Lime Crime Products Transform Your Looks

Women complain about products that do not last very long. They apply them in the morning and an hour later, they have to apply the product again. One complaint is about applying certain name brand lipsticks that fade away or smear. Well, Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that produces a high quality line of lipsticks that are very long-wearing and do not fade. For example, their Velveteens are sure to capture your attention. They are the one’s heating up social media and online beauty talk.


Metallic Velvetine Matte Lipstick

The Metallic Velvetine Matte Lipstick is simply a wonderful addition to the Lime Crime Lipstick line. This is a cruelty free vegan based lipstick that is in a gorgeous metallic sheen. The product line is produced with a wonderful collection of deep, rich sheens that will get you noticed. The lipstick glides onto your lips and produces a very velvety smooth look. The best part is that it is smear proof and will last all day long. The product is available in colors like Happi, Lana, Mercury, and Blondie. The lipstick is available as a single purchase or in a trio.


Purchasing The Metallics

There are several popular sites that have a vast collection of the Metallic Velvetine Matte Lipstick. The problem is that they might not have all the latest, up to date releases. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the makeup website for the latest editions.


About Lime Crime

The founder of this very unique makeup line is Doe Deere. Deere and the company are on a mission to change the way that people regard their makeup. The company’s philosophy is that makeup is a creative tool. One should never apply makeup simply to cover up assumed imperfections or to enhance one’s looks. This philosophy certainly rings true with the makeup company’s several million fans across the world. They’ve literally changed the way that people regard beauty and the way that they wear makeup. It is also important to note that the company is a social media phenomena. They’ve attracted millions of fans to their social media sites, looking for more information on their brand.

James Larkin: Standing Up for Workers’ Rights

James Larkin was born on Jan. 28, 1876, in Liverpool, England to Irish Parents. He grew up in the Liverpool slums and had little formal education. He worked different types of jobs when he was young to supplement his family income.

He eventually worked at Liverpool docks as a foreman. Larkin was a dedicated socialist, who believed that workers were not treated fairly. In the year 1905, he joined NUDL (National Union of Dock Labourers) and became a full-time organizer of the trade union.

The methods of Larkin militant strike alarmed the NUDL. In 1907, he got transferred to Dublin, where he established Irish Transport and General Workers Union. The union’s goal was to join all unskilled and skilled Irish industrial workers into one organization. He later established the Irish Labour Party. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

He was accountable for leading a string of strikes. The Dublin Lockout that happened in 1993 was the most important of these, where workers over 100,000 went on strike for almost eight months. Finally, they won the right to have a fair employment.

At World War I (WW1) outbreak, Larkin organized massive demonstrations of anti-war in Dublin. He traveled to the U.S. so that he could raise funds for fighting the British. Larkin was convicted of communism and criminal anarchy in 1920.

He was pardoned after three years and was deported to Ireland. In Ireland, he organized WUI (Workers’ Union of Ireland) securing Communist International recognition in 1924. In 1903 Larkin got married to Elizabeth Brown, and they had four children.

In 1913, at the era of Industrial dispute, Constance Markievicz got moved by the speech of Larkin. He said that as he was listening to Larkin, he realized that he was in the presence of what he had never met, a great primeval that was rather than a man.

The methods of Larkin used to be boycotting of goods and sympathetic strikes; he didn’t even once use violence on the strikebreakers.

The press of Ireland wasn’t on Jim Larkin side or his union, but still, he had a lot of supporters, including William Butler Yeasts, Constance Markievicz, and Patrick Pearse.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Made Sure Their Business Was Best

There were many different things that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg considered when they were just getting started with Fabletics. They wanted to make sure that their brand was going to be successful and they knew that they would have to pick the perfect niche if they were going to be able to succeed in the business that they were starting. The idea came to them in the form of a fashionable athletic wear company. This was something that had not been done in the past and something that they had to make a point of doing so that they could be different than the rest.


While Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were trying to make the choices that they needed for their own business, they were doing all of the things that they could to bring success to all of their customers. There were many different options that people could choose from on the site but Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg made sure that they were going to be able to help all of their clients no matter what was going on and no matter what the company did, they always wanted to be able to cater to the customers that they had.


The marketing strategies that the men used were among the best in the industry. There were many different options that they had to be able to try new things and they chose, instead, to take the options that they had and make them better for the people who they were working with. It was a great way for the men to make money and to show people that they needed Fabletics in their lives even though they did not have any other options for the fashionable workout clothes that the company provided to their customers.


Since the men were going to cater to people, they knew that the number one things they would have to do is provide a convenient option for women to be able to shop with. They didn’t only have the option of going to a storefront to shop but they did have the option to go there. They also had the option of being able to shop online or shop in a subscription format if they wanted to do so and it was more convenient for them to try and get the things that they needed delivered right to their door from online.

Vinny Parascandola: A Professional Financial Executive

Vincent “Vinny” Parascandola is a successful financial professional who has been working with the industry for so many years, keeping his industry securities registration for more than 17 years. He works with AXA Advisors, LLC, a giant in the field of trading which employs over 5,000 representatives across the United States. Check out Rocket Reach for more details.

Vincent Parascandola is a graduate from Pace University – Lubin School of Business, taking up a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. His first job was as a Systems Analyst for the Irving Trust Company, where he worked for 2 years between 1986 and 1988. He then decided to enter the financial industry when he worked as an agent for Prudential Insurance, between 1988 and 1990. His knowledge about finances grew, thanks to his experience being an agent. After leaving Prudential Insurance, he decided to work for The MONY Group, initially posted as a financial professional from 1990 to 1993. Vincent Parascandola slowly climbed the corporate ladder and was promoted as a sales manager, a post he would be holding to for three years. Vincent was again promoted as a managing director, and finally, as the field vice president. After seven years of serving as the vice president of The MONY Group, Vincent Parascandola decided to resign and left the company where he worked for 15 years. He later joined AXA Equitable in 2005, being given the position of executive vice president. He was promoted between 2007 to 2014, holding executive positions inside the company, such as the President of the Advantage Group, a position he held for a year; President of the Northern Division, which he held for almost two years; President of the Continental Division, which he held for three years, from 2009 to 2012; Chief Sales Officer and President of the Continental Division, from 2013 to 2014; and finally, his present position as the Senior Executive Vice President for AXA US.

Vincent Parascandola’s leadership is vital in the expansion of AXA. Because of his contributions in the company, AXA managed to become one of the leading financial institutions in the United States. With him being the current senior executive vice president, AXA is expected to experience more development in the coming years.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Did What They Could to Start Fabletics

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg first started out, they hardly knew each other. This was because they had never worked together before and because they did not cross paths with each other in their regular business. It was a meeting of fate and one that would not only change the course of their own business lives but also the lives of millions of women around the United States who would be able to get exclusive workout gear for the first time ever. It made things easier for the men to be able to get the best experience possible and made things better despite the fact that they had come from different backgrounds.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg came from technology and fashion backgrounds but not in the way that most people would think. Instead, they had been the business people who were behind the fashion and technology brands that they had worked with before. This was something that set them apart from other owners of other companies and something that made it easy for them to make sure that they were doing things the right way. Since both of the men knew that they had a lot of decisions to make with their business, they also knew that they were going to have to meet in the middle with the technology and style divisions of the business.


One thing that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have almost always agreed on is convenience. They know that the business needs to be the most convenient option for everyone who uses it and they also know that this is something that will make things better for everyone who uses the company. Since Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg first started the company, it has been something that they can do to make everything more convenient and provide people with all of the options that they need for success.


As the business continues to grow, more people will have a chance to try new things and get more out of the options that they have. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg try to make sure that things are going to work out for the company and that they are going to be able to make it better. They also know that they will be able to make all of the right decisions now that they are running Fabletics under the name of TechStyle which has helped to change the branding.

ClassDojo For a Brighter Future

ClassDojo is a communication app developed especially for education. It is designed to connect teachers, parents, and students, enabling them to share media such as messages, photos, and videos. This makes sharing the classroom experience, building classroom culture, and transferring innovative ideas from home to the classroom easily possible. Launched in 2011, ClassDojo’s mission is to transform education for children all over the world so that they get the most out of their experience. The app provides a basis for teachers, parents, and students to provide an environment that brings out maximal productivity and growth. As this may look different from school to school and even classroom to classroom, ClassDojo offers flexibility for teamwork and feedback to create a unique environment for students.

Today, ClassDojo is employed in 90% of K-8 schools in America as well as in over 180 in countries. It’s attributes such as messaging, notifications on updates from the classroom, and a point system on children’s behavior set it apart from many other educational apps. For example, messaging options enable teachers, parent, and school leaders to instantly connect with each other while also creating a level of privacy from contact details. Messages can not only be translated into 35 different languages, but teachers can also establish “quiet hours” so parents know when they are unavailable. The app is also presented in over 35 languages. Some of its awards and recognitions include TechCrunch’s Crunchie Award for Best Education Startup in 2015, LinkedIn’s Next Wave Leaders Under 35 in 2015, and NBC Today Show’s Education Innovation Award in 2011.

Success Academy Makes Access to Education Easy For All

Success Academy is the largest free charter school network in New York, and it aims to make access to education reachable and affordable for all children regardless of their background. Eva Moskowitz founded it in 2006, and since its establishment, it has opened many charter schools in New York.


Unlike other district schools, which could be selective, Success Academy offers space to all state children, including those with disabilities. The admissions are once every April. Success Academy enrollment is an effortless activity, and it only takes parents few minutes to complete the whole application process. However, when the number of applying students exceeds the number of available spaces, the random rotary is done, and the lucky students are admitted.


In fact, around 76 percent of the students come from low-income families with 8.5 percent of them being English language learners and about 15 percent being special needs students. Also, around 93 percent of the total population of students comprises of children of color, and this explains why success Academy has helped many African-American children.




Success Academy is authorized to oversee all the activities concerning its operation and performance. It has a responsibility to formulate policies that will enhance effectiveness in the learning process, teaching process, and parent’s satisfaction. Ensuring students are receiving a high-quality education is among the primary aims of Success Academy. Therefore, this learning institution has a stronger accountability to its actions than the other district schools.


All the charter schools are not only accountable to parents and the community, but also the state government. Thus, after every five years, they are subject to review to determine whether or not they are worth to continue operating. Success Academy is not an exceptional, and thus it strives to implement policies that will avail the best learning environment to the students.

James “Big Jim” Larkin

“A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”

At a period in the early 20th century, workers from the United States to Ireland organized protests and strikes. During this time, people were excessively worked and grossly underpaid. The conditions for many workers was dangerously unsanitary, toxic, and hazardous. Even children worked alongside their parents in factories and other job sectors.

It was a time when everybody participated in the labor movement—even the children protested in the streets. People were angry because they were underpaid, overworked, and people were starving and were poorly housed. Many social activists and leaders came forth, and one of those figures was James “Big Jim” Larkin, who famously said: “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.”

Furthermore, Larkin was at the forefront of the labor movement as an activist and trade union organizer during the early 1900s in Ireland. Before that, he worked as a docker, sailor, and a foreman. As a child, Larkin contributed financially after school to his family, including working as an apprentice at the firm where his father worked before he died.

Larkin’s socialism was fostered from his experiences growing up in the slums of Liverpool and having little formal education, which allowed him to recognize the struggle and pressures faced by those in poverty. While he worked as a docker, the urgency of the issues facing workers loomed over Larkin, prompting him to join the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL.) From here in 1905, he became a full-time trade union organizer which would mark a turning point for Larkin and the labor movement.

Moreover, union organizing was an effort to attain fair pay for workers, and Larkin was successful at uniting workers to demand their rights. Throughout Ireland, Larkin campaigned and organized strikes to incite revolution for all workers, but he met his end with the NUDL when differences in leadership became an issue with Larkin and others.

Consequently, the NUDL tried Larkin for embezzlement of funds for helping workers in Cork, and he served three months in prison. His prison conviction marked him with a criminal record, which affected him from claiming a seat in the Dublin Corporation.

To get back to helping workers, Larkin formed his own union known as the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU.) In fact, the union grew from 5,000 to about 15,000 members during this time. Larkin then created a newspaper The Irish Worker and the People’s Advocate to discuss the issues facing workers. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Within four years, the newspaper was suppressed, but that didn’t keep Larkin stifled because he joined forces with James Connolly to establish the Irish Labor Party. Larkin’s proposition was for workers to demand much of what we have as citizens today: 8-hour work days, unemployment benefits, and retirement benefits.

To achieve this, Larkin initiated campaigns through “sympathetic strikes” and boycotting goods to send a message to corporations (such as Guinness and other employers) to adhere to the list of demands of their employees. These campaigns lasted for seven months with 100,000 workers on strike, which became known as the Dublin Lock-out of 1913. In Irish history, the Dublin Lock-out has been regarded as the most significant industrial dispute because it led to the right of fair employment.

Subsequently, Larkin gave talks in the United States for the same efforts, but was convicted in New York for suspected involvement in criminal anarchy and communism. Larkin’s conviction led to him being deported back to Ireland. Coming back to Ireland, Larkin sustained his popularity and continued to immerse himself in the labor movement. Later, Larkin made efforts to help fix housing problems in Ireland—even falling through the floor of the Workers’ Union of Ireland (WUI) Thomas Ashe Hall while supervising for the repairs. Shortly afterward Larkin died in a hospital.

Following Larkin’s death at the age of 71, Larkin’s legacy lived on through literature, songs, monuments, and has a road named after him in Liverpool where he was born. Now in a time where people are still overworked and underpaid, we all yearn for other leaders like James Larkin that will encourage everyone to stand up against corporations and demand their basic human rights.

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Fabletics – Taking Over the Athleisure Market in Style

Fabletics is one of those brands that have helped propagate the culture of leading an active and healthy lifestyle. The unique and designer athleisure products and gear offered by the company is second to none and is high-quality yet affordable, unlike many other popular brands out there. It is what has helped the company to give its biggest of competitors like Amazon a tough run to continue to hold its dominating position in the athleisure business. Fabletics has consistently been achieving new heights of success since its inception in 2013, and there are many reasons why the company has become a familiar name in the fitness world in such a short span.



One of the key reasons is that the management and leadership of Fabletics played their marketing and business strategy well. The company is co-owned by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The association of Kate Hudson with the brand has helped the firm tremendously in attracting her huge fan base across the globe. One of the reasons why Kate Hudson is successful in propagating the message of leading an active and healthy lifestyle by being the brand ambassador of Fabletics is because of her fitness levels and incredible physique at her age.



She said that part of the success of Fabletics could be attributed to the fact that there are not many brands out there that provide athleisure products at an affordable price. Kate Hudson said that she was shocked that some of the brands were selling Yoga pants for two to three hundred dollars. Kate Hudson stated that it is not possible for everyone to afford such high amounts, and this is the void that Fabletics aim to fill with its high-quality yet affordable products. The customers also get a chance to get further discounts through the VIP membership, which allows the customers to buy three products from the company every month at a discounted price.



Moreover, Fabletics would send the member a mail with the personalized collection of items they can choose from. The items would be matched with the customers as per their taste, preference and color choices preferred. Fabletics also implemented the reverse showroom technique successfully and had 18 stores across the nation, which is also a contributing factor to the company’s success. For women considering becoming the VIP members of Fabletics, taking the Lifestyle Quiz at the business’s site is highly recommended. It gives you an idea of how the company offers a personalized shopping experience to its customers.

Groups Who Fight for Equal Rights for the Vulnerable and the Bravery of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Groups who advocate for civil, migrant and human rights are typically those who fight to protect such rights when the government threatens to eliminate them. One of the most well-known ones is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The ACLU fights to maintain the inclusion of immigrants, minorities and any other vulnerable groups into the Constitutional rights. They work on both the individual and collective level. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Anyone who feels that their rights were violated in places such as airports may personally file a report with the ACLU. The ACLU makes it a point to be keenly aware of rights regarding everything from workplace drug testing to LGBT. As a result, the ACLU is considered to be one of the leading organizations in the field of civil rights in the U.S.

Organizations like the ACLU believe in seeing everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, as equally human. As a result, literally everyone deserves to live the same Constitutional Rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Among these rights include that of Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, Freedom of assembly, and, last but not least, Freedom of the press.

On a more personal level, co-founders of the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have used their settlement money to fund migrant rights throughout the state of Arizona.

On October 18, 2007, they were arrested for revealing grand jury information in the article, Grand Jury Targets New Times and Its Readers and other articles containing information about Sherriff Joe Arpaio’s abuses of Constitutional rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

In the article, they accused authorities, particularly Sheriff Arpaio and special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik, of targeting them with grand jury subpoenas to illegally profile their readership beginning on New Year’s Day, 2004. Arpaio and Wilenchik were supposedly trying to weed out illegal groups such as illegal immigrants, Mexican drug cartels, turf disputes, etc. in that way.

Lacey and Larkin ended up spending a night in jail on a misdemeanor charge as a result. Lacey and Larkin received a $3.75 million settlement from Sheriff Arpaio as a result of that incident.

Larkin and Lacey’s fund is called the Frontera Fund. Aside from migrant rights, they also fund organizations that advocate for maintaining the Freedom of Speech and the right to civic participation for everyone. The latter strives to include the Mexican border.