Nail Art Advantages

One of the things that I enjoy doing is decorating my fingernails. I recently discovered a few vibrant colors of nail polish at Lime Crime, a company that sells various types of makeup online. The colors that are sold are bold and edgy, which is what I like when it comes to my fingers. I like it when my fingers stand out from what others are doing. One of the ways that I do this is by applying details that fit my personality. I have found that there are some advantages and disadvantages to nail art designs. Some of the ones that I use are already made, and all I have to do is apply the stickers or designs to the nail. Others are made with a different color of nail polish, so I have to be careful in how I make the nails look.

When I choose the nail art I want to use, I like knowing that there are different designs to match my mood. I can get something that is playful or something that is a little more serious. Some of the designs that I use blend with the holiday season for the time of the year. I have created pumpkins for Halloween, Easter eggs for Easter and Santa faces for Christmas. This is the excitement of nail art. It’s something that you can do to the nails that will make them look fun instead of being one simple color. When you look at nails that have a design, they usually make you smile, especially if you created the design on your own instead of letting someone else draw it on the nails for you.

Nail art is something easy to do on the nails. You can get small stencils that are placed over the nails, painting over the stencil in a different color that will create the design on the nails. Creating nail art gives me a way to relax. It gives me a way to take the time I need for myself when the kids aren’t in school. It’s also a way that I reward myself if I have reached a goal or a deadline. One of the disadvantages is that it can take a little longer to get the nails completely dry after applying the art.

Lime Crime is a company that I have grown to love when it comes to fingernail polish. The bottles are just the right size, and the colors are magnificent. I enjoy the fast response on Lime Crime website at when I have a question and when I have an order that is being shipped.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Websites?

Have you ever signed up for at dating website only to find yourself still single? I suggest trying Anastasia Date. This dating website is not like any other. Anastasia Date was first founded in 1933 by a “Russian-American couple who met by chance.” The Anastasia Date website allows users to connect with other people in different countries such as the United States, Russia, China, Columbia, and Morocco. In other words, this means that there are more people to interact with and may even give one the chance to see a different part of the world. With Anastasia Date, members are able to live chat, web cam chat, send presents and gifts and set up a date with the person they are most interested in! Signing up for Anastasia Date is free and members are also able to browse other profiles for free. However, if you want access to activities, there is a fee to pay but Anastasia Date offers a “plethora of items within a flexible price range.” If you are still unsure about joining Anastasia Date, it may ease your mind to know that there are over 6,000 success stories a year! That’s roughly 16 people A DAY!
If you don’t have access to a computer or don’t like viewing websites on your mobile phone, then have no fear! Anastasia Date also offers a mobile app! The app is available for free download on Google Play and itunes. Anastasia members are now able to live chat, view member profiles, and have VIP access through the mobile app. This is a great feature to have, especially in today’s world where everyone is on the go! It’s nice to know that you can leave your house, sit in your favorite coffee shop, and still carry a conversation with your person of interest! Like Anastasia Date states, “Love knows no boundaries!”

FreedomPop Started Offering Services in the UK

The growing, free wireless internet and phone service provider, FreedomPop has finally established roots in the United Kingdom as their first international market outside of the United States. It has been developing these programs for several years and executives plan to continue forward in providing quality services at low costs to its customers. British residents can pay only seven pounds to start using the service. This set up fee is all they have to pay to have a monthly allowance of 200 MB of data, 200 text messages and 200 minutes of talking time.

For many United States consumers this way enough phone usage. In fact, the chief executive reports statistics that support this. According to reports by the Telegraph, only around 50 percent of United States consumers opted to purchase more usage beyond the monthly free allowance. It was enough phone usage for some people. Some also use the service as a supplement to their existing phone service. It alleviates fears of going over their plan’s allowances and experiencing high costs for phone usage. Others were just fine with the free service as it was.

The United Kingdom’s market will have options for extending the free service. As of September of 2015, FreedomPop on itunes is still working on finalizing these new expansion plans. The plans beyond the basic, free plan will cost anywhere between 4.99 pounds to 16.99 pounds. This is still quite a saving from normal costs of phone services. The company buys usage in bulk and relies on wifi networks.

FreedomPop plans to sign up its new UK customers quickly and efficiently, using their complete online sign up. The sign up can be found on their website. It’s easy to get started in their program and start saving money on the phone bills. Eventually, FreedomPop plans to launch its services in retail locations. This will popularize the brand more and make it a common name among UK residents. They plan to start doing this as soon as possible, as the chief executive has been in talks with a few major retail sellers. This is only the first step of many to gain international recognition for providing free and low cost internet and phone services to people all over the world.

Bruce Levenson Made His Career Happen

There are some things that not too many people are able to do because the jobs are limited, and because it just takes too much work to be able to have the jobs. But, even though both of those things are true of being a team owner, there is no reason for someone to give up on their dream of making that happen if it is something that they want to do. Bruce Levenson dreamed of owning a team for a long time before he bought one, and now he is able to appreciate the success that he has had. There might only be a few people who are able to do something like that, and it might require a lot of hard work to be able to achieve it, but that does not mean that anyone who wants it should not try for it. Who knows what can happen when they do that?
Bruce Levenson didn’t know that his dreams would come true when he set out to make them happen. He had no guarantee that he would see the kinds of success that he has had in his life, but he set out toward the goal of owning a team for himself, anyway. And now he has to be glad that he did, as he is able to enjoy the feel of owning an NBA team.
Bruce Levenson has been a hard worker in his career. He has made sure to always do his best no matter where he was working or who he was working for because he knew that that was the way to success. Anyone who wants to own a team for themselves one day should consider that. The should think about how Bruce Levenson made it a point to deliver good work to each of the companies that he worked for, and they should try to do the same, themselves.
It requires quite a bit of hard work, and a large amount of motivation, for one to be able to have the kinds of success that they want to have in their career. It takes a special kind of person who is willing to put in a lot of work to own an NBA team. But, if that is something that someone feels passionately about doing, then there should be no stopping them from trying to make their dreams happen. Like Bruce Levenson did, they just might be able to make it happen.

Doe Deere…Cosmic Cosmetics Creator Extraordinaire

Her name is Doe Deere, also known as Xenia, and she has taken cosmetics to whole other creative cosmic level. When asked about her alter ego, Xenia, Doe giggles and says, in her thick Russian accent “Xenia was a fairy princess who would share her secrets with me while I slept. She filled my head with so many ideas that I would wake, pick up my colored pencils and create.” If you are lucky enough to get her to “paint your face” you will walk away believing in fairies and in magic. Doe Deere is an inventor, creator, business woman and has been called one of the “Top Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs of the Millennium” She has been featured in over 50 magazines and is currently working on creating her own YouTube channel. “I created the Youtube channel so my customers have immediate access to makeup tips, application ideas and sometimes even advice on romance.”
Doe Deere can’t contain her excitement. If you can get her to sit still for 30 minutes then you have truly achieved some magic of your own. She is excited because her makeup brand, Lime Crime, not only is sky-rocketing in sales it is being featured in the November issue of Nylan magazine. Between her Magic Dust eyeshadows and Candyfuture Lipsticks, people are going crazy over this exciting brand of cosmetics. Happy customers are sharing their stories online as they continue to rave about her makeup. Doe Deere in a storyexchange inteview states “Our sales are not the only thing sky-rocketing, Lime Crime is guilty of sky-rocketing our confidence too. People were tired of muted and dull and they were screaming for more vibrant, fun colors. So, we gave them what they wanted.”
People are drawn to Doe, not just because of her ethereal appearance but because she has this magnetic charm and appeal and when she opens her mouth you are always surprised at what comes out of it. Doe is not always the giggly fairy princess, when she talks business she is sharp, witty and articulate. “She is a fascinating figure and the creator of a makeup line that is eliciting a very enthusiastic audience.” Lime Crime, with its unique packaging in various shades of pink with sparkly unicorns, is about extreme pigments and vibrant colors.
Doe does not pay much attention to the handful of people out there who are trying to give her a hard time. “Some of the top minds in this industry have warned me that with overwhelming support there will always be the few who are out to poison the well. Pay them no mind and do what you do.” Doe has indeed adopted that philosophy and continues to impress us with her shock and awe formula.

Kenneth Griffin’s Investment Expertise

Investing involves committing money to a business or various projects with an aim of achieving additional income at the end. There are different limited partnerships that people use globally. For instance, a Hedge Fund is one of the investment business structures that a majority of people have trusted for many years. Besides, it is only limited to selected investors. Hence, its services cannot be sold to the public. It is a flexible investment method; their main aim being to return an optimistic return on investment even if the market seems to fall or rise.

Ken Griffin manages an investment organization. He was born on October 15, 1968, in Daytona Beach, Florida. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel, a global investment firm. It is one of the leading investment firms with a capital of about $25 million. Griffin has an estimated net worth of about $7.7 billion. In 2014, he made a prolific history by donating $150 million to the financial aid program at Harvard University. While he was still a student, he focused on investing and during the second year, he started a hedge fund. He managed to raise a capital of $266,000 from his family members.
He was determined hence he also installed a satellite link that was connected to his dorm so as to acquire the market share information. He later graduated in 1989 with a degree in economics. In the 1990s, he founded Citadel with a capital of $4.6million. As a business executive, he has been invited to various business forums and government hearings. He was once invited to an Electronic Training Forum, and he stated that; to increase the market margin structure, investors need to be more resilient and focus on the investment industry.

In 2014, he served on the Board of Trustees for a five-year term. He leads various organizations such as Club of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. He also loves collecting and buying art from various artists. For instance, he bought False Start art collection from Jasper Johns for $80 million. He politically active hence he has made him to assist political forums. For instance, he assisted Mitt Romney’s in 2012 to run for a presidential seat.

Kenneth Griffin has achieved a lot in his life. He gives a challenge to teenagers by telling them staying ahead of time and focusing on positive strategies will make them successful. He has been awarded top honors at the Oscars for earning the highest risk adjustment returns. Alternatively, his organization is the best investment hedge fund globally.

He has been planning to make his hedge fund firm public, but the Initial Public Offering has been his main goal, but has made him slow back. Early this year, Griffin claimed that not all hedge funds managers want to gain profit or become successful. He said on a panel that was moderated by IDW Group. He stated that many hedge fund managers focus on how they will share the passion and joy of investing directly to companies. His role in the industry as an investor has been a pillar to upcoming investors and fellow businessmen.

Bridging the Gap Between Luxury NYC Real Estate and Wealthy Chinese Investors

As New York City undergoes a major real estate development phase with new majestic buildings that offer celebrity-esque amenities, a surge of wealthy investors and transplants are migrating from China to live in the epicenter of American society.

In mid September of 2015, The Real Deal magazine covered its first U.S. Real Estate Showcase and Forum event in the beautiful Chinese city of Shanghai. The event attracted over 6,000 participants who were eager to attend workshops, panel discussions and networking meetings. The three day convention targeted Chinese investors because they represent a burgeoning segment of international investors who are purchasing a lot of U.S. real estate. Industry analysts have calculated that Chinese investors have purchased over $28 billion worth of U.S. property in 2014.

The Real Deal convention was designed to bridge the gap that exists between American real estate professionals and the Chinese people. The gap does not exist because of language or cultural barriers; rather, the gap exists because of internet restrictions that China enforces on its population. These restrictions present a number of limitations; for example, Chinese residents cannot use the internet to conduct an in-depth market research analysis for available properties and for available real estate professionals nor can they easily research American international real estate laws.

The real estate convention provided an opportunity for prospective Chinese investors to meet with 100 American real estate developers from New York City, San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles. New York City real estate professionals in particular, made a great impression on the event attendees, for the NYC real estate professionals were able to convey the resiliency of the New York real estate market, which does not experience a drop in transaction activity nor real estate depreciation when financial markets crash.

Some of the New York City real estate representatives that attended the forum, included celebrity broker, Fredrik Eklund, from the TV show Million Dollar Listing New York and Andrew Heiberger who is the co-founder and CEO of the upscale NYC apartments for rent firm Town Residential. Mr. Heiberger educated the prospective buyers about the NYC real estate regulatory policies that are heavily enforced by the New York Real Estate Board and the New York Attorney General’s office. The attendees were presented with valuable information about the different ways the regulatory policies effectively protect international buyers from fraud and predatory real estate practices.

Mr. Heiberger was able to make a positive impression on the attendees, for he is a veteran in the industry, and his company, Town Residential, has effectively prospered within the New York City real estate luxury market. Town Residential boasts an elite clientele, and the company is a major player because it is respected for providing deep market research and analysis for new developments and pre-development planning. Town Residential is also touted as a leader in the New York region for offering breathtaking properties that are available for sale in the prime Manhattan regions and in the flourishing communities that are nestled in Brooklyn and long Island.

Apps for Android

One of the features that make the smartphone or the tablet very fun to use is the apps. There are many different types of apps that are available. There are apps where one could play a game. There are apps that allow people to adjust the sound. There are also apps that allow people to socialize. Many websites have an app for access on smartphones and tablets. It is not required for the user to download the app in order to be able to access the site on his android device. As a matter of fact, many android devices have the Google Chrome app which allows people to surf any website.

Many apps are available for download for any Android device. However, there are certain apps that require a device with a more advanced android operating system. For the most part, the apps can be accessed with any device. There are many apps of various sizes and features. In this case, there is no shortage of apps and the fun that they can have.

Some of the most commonly downloaded apps are games, videos, movies and dating apps. A lot of people use their smartphones for entertainment. There are very few things that are more satisfying to do on a smartphone than listen to music and surf a dating site. Fortunately, there is a dating app that is very trustworthy. This app is called Skout on techcrunch. A growing number of people are signing up in order to socialize with other people.

When people look at apps, they think of the fun that they could have with the app. Also, the apps do not have to be downloaded to the phone. They could be saved to SD cards, or flash drives depending on the type of phone they have. Like computer drives, smartphones and tablets can run out of space. At some point, one is going to have to uninstall some of the apps in order to make room for some new apps.

This takes a lot of time depending on the person using the phone because he has to weigh in the advantages of keeping the app as opposed to uninstalling the app. At the same time, he does have the option of reinstalling the app if he wants to use it again at a later time. Also, if there are any apps that he no longer uses or enjoys, then he could uninstall that and make room for some new apps that he would enjoy. The Google play store is one of the best places to look for apps for Android devices.

James Dondero’s Success Story

After spending many years working for the American Express and overseeing an assortment of assets, James Dondero decided to start his investment firm in the year 1993. He founded Highland Capital Management, and it turned out to be an instant success. It had about $2 billion worth of assets to manage in the first five years of its existence. By the year 2014, the firm had grown immensely under the headship of Dondero. It included a wide variety of investments to manage among them equities and hedge funds. The market diversification was designed to ensure that the company continued making profits and safe at all times.

Job Experience
The hedge fund mogul has been working in the financial sector for over 30 years and is still determined to maintain the prime position of a key player in the equity markets. Jim Dondero oversaw a variety of assets for the American Express before deciding to venture into private business in the year 1993. That led to his establishment of the Highland Capital Management. The tremendous success of HCM helped Dondero to become one of the most-sought-after personalities at boardroom level. The stature made him get appointed to the board of Warner Bros Studios as a financial expert.

Success at Highland Capital Management
HCM has become a key part of the international financial industry through its introduction of credit solutions for use by major retailers. That helps the development of the firm as retailers seem to continue requiring the solutions even in future. The levels of success garnered by Highland Capital Management have ballooned to see the assets it manages surpassing $18 billion by the year 2014. The achievement is bound to continue as Dondero pushes the firm to achieve more success in future. The assortment of sectors Dondero is working in at boardroom level is offering him immense experience and skills. Dondero’s vast exposure is seen as a hotbed of success and reassures the future of the Highland Capital Management.

NexPoint Appointment
Mr. Dondero is viewed as a sign of success in every venture he tries his hands. That is the reason he was appointed the new portfolio manager at the NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund. Between 1989 and 1993, Dondero played a crucial role that helped the business to rise from a start-up to $2-billion worth investment. He also made the firm popular globally. His experience as a high-profile manager includes in derivatives, high-yield bonds, emerging market debt, equity, mortgage-backed security, investment grade corporate and leveraged bank loans.

The globally renowned hedge fund guru has a rich education background that helps him to be more competitive in business. He holds a degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia with specialties in Accounting and Finance. The business magnate also pursued various courses and was conferred with coveted professional certificates from respected education institutions. Among his many professional accolades include being a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Management Accountant and Certified Public Accountant.

Susan McGalla: American Female Eagle

Susan McGalla on phx.corporate is one of the most successful businesswomen of the day. She started her career back in 1986 as a teen retailer at Joseph Horne Company, where she worked until 1996. Then in 1996, when the executive offices mostly consisted of men, she joined American Eagle Outfitters. This, however, did not stop her from advancing quickly to become an expert consultant to clients on branding, marketing, talent management, operational efficiencies and more. Her activism and struggle, which led her to her final success, have been an inspiration for many women who are looking for a career in the same field.
Born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, Susan McGalla grew up with two older brothers and a father, who was a football coach. Her father did not cut slack on her but encouraged her “to work hard and present her good ideas with confidence regardless of the audience”. When she grew up, she was able to be “equally comfortable with men and women and excelled in working with both men and women”. And this confidence was crucial to her success as a business woman. As the society is sometimes filled with prejudices about women, her road to success was not an easy one. However, she held various management positions with American Eagle Outfitters and even became a chief merchandising officer. During that period, the company’s revenue increased from 340 million dollars to over 3 billion dollars.
Her colleagues describe her as smart, efficient and driven. They say she never accepts the status quo but oftentimes succeeds in having it her own way. Her management skills have improved over the years and now she is able to scope at every element objectively and to determine if it can be used to improve the work. The fact she is a woman made it harder for her to advance in this business but when she did, she had a few pieces of advice for all the women who struggle with the same thing. “Most women I speak with are seeking an authentic perspective that has practical application,” says McGalla. “The buzzwords and party lines have become hollow to women who don’t want to be targeted as women, but as professionals.” She is an eagle when it comes to marketing and sometimes works more than her male counterparts.
There are so many things to say about Susan McGalla. She is now working as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth in the Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC. Leadership positions are where she was born and bred to be and now after many years of struggling in the male-dominated world, she has succeeded in becoming one of the most influential female CEO’s and Presidents. And there is no reason why she couldn’t do even better.