How Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto Have Transformed InnovaCare Health

The healthcare industry in the U.S. has changed to pave way for more services and better management of insurance policies. Different companies have competed to offer the best health insurance services and this has led to further development of the industry. InnovaCare Health is among leading companies across the country that has proved to offer some of the most reliable managed healthcare services.

The company has grown from a small entity less than 10 years ago to the leading player it is today. InnovaCare Health serves the Puerto Rico region and has remained the best choice for North America residents. With focused leaders and good policies, InnovaCare Health has grown through an upward curve over the past 10 years. It is among few that have managed to capture more than 200,000 users of Medicare Advantage services. Several professionals have been involved in the development of the company and two of the main who have put tremendous effort are as discussed below.

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Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto is the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health and he has showed great support for projects that have sought to offer better service to customers. Since he joined InnovaCare Health in 2012, he has continually developed a team of professionals through new hiring and training. Rick Shinto brought new experience and skills that transformed how InnovaCare Health deals with problems.

Rick Shinto has worked with several other successful companies before, which include Aveta Inc., where he held an executive position as the CEO. He also served as the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM California. Rick Shinto has gathered a lot of experience in the more than 20 years he has been in the healthcare industry. Rick Shinto’s prowess has seen him author peer reviewed journals and articles that were published in leading media outlets like the Forbes Magazine.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides has been working with Rick Shinto all along since 2008 when she joined him at Aveta Inc., as the Deputy of the then President, Rick Shinto. She works as the Chief Administrative Officer and has pioneered several useful projects that have elevated InnovaCare Health to its glory. Penelope Kokkinides has been a key player in the development of healthcare programs, so her position at InnovaCare Health has helped to make the company better. Through her effort, the number of Medicare Advantage customers has increased from mere 10,000 to over 200,000 in the less than five years she has worked with the company.

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EOS Flavor Balms Your Lips

EOS Smooth Sphere Lips Balms delightfully moisturize your lips with an amazing array of palette teasing flavors. Hypoallergenic and free of paraben or petroleum based ingredients make these lip balms a great option when you are suffering from sensitive, dry or cracked lips. Infused with rich organic jojoba oil, these luscious lip balms instantly satiate parched lips. The EOS lip balm Organic Smooth Spheres collection is a veritable fruit basket of succulent flavors that can be found at your nearest drug store.

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Bruce Levenson Is Now Taking AIG To Court Over Insurance Policy Negligence

Even though the Atlanta Hawks have already been transferred over to the new ownership under Tony Ressler, the former owners under Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment led by Bruce Levenson are still sorting things out in court right now. They had an insurance policy with AIG that was supposed to cover any loss situations in which the owners lost money through “workplace torts” or other termination of employments. When the team had been transferred, Levenson and the other owners decided to buy out then General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and they’ve asserted that AIG’s policy was supposed to compensate them for that. AIG has refused to acknowledge this and thus far has not spoken on the matter.

Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Media in 2004 and owned them up until the sale in 2015 ( But in addition to owning an NBA franchise, Levenson has helped start other businesses and non-profit groups. He went to law school at American University, but while he was there he started running a journalism business on the side. His first publication was Oil Express, a newsletter that put out information about oil prices and drilling developments. He took it a step further with his friend, Ed Peskowitz when they started up Unified Communications Group, a business paper that covered a lot of industries from energy to healthcare. The company formed a subsidiary called TechTarget, a marketing software vendor.

According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson has also been active in Washington D.C. philanthropy organizations including Community Foundation and I Have a Dream Foundation. He also is a big contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC, and has sponsored educational programs there including “Bringing the Lessons Home.” Levenson also is pro-Israel and helped the Jewish community send a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to work with US Secretary of State John Kerry on various Israeli diplomatic relations.


Lime Crime’s Positive Influence In Popular Culture

Being able to express yourself is what sets each individual apart. Life would be “oh so boring” if everyone acted or did the same types of things. The make-up industry is no different and this is the one field where individuals can be unique and not be judged. There’s one brand that is setting the tone and trends of this modern society over the past few years and it comes in many different color schemes. Lime Crime is the perfect brand when it comes to expression and the brand’s CEO/Owner embodies this notion very well, if the company blog can be any indication.


Doe Deere started out with a dream and her hard work is a reflection of self especially when it comes to ambition. Though born in Russia, Deere grew up in New York City which is where her eclectic sense of style comes from. Deere was great at creating her own outfits, but couldn’t seem to find make-up that matched her eclectic style. This is where Lime Crime came into fruition and by 2008, the market had a new contender.


Hot In-Demand Products

Lime Crime’s most popular product comes in lipstick form and the (velvetines) matte liquid lipsticks are setting new standards to date. Velvetines give users deep, bold, and bright colors that glide on smooth and are easy to clean away, which is why they’re popular with the YouTube vloggers. Another bonus of these products are that they’re long lasting and gives you a velvet finish. Unlike other brands that just give consumers basic colors, Lime Crime tend to use a blend of color tones that gives you brilliantly stunning hues. This is why the brand stands out from the crowd and there are many colors to choose from such as:


  • Wicked (Blood Red)
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These colors truly stand out thanks to their metallic finishes. Lime Crime is the future of make-up because of the superior look and are vegan certified animal cruelty free.  For deals, and up to date news, make sure to follow Lime Crime’s social media on Facebook, and especially their Twitter page which has daily news and information.

Cone Marshall’s Principal, Geoffrey Cone Responds to the Feature; New Zealand – a Model of Tax Transparency

Cone Marshall is an international tax and trust law firm located in Auckland, New Zealand. The company was established in 1999, and its current principals are Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. Cone Marshall works in collaboration with international families and their advisors to assist them create trusts, companies, partnerships, and provide global wealth as well as tax planning advice.

In the year 2012, an article was posted on several social networks including Facebook, Google+, Twitter as well as LinkedIn entitled: New Zealand – A model of Tax Transparency. Mr. Cone disagrees with the notion, and he pointed out that New Zealand is not a tax haven with the secretive private banking industry. He added that New Zealand is a charter member that subscribes to the principles attached to the gold standards of transparency.

There was a notable increase in the number of foreign trusts in New Zealand, and Mr. Cone gave a reason behind the increase. He said that New Zealand is internationally recognized as a stable, safe, a nation with the strong judiciary and substantial legal and professional infrastructure. He says that such a perception has led to the positive global reputation.

The OECD retains a list of tax havens and New Zealand has never featured and is not likely to feature on the list anytime soon. New Zealand along with few other nations featured on the OECD’s white list for significantly implementing the 2002 OECD model agreement. Also, the way New Zealand handles foreign trusts demonstrates leadership in tax transparency which in turn helps other governments to get relevant information upon request.

New rules were introduced in 2006 by Michael Cullen on submission of foreign trust disclosure form (IR607) and keeping records for tax purposes. New Zealand adhered to the new rules accordingly. New Zealand has 39 double tax agreements to ensure smooth cross-border trade and prevent tax evasions. Also, it has over 20 tax information exchange agreements with other nations. New Zealand can not be termed as a tax haven and all its the regulation bodies are working towards perfection.

The positive reputation of New Zealand in handling tax matters can be credited to the government as well as to service providers such as lawyers and accountants who act as foreign trustees. Cone Marshall along with his partner Geoffrey Cone, obey the highest principles of tax and trust transparency to ensure their clients get the most reliable advice on global tax and trust law.

Talk Fusion: Making Life Easier For Everyone

Talk Fusion just seems like that company that is never satisfied with the work they are doing and that is meant as the highest form of praise. It means they never settle and they never stay with one thing. If there is a product that is good, they want to make it great. They are always looking for areas in which the product can be enhanced and grow to even greater lengths. That is what they have done with their upgrades to video chat. Talk Fusion is all about making communication easier, especially in today’s fast paced world. They know that people are on the go and they need to use their devices to chat with people and get business accomplished.

This new advancement allows people to chat on both Android and the iPhone, so they can do video chat with someone regardless of what type of phone they have at the present moment. That is the true beauty of the product. There is also no sign up and no account registration needed, so again, that makes it even easier for people that wish to use Talk Fusion, according to the following link:

Ever since Talk Fusion has been around since 2007, they have been making advancements in the video communications world. They have made that their number one goal and their number one mission. They do not rest until something is done properly and correctly. That is why Bob Reina has assembled a team, an IT team, that is ready and willing to take on any challenge that is put on their table. Most of the time in interviews, one will hear Bob praising them for the work they do to make Talk Fusion the cutting-edge product that it is. There is a reason they have had so much success in 2016 and many have called it their best year yet.

They also offer video newsletters, video conferences, and video emails. It is exciting to see what they might come up with next, as they are in the brainstorm room constantly and bouncing ideas off each other about Talk Fusion and ways to make it the best ever.

Naomi Campbell Doing Big Big Things

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s exotic beauty crosses diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Of Chinese-Jamaican ancestry, in the above photo, according to author/publicist/production director Ben Rogundade, describes her unique look as ‘transracial’ in his book ‘Black Beauty’.

Having established herself as in the “Top Three Recognized Supermodels” of all time, her face flew onto front covers in the fashion industry during 1985-1995 internationally. Born in England in 1970, she rose to fame as a runway model, published in various well-read magazines, and she also pursued movies and music projects. She appears in several music videos and co-authored a novel about six supermodels’ lives, ‘Swan’. Campbell also appeared in an issue of ‘Playboy’ and in Madonna’s book, ‘Sex’. She also unveiled several fragrances graced with her name.

What stands out so brightly about this statuesque, articulate and educated woman is that as a model, she became the first black woman ever to grace the cover of ‘Time’ and the British and French editions of ‘Vogue’. She has worked with Nelson Mandela to help African children live a better life since 1997. Her activist pursuits are too numerous to list; acting spokesperson for humanitarian concerns and issues from feminism to racial nondiscrimination are not ordinary causes to undertake by a supermodel.

Never having married, she has been involved in such high-profile love interests as Robert De Niro, Usher and Mike Tyson. Currently, she plays the television role on ‘Empire’s’ Camilla, the lover of Lucious’s son Hakeem. The show began its second season with creator Lee Daniels. Campbell currently resides in London with her two dogs, a Malkie and a Bulldog.

John Goullet Contributions in the Information Technology Industry

John Goullet is a serial businessman who has led the development of several successful businesses, especially in the information technology department. Goullet chose to venture into the industry after his education because he had a special interest in IT. At first, he started working at the department as an IT consultant. He became very successful as a consultant, and he decided to switch to IT staffing in the year 1994.

John Goullet has a lot of understanding on the emerging market trends, and this has played a huge role in the success of his company. He started an IT company known as Info Technologies, and his skills came in handy. His business specialized in offering solutions to many institutions in the country. The organization also provided its services to over 500 Fortune companies in the country.

In less than just five years, Info Technologies grew to over thirty million, and it was recognized by one of the leading magazines as one of the fastest growing firms in the United States. In the year 2010, Info Technologies was acquired by Diversant. John Goullet was appointed principal at Diversant, and he continues to develop new ways and techniques to the challenges in the ever-evolving information technology department.

Diversant is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, and it is considered to be one of the largest American-African owned staffing companies in the United States that specialize in information technology. The institution offers consumers in the country a wide range of services such as direct hire, IT staff augmentation, and innovative diversity solutions.

The professionals at Diversant believe in the principle of diversity. This team knows that diversity of any form is the best way to get greater and better opportunities for the partners and consultants and better solutions to the customers.

Diversant has worked hard to ensure that the company diversifies in all forms, and it also promotes this belief in all the workplaces in the country. This idea promotes creative thinking, effective problem solving and it also encourages fostered innovation. The company encourages the clients to build better and strong ties with the local communities, and it also helps the consumer to connect to different markets in the world.

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TOWN Residential As One of New York’s Top Real Estate Agencies

There are not many three-year-old companies that hold the same distinctions that Town Residential has. They have worked very hard to make sure that they are the best in the business and that they are able to provide luxury living to all of the people who they serve in New York City.


Starting out, Town Residential had the backing of the mega successful THOR company. This company was one that was able to provide financing to Town and they did so through the different opportunities that they had. This allowed the people who founded Town Residential to get the best of the best right off of the bat. They were successful even from the start of their business because of the above average backing that they had from their parent company. They were slated for success from the beginning and continue to be as successful as what they are because of this.


Not only did they have a great start to the life of their business but they also worked very hard to be successful. They made very many contacts in the industry during their time as a brand new real estate agency. The hours that they put in to make the contacts that they needed truly paid off and they are now one of the most successful real estate agencies in the city. They have been able to help many clients achieve the potential that they know is there for them in the city.


Luxury is the name of the game with Town Residential. They want to make sure that their clients get everything that they need when they are looking for real estate in the city. They also want to make sure that their clients are able to get what they want for the best price possible. Because of this, they work very hard to make sure that they can find the best deals in the best places for all of the clients that they have. They want to make sure that they can be successful and that they will be able to get the most out of the real estate opportunities.


As Town Residential continues to be a major success in the New York real estate market, they are making a big name for themselves in the game. They have made sure that they are able to provide their clients with everything that they could possibly need when it comes to the real estate opportunities. Because of this, they have been able to open their tenth office in just three years. There are not many other real estate agencies in New York City who are able to say that they have been that successful in such a short amount of time.