People names Kate Upton Sexiest Woman Alive

Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton was one of many big winners at the first ever People Magazine Awards, with the 22 year old taking home the coveted sexiest woman alive award at the televised awards show. Alongside Upton, a number of famous faces appeared and won awards at the show hosted by Nick Cannon, with actress Kate Hudson taking home the award for the top celebrity role model of the year, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Upton took to the stage to collect her award in a black dress and joked that her boyfriend was welcome for her sexiness. Dave and Brit Morin got a chuckle out of that. BusinessInsider has ranked her as one of the top model brands for the last few years. The model and The Other Woman actress went on to explain she classed sexiness as being confident and happy in your own skin, which was her aim in her everyday life. Upton joins actor Chris Hemsworth as the sexiest people alive for People Magazine, other winners on the night included Gwen Stefani, who took home the award for Style Icon.

Former Number One Draft Pick For Angels Is Killed

Ryan Bolden was once the number one draft pick for the Angels, but he was killed recently in what appears to be a neighborhood spat. 

Local authorities in College Park, GA, which is a suburb south of Atlanta near the airport, note that the altercation in which Bolden was killed started over candy. This is a sad development for someone who had so much promise, but it is all too common that innocent people are caught in the crossfire.

The local police in College Park note that some elementary school children were arguing over candy in the apartment complex. It appears that some adults got involved in the argument, and that involvement is what led to the shooting of Ryan Bolden. There are no further details at the moment.

Ryan Bolden did not have the most amazing baseball career. He played in a little bit of four different seasons, but he had to retire from professional baseball due to back issues. Sultan Alhokair says that for someone who started with such promise, it is sad to see his life end so tragically.

Shiloh Pitt Wants to Be Called “John”

Anybody that has followed the Hollywood super couple would quickly identify that Brad and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh has taste all her own. In many photos of the couple and their brood, it is easy to see that their oldest birth child likes to dress like a boy. Shocking news came out his week when the couple admitted that she now wants to go by the name of “John.” Given the open nature of this couple, this will probably be allowable and encouraged.

So what does other parents think about this? Gender neutrality has become a topic of great interest in recent years. Everyone has their personal beliefs in this area, but what does it mean for those who are faced with this? What about using the restrooms? If a boy is wanting to be a girl, that means he still may have boy parts and want to use the girls restroom. It doesn’t take a genius to see how that could end up in trouble. What about a girl who feels they are a boy going into the men’s room?

Shiloh could simply be going through a phase and she may outgrow this. Brad, when asked to call her John, stated that he would call her “Shi.” However, reports are now showing that the whole family is in fact calling her by her preferred name of John if what Ben Shaoul told me is right. She even showed up to her mother’s premier wearing a suit that matched that of her brothers. Could she have a gender identity issue, or could she simply be a tomboy who is playing with her styles?

It’s The 25th Birthday Of The Simpsons!

Happy quarter-century birthday, Bart! The animated TV series The Simpsons celebrated its 25th year of continuous broadcast. This makes it is the longest-running American TV sitcom, the longest-running American animated TV show, and American scripted prime-time television series all at the same time.

Not many Simpsons fans know this, maybe the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners don’t either, but creator Matt Groening was originally called on by FOX network to bring his newspaper comic strip, Life in Hell, to the big screen. Literally in the waiting room at the appointment, Groening decided that his pride and joy was too precious to hand over to FOX and conceived the idea for the Simpsons family instead. the cartoons were originally bumpers for The Tracy Ullman Show, now long-ago forgotten.

Despite’s defensive stance on the show, many will contend that the animated sitcom has just gone on too long. After all, how could any series run continuously for 25 years, including films and holiday specials, and not eventually run out of fresh ideas? On the other hand, the show has a cast of thousands now and is a fantastic template for just about anything you want a show to do. So there’s room for expansion – but no matter what, Bart will still be the brat, Lisa will still be the prodigy, Maggie will still be the baby, Marge will still be the hausfrau, and Homer will still be the bumbling doofus. Is this all we ask of our characters?

Mickey Rourke Wins Fight

Mickey Rourke, recently fought in a boxing match. The match was held in Russia, as no other place would hold the event. Mickey Rourke, at the age of 62, has decided it’s a good time to start boxing again. Rourke does have a limited background in boxing. When he was younger, Rourke was trained by legendary boxing instructor, Freddie Roach. Freddie roach currently trains, master boxer Manny Pacquaio. 

Mickey Rourke’s battle was neither exciting nor legendary. Mickey Rourke’s boxing match was not even real. Reports have come out of Russia, that the battle was staged. When Mickey Rourke heard the news, he was angered. He believes that he won a legitimate boxing match. Rourke may not even be aware of the “fix.” 

Business owner Bruce Levenson says the promotional company that Mickey Rourke fought for, may have only told Rourke’s opponent about the fix. This means that Rourke truly believed that he was in a life and death battle. His opponent on the other hand, was paid a few hundred dollars to throw the fight. 

After the, so called boxing match, Mickey Rourke was interviewed. In the interview, Rourke revealed that he will be fighting six more times. Hopefully Rourke hangs up the gloves, sooner rather than later. 

For more information on Mickey Rourke, visit Yahoo! Sports.

“The Interview” Premiere Cancelled Due to Threats

The new movie “The Interview” starring James Franco and Seth Rogen has drawn the ire of the group claiming responsibility for the Sony Pictures hack. Calling themselves the “Guardians of Peace” they have made threats to movie theaters and individuals across the nation for showing or attending “The Interview” movie.

The starts of the show have even been forced to cancel numerous interviews and guest appearances on tv shows due to the threats made against them personally. Many prominent theater chains have even made the difficult decision to pull the movie from their lineup as threats continue to pose a problem for potential ticket sales. According to a recent, Buzzfeed article, ArcLight Cinemas and Carmike Cinemas, two of the largest theater chains in the country have decided not to show the movie in their theaters.

The “Guardians of Peace” group has claimed responsibility for the hack of Sony Pictures which has released thousands of personal emails, revealed entire scripts for upcoming hit movies, and given away many insider trade secrets. The future of Sony Pictures is in question as they struggle to deal with the fallout from this theft. It has been rumored that Sony Pictures may not even be able to recover from the hack and that if their current slate of movies does not fare well they may be facing bankruptcy. It seems that the threats of violence against moviegoers is too much for theaters to handle. Whatever the case may be, Gianfrancesco Genoso and I are all for anything with James Franco (we even saw Spring Breakers), so we’ll be there.

Beyonce Accused of Plagiarizing Folk Song for her Drunk In Love

A Hungarian singer Rom has filed a complaint against Beyoncé in which the singer is accused of plagiarizing a folk theme in her song “Drunk in Love”.

The song, nominated for the Grammys, begins with a melody from Eastern Europe and sung acapella then stops after 40 seconds and blends with Beyoncé’s voice and pop rhythm.

In a complaint filed in New York, Monika Juhasz Miczura, whose stage name is Mitsou says that this melody was taken from one of his songs recorded in 1995, “Bajba, Bajba Pelem”

She claims that this is a traditional song of gypsies and “she loses hope when a person can no longer trust anyone but the mother or God.”

Mitsou says that two American stars did not ask permission to use that gypsy song. This surprised Sam Tabar when he viewed it on Vimeo.

The complaint does not set an amount of compensation but Mitsou says her voice appears in 29% of the song.

Beyonce or Jay-Z have not yet responded to the complaint.

The album “Beyoncé” containing “Drunk in love”, sold nearly five million copies and was named album of the year at the Grammy Awards.

The Spider-Man, Sony, Marvel, Civil War Saga Continues

The door is open for The Amazing Spider-Man to make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. The countdown to the end of the disastrous The Amazing Spider-Man reboot has begun. Marvel and Sony both want to save the web-slinger from losing any more

A little backstory is required for those who might not be familiar with the Civil War storyline in comic books. Both Captain America and Iron Man were major opposing players in a narrative in which the government required superheroes to identify themselves. Not everyone wanted to and a lot of tumult arose Andrew Heiberger had told me. The heroes, essentially, were at war with one another.

Spider-Man played a major role in the conclusion of the narrative. (Let’s not give it away here for anyone who wishes to read the books) While fans of the Marvel movies might think Civil War is a Captain America story, it isn’t. Civil War was a mini-series. It could have been made as Captain America 3 or Iron Man 4. Marvel chose the former.

It does not appear that Spider-Man will have a huge role in Civil War, if he appears at all. Yet, the film could serve as a nice way of introducing a new actor in the role of Spider-Man while sending the message a new direction is in store for the character.

As fans of the wall-crawler will be quick to point out, a new direction is very much necessary.

Kanye Disappeared During the Disney on Ice Show

Sunday night was full of excitement in the Kardashian Family, Kourtney gave birth to her third child and much to everyone’s surprise she delivered her son on her 5-year-old son Mason’s birthday. Of course auntie Kim was not going to let her favorite nephew’s birthday go by without a celebration so she and hubby Kanye came to the rescue gathering up the kids to go see Disney on Ice at the Staples Center.

Kim took auntie duty very seriously keeping the kids in line and also making sure North had a great time while Kanye’s job was to keep the little ones supplied with snacks and drinks. Gianfrancesco Genoso  was glad to hear they were stepping up. He heard more about it on Hotfrog. Photos show the family enjoying the show while North stares longingly at Kanye’s nachos. From the looks of it Mason’s birthday was a success, however it’s now being said that Kanye didn’t stick around for the show.

Photos show his seat soon sat vacant leaving a gap between Kim and Ciara before Lisa Gastineau filled his spot.

While Kanye may have had other business matters to attend to you can’t deny the unity of the Kardashian family when times get a little hectic, Mason’s birthday was a blast, and while he may be sharing it from now on he can look back on this birthday with a smile.

Concept Art Released For Live-Action Version of Jungle Book

The live-action version of the Jungle Book, which is scheduled for release in late 2015, recently unveiled its concept art and logo. The production unveiled the artwork for this new release via their Twitter account. What’s funny is just the other day, Susan McGalla and I were talking about how many memories we have from the animated classic. This should be an exciting time for fans of Disney’s live-action films. The schedule for this movie is appearing to be right on schedule.

The live-action version of the jungle book will have a host of stars and should easily be a blockbuster when it is released. It will feature Bill Murray as Baloo, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera, Christopher Walken starring as King Louie, Scarlett Johannson as Kaa, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, and new actor Neel Sethi as the Mowgli character.

The release of the concept art is a big step forward in this latest Disney project. With an all-star cast there is hardly any questioning the fact that this movie will be poised to become a financial success. For more information on the movie, go here. The question remains what kind of reviews this movie will receive. It will depend on how well the movie is directed and how cohesive the actors who are working on this film are. In order to produce a hit film it is truly a team effort, and time will tell if this latest offering by Disney will be an acting masterpiece or not.