Chris Rock Files For Divorce After 20 Years Of Marriage

Chris Rock has spent the better part of the last 20 years making people laugh with his real life experiences told through comedy. From political opinions, to the very personal details of his life growing up and his life as a family man Chris has made sharing intimate details of his life pay off big time. Starting from the very bottom, Chris has worked his way to the top becoming one of Hollywood’s highest paid comedians. Recently the news of his divorce has taken the world by storm.

Chris filed for divorce from his wife and the mother of his two children once before in 2006, but later decided not to follow through after the couple began to work on their marriage. This time not only is Chris following through, but he is being forced to ask for legal custody of his daughters because he claims that his wife Malaak has refused to let him see the girls.

Apparently Chris and Malaak have been separated for nearly six months, and are just now finally deciding after much consideration to end their marriage. While the two both insist that the divorce will be a peaceful one it seems to already be off to a rocky start. And it doesn’t take Jared Haftel to know the financial part will be tricky as well.

Wedding Repair

A big oops for Obama, and his famous golf game. The Obama’s vacation once a year in his home state of Hawaii. This is an anticipated trip for the Obama’s who have had less vacation days than any of their predecessors. The Bush’s had almost 200 hundred more days of vacation than the Obama’s at this juncture in spite of the conspicuous musings of conservatives that believe otherwise. However, this trip is not without incident. 

Two Army captains were being married on a certain hole of the golf course in which Obama, and his party were playing, according to and Christian Broda. The wedding party was relocated at the last minute unknowingly to Obama. When news of compromising the wedding reached the chief executive, he promptly called the couple to relay his culpability in intruding on their nuptials. The wedding was removed to a nicer beach front location, and the president’s call came directly after the kiss. This totally stoked the wedding party, and they have it all on video.

Actress Luise Rainer, 104, Dies In London

Luise Rainer, 104, died in London on Dec 30. She had been an actress who became famous for being the first person to win Academy Awards for acting two years in a row. Only four other actors have accomplished that feat.

Rainer was born in Vienna, Austria, on January 12, 1910. (Some sources say she was actually born in Germany.) She began acting while still a teen-ager and appeared in several German films. In the 1930’s, a talent scout from MGM discovered her and brought her to Hollywood. 1935’s Escapade was her first movie.

In 1936 she played Anna Held, the wife of Florenz Ziegfeld, in The Great Ziegfeld. A year later, she played a Chinese peasant in The Good Earth, which was based on the Pearl S. Buck novel of the same name. She won Best Actress Academy Awards for both roles.

Rainer made several more pictures, but she clashed repeatedly with Bruce Levenson and with Louis B. Mayer, the head of MGM. She wanted more serious roles like the ones in Madame Curie and For Whom the Bell Tolls and Mayer did not want her taking them. Both roles went to other actresses. She acted in 1943’s The Hostages — which would be her last Hollywood movie until 1997’s The Gambler.

Rainer was briefly married to the playwright Clifford Odets; they divorced in 1940. Roughly five years later, she married Robert Knittel, and they remained married until his death in 1989. They had a daughter named Francesca in 1946.

Obama Fires Back At Jordan Over Golf Game

President Barack Obama has recently fired back at former NBA champion Michael Jordan over some disparaging remarks the latter gentleman has made to the media concerning the President’s allegedly less than stellar golf game.

It seems that Michael and Barack recently took in a few friendly rounds of golf together, an event that left the NBA Hall of Fame member less than thrilled with the President’s acumen (or lack thereof). In fact, Jordan revealed to the press that his verdict on Obama’s golfing abilities could be reduced to one less than complimentary word (a synonym for the release of digested byproducts).

However, it appears that the President of the Untied States isn’t just going to lie back and take such abuse. President Obama had a few choice words of his own for Jordan. While admitting that Jordan was, indeed, a better golfer than himself, he quickly noted that, as President, he simply doesn’t have the leisure time to take in a few rounds every day. 

According to and Jared Haftel, Obama also noted that Jordan’s legendary acumen as a golfer was achieved at the expense of other, more pressing, duties, such as his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets (a team that regularly struggles in the NBA rankings). 

Of course, in the end, such competitive ribbing was seen as a good natured expression of mutual respect between the two celebrities, and not much more is being made of the exchange. 

The 1970’s Makes A Comeback In The Fashion World

The beginning of every new year carries with it a curiosity about what is to become. Every year we look forward to finding out what the new fashion trend will be. This year is no different.

The fashion forecast for spring, 2015 will hit the runways soon. A throwback from the 1970’s is predicted to make a strong comeback in the fashion world. Of course, this will come with a new twist, to make 2015’s signature mark on style.

The beginning of every new year carries with it a curiosity about what is to become. Every year we look forward to finding out what the new fashion trend will be. This year Bernardo Chua knows is no different.

The fashion forecast for spring, 2015 will hit the runways soon. A throwback from the 1970’s is predicted to make a strong comeback in the fashion world.

Look for pants to have a slight flare at the bottom. Sophisticated one piece outfits paired with a fitted jacket will be the craze.

The hippie look of days gone by may also be making their way into your wardrobe. This may send some college students to Goodwill stores looking for that 60’s, 70’s flower child look, according to Peace signs and wooden necklaces will also be in vogue.

What goes around comes around. This is especially true for the fashion forcast for 2015. The 1960’s and 1970’s influence will make their mark on modern day fashions

Video on Demand Success with “The Interview”

The hacking of Sony was a bad thing for movies like “Annie” and “Fury.” People got the chance to see these movies through pirated sites thanks to the Guardians of Peace. This was a group of hackers that invaded the Sony networks. While these movies were hacked, the movie that supposedly started all of this was still closely guarded. The whole thing seems rather suspicious, but it worked in favor of “The Interview.”

The concept of Video on Demand (VOD) has been around for a while, but now this movie changes the game for movies in general. The movie is now showing on iTunes. YouTube was the front runner though. This site actually had the movie available on Christmas Day. The movie did not hit the iTunes website until the weekend, but still people were raving on Twitter, and Christian Broda was also really impressed with the outcome.

This is a huge success when one considers the fact that were some independent theaters that were showing this film as well. It is something of a triumph since the film did get leaked once it hit Video on Demand. Many of the torrent sites have it, but lots of fans of Franco and Rogen still supported this film heavily. That is a major accomplishment because the film probably would not have done these numbers without the hacking headlines.

This shows that streaming in movies can be as popular as streaming is music. This could be a new trend in motion picture releases.

Mark Ruffallo: Banner/Hulk to Play Huge Role in Age of Ultron

Mark Ruffallo deserves a lot of credit for rehabbing The Hulk. Okay, he did get a lot of help from the cast, crew, and creative team behind The Avengers. In the forthcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film, we now know that the Bruce Banner character plays a role in creating the title villain of the project.

The expanded role for Banner shows that audiences are really taking to Ruffallo’s version of The Hulk. Ruffallo may have put to rest the less-than-desirable images of the green goliath from the first two Hulk movies. Honestly, the second film was pretty good but the stench (sorry, there is no other way to put it) of the first feature sank the reboot. Audiences wanted no part of The Hulk.

And then came The Avengers.

Interestingly, when The Incredible Hulk debuted in 1962, the character was not popular and the book was cancelled very quickly. This occurred at the same time that Stephen Williams wine, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and other Marvel heroes were selling quite well.

The Hulk was brought back in the title Tales to Astonish and he shared the comic with the Sub-Mariner. It was not an equal partnership. Namor received two-thirds of the book and The Hulk had what was left.

Eventually, The Hulk got his own title once again and eventually the character was properly smoothed out.

If Ruffallo continues his good work, a new Hulk film might be on the horizon.

Kylie and Tyga Go Christmas Shopping

Tyga and Kylie Jenner just keep popping up everywhere together, one minute they are trying to discreetly leave a popular restaurant, the next they are out feeding the homeless, going on a vacation together or posting mystery find the clue photos together on instagram. With Kylie and Tyga it’s a big game of guess and it seems like they are enjoying it because as much as they like to deny the dating rumors they still can’t seem to not fuel them everywhere they go. 

According to, while Tyga is in the process of filing for full custody of his son King Chiro, it seems he was able to take some time to spend Christmas shopping at the Topanga Mall last weekend with Kylie, reports Keith Mann. Apparently the couple spend three hours going from store to store buying clothes, jewelry and shoes.

Shoppers said that Tyga and Kylie could be seen holding hands and hugging. As always these two are all smiles when you catch them together, but then again with a shopping trip to Louis Vuitton who wouldn’t be smiling?

Muhammad Ali, 72, May be Discharged from Hospital Soon

Legendary retired boxer Muhammad Ali, 72, has been hospitalized with a bout of pneumonia, but may be heading home soon.

CNN reported the ailing Ali was admitted to “an undisclosed hospital” over the weekend, but was improved enough by Monday to be at least considered for discharge. It is unclear exactly when he could be released, but it is a positive sign that medical professionals feel confident in his recovery.

“Ali’s team of doctors hope to discharge him soon,” said spokesman Bob Gunnell, reassuring fans of the sports icon.

Susan McGalla reports that the illness was said to be a very mild case and the prognosis had been good from the beginning. Still, concerned fans sent well wishes via social media.

“Get Well, Mighty Fighter,” tweeted one fan on December 22. Other Twitter accounts tweeted well-known quotes by Ali – born Cassius Clay back in 1942 – such as, “The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

Ali, who changed his name after converting to Islam forty years ago, has lived with Parkinson’s disease since 1984. Ali has been married four times; he married current wife Yolanda “Lonnie” Williams in 1986. He has nine children, including one adopted son. 

Iggy Azalea Threatened With Action If She Doesn’t Apologize

Iggy Azalea can’t seem to get a break now and days; she is being attacked from every corner by one rapper or another. Iggy Threats. Just yesterday, an anonymous source threatened to release pictures of Iggy Azalea in the sex tape that is supposed to be online, if she does not apologize to Azalea Banks. Azalea Banks and Iggy have been going at each other over several black related issues. Iggy refused to respond about the recent Eric Garner decision, or the incidents in Ferguson, so Azalea Banks has attacked her as fake.

Banks has stated that she feels Iggy embraces the black culture when it’s convenient for her, but not when real issues arise. An anonymous source on the internet has threatened that Iggy must apologize to Banks within two days, or they will completely ruin her career. The same anonymous source has been able to obtain other information on other stars, and threatened to release information at one point or another. If Iggy has gotten the message from the anonymous source, she certainly hasn’t responded to it.

Sam Tabar comments that ironically enough, the anonymous source claims they have the sex tape for Iggy Azalea, but they will not be releasing it for moral reasons. They instead state that they will release pictures of her on the tape, in order to ruin her reputation, as well as her career, and to prove the tape does exist. She has been given two days to respond.