Netflix Confirms New Aziz Ansari Series

Aziz Ansari started entertaining in 2004 with minor roles on television, and has been rapidly growing in popularity since then. The comedian came to mainstream prominence with his role in NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and a series of four stand up comedy specials. Two of those specials were created as exclusives with Netflix. According to Deadline, the internet movie giant has signed a deal with Anzari to create a new series exclusively for streaming.

Spokesman Ray Lane ( conveyed that the initial details of the show are sparse, but it is known that the ten episode series will feature a cast of comedy veterans. Ansari won’t be the only Parks and Rec veteran coming to the project. Executive producers Alan Yang and Micheal Shur are coming onto the project as co producers. David Miner and Dave Becky are both filling production roles as well.

Ansari wont be the only seasoned comedian on the bill: H. Jon Benjamin (who plays the title roles in Archer and Bob’s Burgers), and Lena Waithe (Dear White People) are set to take staring roles. Saturday Night Live veterans Noël Wells and Kelvin Yu, and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric are also signed onto the project. If the cast is any indication, this series is on track to be another hit for Netflix, and Ansari.

Billy Zane Confirmed to be in Zoolander 2

Zoolander fans have been waiting for quite sometime for the start of Zoolander 2 filming. This is something that has finally happened, and fans are overjoyed. It will be entertaining to see what type of story goes into the new Zoolander film. One of the great things about the first Zoolander film was the cameo appearances from many different celebrities. It is great to see how many of these different celebrities really fit into the Zoolander story so well.

Recently on social media, Ben Stiller announced that Billy Zane would be appearing in the second Zoolander. There could be many more celebrity cameos as well. It will be very exciting to see the list of celebrities that are able to come and add to the Zoolander name states fan Brad Reifler on his official website

For fans of Zoolander, the movie cannot be released soon enough. Screen Rant reports the release date is set for February of 2016, and for many of us that couldn’t come soon enough.

Rumors of Bobby Flay’s Divorce Heat Up

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay has filed for divorce from his wife, “Law and Order: SVU” actress Stephanie March. The 50-year old Food Network star and the 40-year-old actress have been married for 10 years. Rumors are that the split is happening because of Flay’s infidelities.

According to the story on Page Six, March found out that her boyishly good-looking husband had an affair with his kitchen assistant, 28-year-old Elyse Tirrell. Tirrell was actually an aspiring singer and actress who hosted at Flay’s Bar Americain restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. She went from being the hostess to Flay’s assistant in the kitchen. Rumors are that the two have been seeing each other for the past three years.

TheWrap reported a close friend of March, Maia Madison, said that March showed up at her house a few days after Thanksgiving, distraught over Flay’s affair. Madison said that her friend showed up sobbing over the rumors of Flay and Tirrell. Madison went on to say that March mentioned that Tirrell was also nervous in her presence but she never knew why.

Flay’s spokeswoman, Julia Halpin, has neither confirmed nor denied that the rumor of the affair is true. His business partner and friend, Laurence Kretchmer, has defended Flay. Kretchmer spoke out to say that Flay did what he could to save his marriage and that an affair between Flay and Tirrell never happened.

Ryan Gosling in Talks to Star in Blade Runner Sequel

Ryan Gosling is in talks to star in the upcoming sequel to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. However, this upcoming Blade Runner follow up will not be directed by Ridley Scott, himself. Instead, the film will be helmed by Dennis Villeneuve. Even though Ridley Scott is not directing the upcoming Blade Runner sequel and is instead focusing on his franchise, Prometheus, he has been developing the screenplay along with some of the other original workers on the first movie.

Given Ryan Gosling’s habit of working with lesser known filmmakers who bring unique visions to the screen, this might actually be up his alley. Ryan Gosling is likely to play a lead role in the film. There is no telling whether he is going to be a protagonist or one of the antagonist. Harrison Ford is going to reprise his role as Deckard.

There was rumors that the main protagonist is going to be female. Ryan Gosling’s potential joining of this cast does not make it any less likely. Executive Dan Newlin (Newlin’s Yelp) joked that it is just as likely that Ryan Gosling is going to play a supporting role to the female lead.

Rita Wilson Speaking Out

Popular 58 year old actress Rita Wilson knew that she was at high risk for getting breast cancer. She already was diagnosed with having abnormal cells in the milk glands of her breasts — a condition known as lobular carcinoma in situ. When recent biopsies, done because of additional abnormal readings, came back fine, she breathed a sigh of relief. Then, a concerned close friend prompted her to get a second opinion.

That recommendation may have very well saved Wilson’s life.

Another cancer specialist found that Wilson had invasive lobular carcinoma, which is a deadly form of breast cancer.

Wilson told the public and media that she is openly sharing her story because she wants people to know that “a second opinion” is “critical” to their health. She emphasized the well-known mantra patients hear from doctors that “early detection is key.”

She also told the press that her own gut instinct and concern prompted her to listen to her friend. She believes that anyone who feels off or feels like something physical is very wrong should immediately follow-up with their family doctor and/or cancer specialist. Several experts believe Wilson has done a wonderful thing by sharing her story because it can help anyone who is fearful of a cancer diagnosis see that there is hope.

Wilson has taken time off after getting a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Her prognosis is good.

Jemima Kirke Comes Clean

A famous female celebrity named Jemima Kirke has recently decided to face the music and talk about,her abortion. Jemima had 2 children when she got pregnant by accident in 2007. However, Jemima made a rash and very poor decision to have a innocent fetus aborted. Jemima told the center of reproductive rights that her life was terrible, and she didn’t want to bring a baby into her miserable life. Jemima admits that she’s humiliated to show her face because of what she has done, and she knows it was wrong.

Many fans, including many at Anastasia Date, have different opinions about Jemima Kirke’s abortion. Some people say there disgusted by their beloved star, and they are ashamed that a women could do that. Fans have admitted to having abortions themselves, and many of them regret it immensely. However, there are those who believe that a women has the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Jemima feels terrible about what she has done, and she expresses remorse in a recent video. She states that a woman has to do what’s best for her. Some fans believe that Jemima made the right decision, but others believe that she made a terrible mistake. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Still Hope for Mariah Carey and Nick

After the last few months of drama from Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s divorce, it was beginning to look like every ounce of love between them was dead. Mariah was hinting that she refused to spend another holiday with Nick and the twins, and Nick finally got his massive ‘Mariah’ back tattoo covered. Besides all of the divorce drama, the pair was also getting their share of legal problems from ex nannies, and assistants.

While Nick and Mariah are still apart, the legal issues included both of them so they couldn’t exactly have the clean break they were hoping for. Recently while leaving a club, Nick was asked if there was any chance that he and Mariah could work things out and he simply said, “Never say never.” Of course Nick has ever been one to speak negatively about his relationship with Mariah so it could just be his polite way of dodging the question.

Lately Mariah and Nick have been doing a great job co parenting the twins,even though they are not romantically involved it seems that they have found a nice balance as parents. Just this past Easter Mariah, Nick and the twin were seen having a lovely, drama free time together. While sources such as Crystal Hunt are saying Mariah and Nick are over, there seems to be a good chance they can make it work.

Mix-n-Match Summer Fashion

Seems as if simple has never looked so quaffed. At least that this the feeling one gets when looking at a series of new pieces modeled by Matt Landis. Summer fashion can feel overwhelmingly simple after the endless layering and accessorizing of winter. One can finally box away the motley color-schemes and patterns or miles of grey, black, and brown in exchange for a lighter, cleaner, wardrobe angle, just shy of flip-flops and sunscreen. So what’s trending for men’s fashion for Spring 2015?

matt landis models sweater

There is good news for the northeastern population dealing with sporadic temperature changes that leave one hesitant to keep spring coats out or do light layers: cardigans. This fashion staple can can dress up or down while handling the chill weather. It depends upon the knit. While chunkier cable knits are classy, lighter thing gauge cardigans are a chic statement piece that augment a casual tee or tank-top without making you sweat.

matt landis yellow tee

Graphic tees go a long way in any situation. This lemon yellow tee is an example of using casual wear to accentuate skin tone,and body shape for an overall clean and casual look. Not only is there a price advantage to tee shirts, this is the season you want to be versatile, as windy overcast days can quickly turn into hot and balmy nights. One good guideline for buying is to keep body shape and climate in mind. If you have a small frame , don’t be afraid to wear small to medium instead of large.

If nothing else, you always resort to light layers, this look, is a testament to the flexibility of accessory sweaters and patterned collared shirt. Despite pairing with shorts, collared shirts up the formal factor in any look you put together. If you choose to layer with shorts going for subtle and mono-color pieces, but anchoring lighter top layers with dark bottoms rounds this out. This is really a look for windy beaches, or events in which you’re likely to be in changing weather.

matt landis white

Summer fashion is as simple as the season. The ability to alter outfits according to events is crucial at this time, while being able to dress for work, play, and everything in between.

Love Flo? How She Became Progressive’s It Girl

If you watch television for at least thirty minutes, you’re bound to run across one of those delightfully delicious Progressive commercials featuring a woman known as Flo. She’s bright, spunky and always willing to help someone make an insurance switch that could potentially save them quite a bit of money. While helping folks keep more of their hard earned cash in their pockets, Flo has become an icon.

A recent article that was featured on details Flo’s rise to stardom. Born as Stephanie Courtney, the actress didn’t start out thinking that her character would become so recognizable. However, after years of auditioning for different small roles, she was cast for the position that would eventually turn her into a household name.

I think that what should be taken away from Courtney’s story is the power of perseverance stated Brad Reifler on his website. No matter how small a job may seem, it could be the very thing that catapults you to where you always wanted to be. Who knew that a role in an insurance commercial could land Courtney a place amongst the greatest TV icons of all time?

Texas Officer Snaps Photo with Snoop Dog and Gets Busted

If you don’t know who Snoop Dogg is by now, you better ask someone. If you saw the most infamous rapper of all time approaching, wouldn’t you see it as a photo opportunity? A Texas police officer did and got himself into some hot water.

The officer was on duty at the epic SXSW music festival. Snoop Dogg happened to be walking by so he decided to ask for a picture with the icon. The officer then proudly posted the picture to his Instagram account. What happened next is a little hard to understand.

Igor Cornelsen has read that, apparently, the fact that Snoop Dogg is felon sparked a major controversy over the photo. Snoop Dogg was once a hustler and a drug dealer. He served several times in prison for a few felonies over 20 years ago. Since then he has created a rap empire through smart business decisions.

Did that matter to the officer’s boss? I guess it didn’t because the officer has been asked to attend counseling indefinitely for taking the photo. This implies that there’s something wrong with him mentally. They are basically saying that he’s crazy for doing what anyone in his position would have done.

So is this racism? Would he have gotten in trouble for taking a photo with a famous white felon? That’s for you to decide.