China’s Debt-fueled Economy Similar to U.S. in 2007-08 Warns George Soros

George Soros is an American investor, author, and philanthropist who has a Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and holds dual citizenship of Hungary and United States. He is the current Chairman and founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundation. Soros broke the Bank of England on with short sales of US$10 billion worth of British Pounds that enabled him to make an enormous profit of $1 billion in 1992 UK currency crisis.

Soros is also known for his involvement in politics as a known supporter of American liberal and American progressive political causes. Soros has donated more than $11 billion from 1979 to 2015. He has contributed to political organizations on supporting Hilary Clinton in her bid to become US president. Soros is also known for making controversial statements that spike reactions from various parties including the government, media and organizations.

One of the recent opinions was about the state of the China’s economy which he claim is headed for a collapse following resemblance to the U.S. debt-fueled economy in 2007-08 which later led to the global financial crisis. George Soros believes that the current hike in credit growth figures should be taken as a warning of what is about to happen to China’s economy in the future with similar impacts to the world. Currently, Bloomberg survey shows the credit growth is unsustainable with figures surpassing the forecasted 1.4 trillion yuan and hitting 2.34 trillion yuan in the month of March.

Soros has already made a fortune of $24 billion through savvy wagers in the market showing how much investors cannot ignore his knowledge. During a world Economic Forum in Davos in January on, he made his sentiments clear when he disclosed to have placed a bet on some of the Asian currency as a way of expressing confidence that some countries in the region’s economy would have to experience a hard landing. However, China responded to his through the state media agency Xinhua that he has made similar predictions in the past, and this one is no different.

George Soros continued to insist that the reason the problem has affected China in a big way is because interbank lending is still small. However, he said that as the credit market surges, interbank lending will increase and eventually because a source of uncertainty and instability. The China’s economy is already experiencing soaring housing values with new home prices rising approximately 62 percent per year.

Soros also expressed positive indication about China’s foreign exchange saying that the strategy to link the yuan to a basket of various currencies was better than just linking it to the dollar to minimize the risk of devaluation. He also expressed confidence in the strengthened relationship between China and U.S. saying that it is good for calming the markets.
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iFunding Combines Real Estate Investment and Crowdfunding

One of the biggest changes in the venture capital and small business capital industry over the past five years has been the massive increase in the amount of crowd funding that has taken place. Many entrepreneurs with a great business plan are idea are now able to raise tens of thousands of dollars through crowd funding within a matter of days.

While crowd funding has been great for business owners and entrepreneurs, seasoned real estate investors as well through iFunding are now getting into crowd funding. iFunding is an online crowd funding website that is designed to help real estate investors get matched up with real estate professionals that need either debt of equity for a specific project.

iFunding allows people interested in investing in real estate to invest from as little as $5,000 into specific real estate projects. Each real estate project is fully vetted by the iFunding staff to ensure that the project is viable and could provide a sizable return on investment. iFunding has provided a wide variety of projects from single family home conversions to commercial projects that have raised millions of dollars. The company also provides a range of asset classes that an investor can choose from including apartment buildings, retail, hotels, and office projects.

iFunding has turned into a very successful company thanks to the leadership of its founder and CEO William Skelley, who was recently named as a member to the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. William Skelley has a long and successful history in real estate investment and capital raising. Prior to starting iFunding, he founded a small investment bank that was able to origination over $2 billion in commercial real estate transactions while raising hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. He also spent some time at Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund that was initially founded by a Harvard Busines School professor.

Along with many investors, William Skelley said on Twitter he sees significant potential in the growth of iFunding. The technology and concept is still growing and allows younger investors to partake in major transactions, which is something that would not have been available to them in the past.

Class Act Showcase: Jon Urbana Gets It Done

When it comes to environment and caring for it, along with community and business ventures, Jon Urbana has his work cut out for him. He enjoys staying busy and taking part in events that mean a lot to him. He grew up in the Colorado area and knows what it is like to experience to beauty. The home of the Rockies has definitely shaped him into the man he is today. It’s why his thousands of Facebook devotees love to keep up with his life.

The environment has always been something that Jon loves and cares for. He decided to start a GoFundMe Campaign to help raise donations for a non-profit organization called Earth Force. All of the proceeds that he raises will be donated to the organization which is geared towards the youth. Earth Force is focused on educating the younger generation and teaching them how important it is to care for the environment. He is also an avid animal lover, and has also started a charity fundraising event located online to help raise donations for a no kill cat shelter. The shelter is responsible for taking in stray cats that need homes, and will keep them until they find an owner for them. In a blog post with his plans, it became clear that Jon Urbana hopes to help raise money to help with the overall costs in keeping the animals until they can find a permanent home.

Jon, an esteemed alum of the Villanova lacrosse program, was recently recognized by the FAA for his pilot skills. Urbana is now a certified pilot who has exceeded the necessary skills it takes to achieve medical and safety status when becoming a certified pilot. The FAA always advises consumers to ensure that they are only flying with certified pilots who have passed all of the rigorous tests for safety and accountability measures.

He presides over a laser skin care company called Ellipse USA. They are responsible for correcting skin care problems such as scarring, fine lines and wrinkles along with many other issues that patients have. He ensures that each client is satisfied and that the business is ran efficiently.

On top of his daily busy functions, he uses Tumblr all the time and is the founder of a lacrosse youth camp. He currently has registrations open for the camp allowing youth to better their skills and become fundamentally more function at the sport.

Slyce shares annual improvements of 2015 as well as financial reports



Slyce had a further technological improvement which it shared with the public on November 25th 2015. The improvement is called Slyce link and is Slyce’s proprietary retail image recognition technology solution. This technology is currently in beta testing phase and has been in the companies development for more than a year. The beta testing phase is being done by only a single major retail customer of Slyce.


The Slyce Link is a system that provides the user with visual product suggestions allowing for an increase in the shopping transformation on the e-commerce based website of the client. The over all goal of the system is to increase the number of sales made as well as reduce the number of times customers abandon their shopping carts. This is done by allowing the retailer to show the customer visually similar products at certain specific instances in the online shopping experience. The platform is provided to the client in the form of JavaScript coding as well as native software development kits that are available on both Android and iOS devices.


All the retailer has to do is paste several small lines of code within the existing coding of the website to allow them to give the customer a full visual recommendation journey and experience. The complete technology is individually customizable to suit the clients needs and existing designs. On the other end of the Slyce Link Platform are a number of technologies to improve the consistency between the search results made by the customer and the product line that is on the retailers website. These technologies are product feed processing mechanisms, search logic and an image matching engine. There is also the possibility of meta data filtering as well as visual relevancy integration. This filter allows for the use of several different data sets to be included within the algorithm of the Slyce Link software. These are price range, stock availability, product ratings and size.

Life Is Easier Thanks To Slyce’s Take On Visual Search

It is an interesting day and age in fashion. The industry is growing at an alarming rate, and it is probably due to the ease of purchasing items online. eCommerce websites in India are actually at an all time high, according to an article by Live Mint. In that same article, a young developer named Ram Prakash makes several interesting claims about eCommerce, the fashion industry and the online shopping industry. It would make sense that they are all interconnected, but his claims seem to shed some new light on how much they depend on each other in order to make changes, grow and make profits.

Claims About Fashion Industry

Ram Prakash claims that the fashion industry runs off of visual cues, and he asserts that the cues needed to facilitate a well oiled machine that the fashion industry attempts to become are not present in the current infrastructure. The current infrastructure, in fact, is made up of a fashion industry that is supplying their products due to data feeds. The analytics that the fashion industry uses, much like the data that is being used by other areas of retail (such as home improvement or lifestyle retailers) is often not helping retailers to make quick decisions.

Slyce is using image recognition and doing their best to provide retailers with an accurate description of how consumers are viewing products. The company works to connect consumers to their actual environment in a way that consumers can just reach out with their camera to make a purchase. Consumers can use Slyce to directly connect with the online marketplace without having to go through the tough job of searching with keywords. The long, annoying keyword searches can take forever, which frustrates many consumers. It leaves people wanting their products, but not finding what they want, so they quit looking online. They go to the store instead. Slyce, however, has made online shopping worthwhile once again.

Slyce has developed some exciting new products. The top of the line of visual search is available through Slyce’s platform. They are bringing a new take on visual search straight to the hands of the people that user online shopping the most. People are using Slyce to find the exact models, the exact products that they want to purchase. There’s no longer a need to go through struggles finding the right keywords thanks to Slyce.

Town Real Estate Professionals Comment on 2016 Market Trends

Many people are hesitant in NYC apartments for rent and real estate market will do in 2016. An article in the New York Daily News summarizes the situation. Town Real Estate believes the conclusions to be correct. With over five years in luxury real estate, they understand the market extremely well.

Overall, the market will continue much like it became by the end of 2015 with buyers ruling the market.

Sellers need to keep several factors in mind when looking to sell their properties. If the property is in a prime location, it will sell faster. The hottest location remain Brooklyn and Manhattan. Even in these locations, buyers have many choices in condominiums priced over 10 million dollars. Therefore, sellers can expect buyers to make many visits to the unit before making an offer. Sellers can also expect buyers to ask for more contingencies. Furthermore, sellers should not become impatient. Buyers will be asking more questions and listening to more advisers.
One of the ways that sellers must react to this trend in the market is to work with a professional realtor like those found at Town Real Estate. These professionals, headed by Andrew S. Herberger, understand how to answer questions to questions that buyers are asking. They also understand what contingencies make since for you to offer and which ones to avoid.

Professionals at Town Real Estate also agree with the article’s author that strength will continue to be seen in sales of condominiums between one and three million dollars. An important part of this segment are baby boomers looking to move back to the city. These buyers want to be closer to their grandchildren. This means that sales in Brooklyn should be particularly strong.

With the expectation that interest rates will continue to rise in 2016, buyer’s confidence will lower. Yet, when sellers are realistic, sales will still occur.

New Healthy Food Options for Dog Food Brands

Brands have been scrambling to capture the growing premium dog food market with new and innovative products that have greatly expanded the choices available on Amazon to dog owners. This article will explore some of these options that are available to dog owners and why they are striking a chord with these owners..

People will commonly switch to premium dog food products for the health benefits that they convey to their pets. Dog owners want to know that they are providing their dogs with the proper nutrition to keep them active and happy into old age and their buying decisions are often centered around the health and well being of mans best friend.

To accomplish this many dog food makers are trying to provide healthy food products for dogs such as though organic food options or meals special designed for individual dogs. For the former brands are offering more organic and natural food products for dogs that attempt to improve what they are eating and the ingredients that are included in it. Generally speaking, this means more organic foods and products for dogs. Some brands are developing these capabilities internally while others are acquiring former competitors with an expertise in organic food products. That is what Purina did with their acquisition of Merrick Pet Care and Beneful is now offering many of the same products, but with a greater range of options and with higher quality foods.

For the latter, Beneful, the large dog food maker that is owned by Nestle, Beneful is doing just that with a special online ordering service that is allowing pet owners to develop custom blends of dog foods that are specially designed for their own pets. Many pet owners switch to Beneful and are working with their vets to understand the exact nutritional needs of their dogs and then working to create a diet that meets those needs. If they have dogs that are sensitive to special dishes or food items they are working around this by choosing custom ingredients that don’t contain these negative food additions that are causing these problems for their dogs and the result is happier and healthier dogs.


Pet Food Sales Reach Record Levels As Beneful Grows

The market for pet foods is changing all the time and includes a range of new foods being created by independent producers who are looking for healthier ways of feeding the pets of the world. Over the last decade the market for pet foods has grown to reach more than $23 billion as increasing numbers of independent producers have entered the market seeking to create fresh foods. Since 2009, the pet food industry has been growing consistently and the premium pet food market has grown to top $10 billion in sales each year.

Beneful was one of the first premium pet food production companies that was created by a globally recognized pet food brand; in 2001, Nestle Purina developed the Beneful brand to provide a natural range of pet foods produced in a way that pushed the natural nature of the ingredients to the fore. The products created under the Beneful brand have become some of the best loved in the world, and pushed the brand into the top four on the planet.

One of the major reasons for the growth of the Beneful brand has been the innovative approach taken to all aspects of the products in the line; an area that has shown the impressive nature of Beneful is in the approach to marketing that has set new standards for many pet food producers. Amongst the innovations introduced by Beneful are the many different forms of advertising the company introduced aimed directly at the pets, which includes odors and images designed to attract the pets themselves to the the products.

The use of natural ingredients is one of the main improvements being made in the pet food industry with more of a focus on real meats, vegetables, and fruits. A number of independent producers are pushing the boundaries of pet foods with the introduction of real foods refrigerated and shipped directly to the customer. As the market for pet foods grows pet parents around the world are looking for the best possible foods to provide for their pet to enjoy as they stay as healthy and active as possible.



Busy Year ahead for CCOs like Helane Morrison as they expect More Regulations in 2016

CCO groups note that members are gearing up for more scrutiny in 2016. This comes despite of the SEC officials saying that they have not changed their perception on chief compliance officers working in money management firms. According to compliance experts, institutional investors should pay more attention to their own due diligence.

The role of a compliance officer is to identify risks and lead an organization’s response. The regulators do not plan to change the roles of compliance officers. However, according to Deborah Prutzman, the CEO of the Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC, the regulators are becoming more willing to enforce failures in order to have their expectations met. There have been high-status cases in 2015 that underscores this fact.

In June 2015, SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprise Inc as well as its compliance officer were charged by SEC. According to the regulator, there was failure to implement the set policies to hinder misappropriation of client assets, filing a misstatement in a Form ADV filing, and failing to carry out annual reviews. CCO Mason paid $25,000 while SFX paid $150,000 to settle the charge.

Andrew Ceresney, SEC Enforcement Director noted that there was no doubt about the professional judgment of a chief compliance officer. Instead, actions have only been taken on cases that involve failure to create and implement such policies. He said this to the National Society of Compliance Professionals in November while addressing compliance officers’ concerns. In addition, Ceresney said that they consider the facts as well as fairness in each case, although many cases involved CCOs that had engaged in clear misconduct.

According to him, SEC charges CCOs when they directly engage in a conduct that hurts investors. He also added that the enforcement actions should act as a support to CCO’s role within a firm.

Ms. Barr, president of the Investment Advisors Association, is of a contrary opinion. According to her, the anxiety levels are going up in terms of attracting the brightest to be compliance officers. As much as her fear is valid, in my view, the chief compliance officer field still attracts the best.

Helane L. Morrison is a former head of the San Francisco SEC office where she worked from 1997 to 2007. She carried out various duties that include securities enforcement, regulatory matters, and litigation in her capacity, as the district administrator, and later, as regional director.

Currently, Morrison is a managing director, chief compliance officer and general counsel of Hall Capital Partners. She is also a core member of the company’s executive committee. Morrison has extensively practiced law for over ten years. She got a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law.

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George Soros: Trump is Doing ISIS’s Work

After looking at Donald Trump and listening to his ideas on how to deal with the immigration issue, George Soros compares Trump to ISIS. It is clear that George Soros does not agree with Trump at all when he compares him to a terrorist group. ISIS has taken over the middle east for a while. While there is a legitimate threat of terrorism, Donald Trump’s way of handling them by closing out the borders to Muslims is seen as extreme by George Soros. George Soros also implies that it adds to the problem of terrorism because it might give Muslims no other choice but to resort to acts of terrorism.

While George Soros might be dismissed by some to be partisan, he is someone that should be listened to on various issues. Among the issues that he should be given attention in is the economy. Forbes billionaire George Soros is usually spot on in his prediction about certain economic issues and what can be done to solve it. One thing he notices is that the economy is headed for another downturn that is very similar to the 2008 crisis. He has looked at the different signs of the economy in order to figure out whether or not it is going to fall.

Among the signs of the global crisis is the economical issue that is going on with China right now. China is facing some serious problems that has resulted from its over lending. Also, China is trying to find a different model that will work better for the country. The crisis of China has started to carry over into the other parts of the world. Given all that is happening in China, this could be another victim of the crisis that started in 2011 in Greece with the debt crunch.

Then there are the issues in the Ukraine with Russia. According to George Soros, the crisis in Greece was mishandled in Germany by Merkel. Her methods only made the issue worse in the long run with the charging of large interest rates. Among the reasons that the Ukraine is facing a lot of opposition from Russia is the reform. Russia has attacked Ukraine because of President Putin’s opposition to the new Ukraine that is in the development process.

George Soros has seen glimpses of the new Ukraine which was supposed to be based on equality as opposed to the more exploitative nature of the old Ukraine. One of the factors that sets Putin against the Ukraine and the EU is that it is against the current ways that allows people in power to use their position to exploit those that are under them. The new reform that is coming stands in the in the way of that.