Jennifer Speaks Candid About Rejuvenation And Career

Austin Texas is proud to announce that they are lucky enough to have one of the top plastic surgeons in America. Jennifer Walden spent her teenage years in Texas. She is the proud daughter of a Dentist and a surgical nurse. She learned at an early age that she needed to be serious about her career decisions. Jennifer was very athletic in high school. She was part of the soccer team that won all-state. She is very competitive. As a single mom, she does her best to be involved in her children’s lives and works hard to be successful at work. She left her position in Manhattan to pursue her career in Austin so that her sons could be closer to her family. After eight years in New york, Jennifer is happy to be home.

Jennifer Walden has her own business. She offers non-invasive procedures as well as surgical procedures. Some of the surgeries she offers will ultimately change the lives of the individual. Reducing the size of a person’s nose, enlarging their breasts, reducing their breasts, repairing someone after a burn, and reducing wrinkles are some of the most popular procedures.

When you read the article in the Dailymail you will learn that Jennifer is a well-rounded individual that believes it is important to do her best at whatever she is doing. She has won several awards and is one of the popular speakers on television today. Jennifer writes her own blog and is a media commentator. One of the things that Jennifer does is speaks out for things she believes in. She recently held a talk about vaginal rejuvenation. She spoke about what men and what women believe. Common misconceptions and myths were the centers of her speech. Jennifer appears in the American airlines magazine and is well known in Texas groups.

Jennifer is speaking about the vaginal rejuvenation so that men and women will have a better understanding of the issue. Some women care but some do not care about sexual relations older in age. Some women have the procedure to tighten the area and some do it to help reduce urine leakage. Some use the new 3-D Vectra imaging to do the surgeries. If interested in finding out about this or any other surgery contact the satellite office and ask for an appointment with Jennifer.


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Sanjay Shah Shares Secrets on How to Make It In Entrepreneurship

Starting out on the journey of entrepreneurship can be one complex decision for one to take. The risks involved and the capital to fuel one’s journey can sometimes weigh one down. It so comes as a big relief for aspiring entrepreneurs when someone who has made a mark in the business world right from scratch, offers personal advise on how to own and run a successful business.

In an interview that appeared in, a renowned businessman, Sanjay Shah shares on what it takes to make it in business. The highlights for his advice revolved around capital and delegation of duties. He begins systematically by advising on how to make a start by emphasizing on the importance of getting it right in the amount of capital required for the business. In this he says "do not underestimate the amount of money you need to start."
Secondly he hits it out on the importance of engaging other people so as to delegate other duties, only remaining with what needs your direct attention. The role of an entrepreneur is mainly decision making and hence the need to free up sufficient time for decision making.
Sanjay Shah’s bits of wisdom cannot be taken lightly given his successes in business. He founded Solo Capital, a boutique financial services company in his late thirties. This was upon discovering a vacuum that existed in the financial sector at the time leading to the global financial meltdown.
Sanjay Shah is the current CEO of Solo Capital which is regulated in the United Kingdom and headquartered in London. The company currently is worth in excess of £15.45 million (going by the last valuation in March 2015). Its cash flow is in the area of £67.45 million. For a company that was only incorporated in 2011, Shah can count as one budding entrepreneur.
Shah does not only care about commercial interests, he also cares about the wellbeing of the community. He founded Autism Rocks foundation in 2011 with the goal of raising awareness about autism – a neurodevelopmental disorder. The organization primarily raises money for autism research by way of throwing concerts. For this noble cause, he has made appearance in the Global Citizen headlines.
Before venturing into business, Shah was working for Robobank as head of trading. The global financial crisis rendered him redundant and like a true entrepreneur resolved to make lemonade out of lemons thrown at him. It is at this point that he took a gamble and made a far reaching decson to start his own brokerage firm.


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Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Discusses Drought Situation

Squaw Valley Resort Holdings CEO Andy Wirth recently sat down with Madeline Brand, host of KCRW’s Press Play, to discuss the disappointing California ski seasons that were marred by a drought.

According to Andy Wirth, the California ski seasons were pretty rough. The area was hit by a weather system that meteorologists describe as the “ridiculously resilient ridge,” which kept moisture from entering the mountain region. This in kept the area from producing significant snowfalls. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth says that visitation dropped by some 20% due to the lack of snow. He also says businesses in the area were affected as well. Although the drought has the potential of wreaking havoc, Wirth says resorts could theoretically survive a number of seasons of drought. “If a resort has a good business model and is fully prepared, they could turn this lemon into lemonade.”

Squaw Valley usually has 6,000 square acres of ski area. Because of the drought the area was diminished to about 4,000. Wirth also says that we are far more technologically advanced and creating snow is something that can be done very easy if need be.

If adjustments have to be made, Squaw Valley can do so, according to Wirth. Offering summer activities is another means to recoup the money lost during the winter ski season. On a positive note regarding the weather, Stanford meteorologists say that the upcoming ski season should provide enough snow for great skiing. El Nino is predicted, which will bring a number of snow storms with plenty of precipitation. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has no doubt that the upcoming ski season will be a good one. Although his resort could stand unlimited seasons of drought, Wirth rather not take chances. He says he is always optimistic but prepares for the worst case scenario.

Fabletics Expands Brand and Picks Up More Customers

The Fabletics brand that started on the web in 2013 has grown in the 3 years that customers have signed up for the subscription services. They have more to choose from now because there are so many different outfits out there. Swimsuits are available through Fabletics now. There are also lightweight dresses out there. All of these different outfits gives Fabletics more arsenal to compete against a large number of companies. There are brands like Old Navy and Banana Republic that are losing customers to Fabletics. This is the type of presence that this brand has in the industry today.

What Fabletics has done is give people the chance to exercise their options. For a long time athletic clothing was somewhat common. There may have been some performance material that made the tights or leggings stretchy, but the style element was missing. Fabletics has done what so many other companies have overlooked. It is the brand that has been able to captivate females because the clothes look good. Hudson has recognized that this was the key to luring customers.

Women are able to pick up clothes that have performance material, but there is also an extra element of style that is added. Kate Hudson has been interviewed by lots of different magazines, and she has revealed a lot about the brand over the years. In the Marie Claire interview she has stated that there is no need for Spanx when you are wearing Fabletics. She has also made mention of the excellence performance materials that make up the Fabletics design. These details are luring more and more people to the brand.

The thing that has sparked the most interest in the brand is the athleisure concept at That is what people are interested right now. There are a ton of people that are purchasing this type of clothing simply because it is so convenient. The style of the clothes is one factor, but the convenience of it also makes this brand alluring as well.

The Fabletics brand is among the best in the industry when it comes to the lounge wear. Women have certainly been able to change their workout routines because they have clothes that expand beyond working out. People can go to lunch and work out later without changing out of their Fabletics gear at This is a very impressive brand for people that have an array of things to do. It shows women that there are options here. It is quite pleasing to have clothes that are not limited to working out, and that makes the brand one of the hottest summer lines for the gym. There is also a new active wear line, and joggers are praising this.

Spring Forward with the Fabletics Summer 2016 Line Up

People that were fans of the Fabletics brand started seeing the summer 2016 line up as early as the spring. They got excited about what they were seeing before the summer even rolled in. This is the type of anticipation that people get when they see the Kate Hudson brand of athletic clothing. This summer line up of Fabletics is
definitely another exciting time for the brand that has managed to expand beyond what many people could have ever imagined.

Kate has been working hard to get the word out about the new clothes because the brand is expanding. There is swimwear that is now part of the Fabletics lineup for 2016. There are more stores on the way. Fabletics is also partnered up with JustFab. It would be an understatement to say that the brand is flourishing. This is the white hot athletic gear that is making people get excited about working out. Some may have lost their zest and they are finding their way with these new clothes. Others may be stepping into the gym for the first time, but they are feeling quite confident because they look good.

The Clothes Maiden has highlighted some of the awesome changes that are taking place with this brand. The new active wear line that was created by Kate Hudson may be among the best sellers for summer 2016. When people check the Fabletics website this will be the first thing that they see. Kate Hudson is modeling an outfit from Fabletics’ active wear collection, and this shows just how passionate she is about the new line that she helped designed.

There is also a lot of buzz about some of the running clothes that are found on the website. There are outfits like the Clubhouse Beach and the Neema Tanks that are great for working out, but these garments are also part of the new wave of athleisure. That means that these garments can be worn outside of the gym or your workout spot. People can run errands in their Fabletics Goma and Rundu yoga pants. This is stretchy enough to be comfortable for yoga exercises, and stylish enough to wear outside that yoga class.

The summer line shows a lot of brand innovation. Kate Hudson has been working diligently to make the brand a household name. The new summer line shows gives a hint of what she is bringing to stores.


QNET Brings SHARP To Hong Kong To Clear The Air

Hong Kong is city so well-known its renown has swept the globe. In modernity, however, that reputation has begun to include several negative features, such as dirty air. Hong Kong is such a successful economic juggernaut that industry has led to great pollution. As a result, it is hard to live in the city without some means of air filtration. Certainly, life can continue; but it’s not nearly so healthy. As a solution, one of the world’s most successful multi-level marketing organizations has stepped up to the plate offering a new air-filtration development. That organization is QNET, one of the largest and most quickly expanding online networks on the planet. QNET recently went into a strategic partnership with a leading Japanese technological agency called SHARP. As of May 27th, 2016, SHARP-QNET’s new product, the Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, has become poised to change things. SHARP is well-known throughout Japan for offering innovative solutions. QNET’s focus has always been health and wellness; and that steeped in a corporate culture which likewise encourages the trend. Together, the two align rather well from an ideological standpoint.

One of the most stable things about this partnership is, in my opinion, the vast market QNET has access to. Expanding from Hong Kong, QNET is represented in countries as far afield as Iran and Saudi Arabia. QNET also has operations in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries. As an Asian sales’ agency, this group has a massive consumer bloc. In fact, it’s arguable that they may have a bead on a market which comprises the world’s largest consumer block. India, China, and the asiatic region between/surrounding the two are reputable for their substantial population levels. To this group QNET directs marketing, and it’s no wonder they’re in expansion: right now new technology is sweeping such nations like wildfire.

SHARP’s partnership with QNET in the sale of their Plasma Cluster Air Purifier is a partnership whose approach is relatively secure. It is expectable that stock value will be on the increase for a while due to this partnership, and as a result many investors are keeping a close eye on continuing developments. Since QNET has expanded beyond Hong Kong, establishing toeholds internationally, their economic strength is very high. Partnering with SHARP has only increased that stability: even should one territory lose economic force, there are other territories to take the load.

Opposition slams state of emergency decree

Venezuela’s opposition party slammed president Nicolas Maduro’s emergency over the weekend, and said it would press forward with its efforts to have a recall vote this year, according to Reuters.
Venezuela is in the midst of a great economic crisis brought on by falling oil prices, but opposition leaders blame Maduro’s socialist policies. Maduro as reported by local news station El Venezolano, declared a 60 day state of emergency and accused the United States and the opposition party of trying to subvert him and his nation. There are long lines waiting to shop in stores for food, and there is not much food available.

The opposition party won control of the legislature last December, but so far the supreme court of that nation has stymied their efforts to oust Maduro. The law allows for a referendm after three years in office, which is this year for Maduro. He and his allies say there will be no referendum this year. Opposition leaders including David Osio are busy gathering signatures but have faced hurdles in the system.

If the referendum is held this year and Maduro loses, there would be another election immediately. However, if the referendum is held in 2017, and Maduro lost, the vice president would take over. That would defeat the purpose of the opposition as the vice president is also a socialist and ally of Maduro. The opposition believes it can get control with a new election, and polls show Maduro’s popularity is at a very low state.

India Looks To Aid Venezuela As Defaults Grow

The growing crisis in Venezuela has had an impact on the economy of the world as business owners across the globe become worried about the growing implications on the world of finance. Open Corporates reports one of the major business partners of Venezuela is India, which has recently looked to develop a new business agreement with the South American nation in a bid to avoid any future defaults.
According to The Hindu members of the Indian Government have formulated a new agreement that has been given to the Venezuelan authorities to be discussed in a bid to keep trade routes open between the two countries. Indian authorities have become concerned by falling levels of exports to Venezuela, in particular the pharmaceutical industry that has been badly affected by the economic crisis in Venezuela.

Expert Velasquez Figueroa explains that the new deal being discussed between Venezuela and India will see the introduction of a holding account to act as a buffer for payments on imports into Venezuela from India. The basis of the proposal sees Indian importers paying for Venezuelan goods, including oil, through an Indian bank that will hold a portion of all funds to pay for future exports to the South American country. The vostro account system has been used in the past, but the Venezuelan government will have to agree to the system for the next steps to be taken in its introduction.

Marc Sparks helping young entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur of many startups. Some have been tremendously successful, and some have failed nevertheless. Marc’s is highly conducive to startup incubation. He loves transforming new businesses into revenue generating companies. He has strong faith in God, and his positive attitude has guided him through the toughest of times.

In his book, They Can’t Eat You. He highlights that there is a required special flow within an office that is required to ensure that collaboration and output are maximized. It’s through his experience that he started Timber Creek Capital, LP as a sustainable enterprise.

Spark Tank DFW says that Marc Sparks handles many companies at the same time, mentors them and provides access to resources like banking, marketing, capital, office space, etc.

According to Crunchbase, Marc Spark says that through experience he has come to understand the challenges and devastating situations entrepreneurs can face. Thus, he helps them build their dream and companies to acquire critical mass. Marc Sparks is the founder, owner, and CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is also a philanthropist, author, and an entrepreneur.

Timber Creek LP is a private equity firm that deals with turning the dreams of entrepreneurs into valuable, revenue-generating products and services. Its offices are located in Dallas, Texas office, Timber Creek Capital, provides the required capital, equipment, intellectual capital, banking, marketing, merchant banking, graphic arts, customer service expertise, support staff, office space, legal and accounting.

Marc Sparks says that coming up with a meaningful presentation is key to being successful in selling the idea to a venture capitalist. The following steps guide entrepreneurs on how to make a great presentation. Firstly, make sense with every visual. Secondly, tell your investors the path that they are to follow to realize success. Third, keep it simple and straightforward to ensure they understand it. Fourth, have faith and pride in your product or service.

A list of companies that Mr. Sparks has dealt with GlobalTec Solutions (200-2005) Provider of decision and analysis products, Splash Media (2004-present) it’s one of the largest marketing services in the globe that deals with video production, SEM, SEO and programming services.

Reliant Healthcare (2006-2011) It’s a Physician-sponsored healthcare management company with an additional focus on inpatient rehabilitation and healthcare operations. Agency Matrix (2007-2011) Provider of business office solutions through automation and user-friendly tools. Cobalt Real Estate Services (2009-Present) Commercial and multifamily residual property sales and management in the state of Texas. Just to name a few –

Spark’s enthusiasm and great energy have helped him acquire many accolades. He dedicated time and money to the Samaritan Inn (a homeless shelter in Texas). He has also established the Sparky’s Kids foundation for the poor youth.

Sparks encourage everyone by giving out his story. Sparks got a C+ average in High School and continued to fuel himself up with little resources and a tight budget.

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Search Fixers: Fix My Online Reputation!


Online reputation management work is something all business owners and managers should look into. Decades ago, quelling customer discontent or dealing with a bad public relations issue required a minimal amount of work. Things are not so easy these days. The internet has changed how bad information is addressed. Simply put, something posted on the internet is not going to go away without prodding.

Even the way online reputation management is handled has become more complex. Eliminating or responding to negative comments won’t cut it anymore. Instead, a very deliberative and targeted strategy designed to engage in total online reputation management.

A variety of reasons exist as to why reputation management has to be taken seriously. Among the most important reasons would be to keep control of the messaging. Customers may write bad reviews. No business is capable of preventing this from occurring. Not taking steps to mitigate the effects of bad reviews or allowing bad reviews to craft the primary message about a business would be an unwise strategy. Once a message is lost, a business cannot effective brand itself in the eyes of the public.

Poor branding combined with poor messaging is going to effect sales in a very negative way. No business is going to survive if it cannot generate a proper amount of revenue. Ignoring a reputation crisis is hardly going to allow time to heal the problem. Being proactive and dealing with the situation is a must. Among the best ways to do this would be to hire professionals who are capable of doing a solid, comprehensive job.

The Search Fixers are available to help those who are struggling with undesirable search engine results to fix their online reputations. Search Fixers will go right to work on improving what Google and the other search engines reveal. With the Search Fixers on the job, those querying the search engines might not come across a host of harmful negative items.

Business owners should always be in control of the marketing of their enterprises. Keeping the reputation of a business in the public’s good graces falls under this process. Seeking the help of those capable of delivering such results is definitely advisable.