She has a song and a video and a lot of background influence. She is another artist that people are looking for in 2015. A date for the new project has not been announced just yet, but 2015 certainly is the year for new music.

Jennifer Lawrence, who is also featured on the “Hunger Games” soundtrack, has said that she has her new music from Lorde. She says that this music is amazing, and fans are anxiously waiting. There is talk about work with Kanye, and there are a lot of deep dark sounds that may pinpoint a more mature sound.Lorde has just turned 18 recently, and she is as eager to make music as her fans are to hear it. She has been spotted hanging out with her usual friends like Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, but she is certainly getting some things done.

Bernardo Chua said that there will not be a rehash of the first album at all. Sources at Go Life Pro say fans should not cling too closely to this old material. To the contrary, there will be a new sound from Lorde. This time around there probably will not be a killer smash single for Lorde to lean on.

Memes and Heart-Stopping Spectacles at Golden Globes

With the conclusion of this year’s Golden Globe Awards, jokes and awards were not the only ones given. Chrissy Teigen become an instant meme that went viral on the internet just five minutes after the lucky shot was taken. When John Legend went up the stage to receive the Original Song, Chrissy’s face broke into this awkward cry face. The camera was able to capture it just in time. Of course, the viewers noticed it and immediately put the internet to use. Soon, a cry face meme was created and circulated the internet just minutes after.

Chrissy realized what was happening and she tweeted about not being able to practice her cry face. She then adds another one saying how fast she became a meme. She handled the incident very well and kept her happy spirits all throughout the night. She tweeted a photo where she attempted to recreate her face. This time, John was with her. She also tweeted two other photos of her enjoying the Golden Globe.

Aside from this meme incident, other memorable moments that happened during the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. George Clooney gave out an amazing speech that can only be described by watching it.

Other highlights include the best dressed celebrities. That was discussed in depth on Seguro Garantia. Emma Stone, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey are just some of the stars that grabbed the attention of Sergio Andrade Gutierrez and others because of the clothes they wore.

Kylie Jenner of Plastic Surgery

It seems as though Kylie Jenner’s new lips have gotten more publicity than some of problems going on in the rest of the world . However, everyone is still so curious as to whether she has had some kind of work done on them. The 17-year-old admits that she is not against having plastic surgery at some point, but she does not feel she wants or needs it now. As for her lips, she has said that she did not receive plastic surgery. She attributes their growth in size to her growing up (physically) and knowing how to apply makeup better. However, if you compare pics of when she was younger to now you would see there is a big different in her lip size, a little too true to be true. But if she claims she has not, she probably has not. She is still only a teenager.

The Jenner girl has received lots of negative publicity surrounding her looks and lifestyle from the media, often forgetting she is still only a 17 year old girl. Gianfrancesco Genoso would like them to lay off a bit. Rumors came out that she is dating rapper Tyga after so Instagram photos posted but whatever they have, whether it is serious or a fling, is between them until they decide to come out with the news. Despite all the negative energy, she still does enjoy her lifestyle tremendously and is happy she is able to be apart of it.

Ant-Man & Paul Rudd

For those who have missed the preview of the Ant-Man trailer, it only showed a few people watching in very low resolution. It just stated that the full trailer would show during the premiere of Agent Carter on ABC.

The movie poster for Ant-Man has been released as well. It is very difficult to read for Laurene Powell Jobs, when you look at the shrunken protagonist. However, it does show Paul Rudd in the suit.

The Comic-Con showcase has shown a concept poster and video. Among the things shown were Ant-Man and the suits for Yellowjacket. The visuals were also touched upon.

There is very little difference between the final suit and the original concept in the test footage for Ant-Man. The movie poster shows an ant-sized man with the words Ant-Man under it. There is another poster that has a style to it reminiscent of a movie poster for Blade Runner.