Andrea McWilliams’s Journey to Her Success

Andrea McWilliams is one of the political fundraiser, activist and also a political tactician. She is well expertise woman in the task that she does and mostly takes every single perception with a job. Different media stations recognized and named McWilliams as among the top political strategist these stations include USA Today, CNN, Fox News and Newsweek.

Andrea McWilliams is a recipient of Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce and also Profiles in Power the Austin Business Journal. Therefore she as well has been awarded numerous awards such as Woman of Distinction that she attained from the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, she was also awarded the Austin Under 40 and currently she received the Style Setter Award of the Austin Fashion Week.

Andrea McWilliams currently is the co-founder of McWilliams, the organization that provides its services in the executive situation. The firm is privileged by the community and the government as well. Andrea is a well-known philanthropist who has contributed to the community by helping the needy and fighting for their rights. She is the part of the board of members in different charity organization including Austin Children in Crisis, Rise Across Texas Challenge and HeartGift.

Andrea McWilliams has donated to the KillCancer and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, whereby their main objectives are to eradicate cancer. She also takes part in advising young ladies in Central Texas. Earlier she also was associated with the Girl Scouts Centimental Celebration Group. She was part of the partner at the Austin largest philanthropy work named the Ballet Fete.

At the Marathon Kids Gala which is a charity organization she was the co-chair and also the head of the University of Texas of Art. Apparently she is on the PAC Board of Ryan an organization that is a universal tax service which has attained numerous awards.

10 Life Hacks You Must Try

How to Make Your Jumper or Sweater Look Fresh Again

To make your favorite jumper look fresh again, simply use a shaver to gently remove lint

and loose fabric.


How to Remove Keys From a Jump Ring Without Damaging Nails

According to Wengie, Use a stapler remover to gently pry open the jump ring and twist the jump ring around until the key is removed.


How to Keep From Forgetting Things When You Leave Home


Stack everything on top and under on whatever you tend to forget.


How to Write Over a Message so That No One Can Read it


Scribble random letters and numbers over the written message, making it more difficult to read.


How to Get Your Clothes Folded More Quickly


Place the unfolded clothes on your bed so that you cannot go to sleep until they are folded.


How to Protect Important Items Inside of an Overstuffed Backpack.

Size a piece of cardboard to the opening of a plastic Ziploc bag. Slip in the cardboard into the plastic bag to protect important items.


How to Clean up Messy Spilled Liquids in the Bottom of a Trash Can


Line a few layers of newspaper to the bottom of a garbage can to prevent messy liquid spills in the bottom.


How to Avoid Waiting for Water to Warm up to the Right Temperature

Use a pen to place a mark for your preferred temperature on the handle. Different colors can be used for different people in the household.


How to Keep Cereal in the Bottom of the Box Crunchy

Use a colander to sift out crumbs and leave the larger pieces. The smaller pieces may be used to sprinkle on a scoop of ice cream or for making cookies.


How to Stop Buying Duplicate Groceries


Take a photo of your opened refrigerator so that you can check your phone on your next shopping trip.



Making the Transition From Humor to Drama


Tom Hanks movies have managed to provide people with a lot of entertainment during his career. He has been able to transition from one area to another as one of the most creative forces in the movie industry. He has had multiple movies over the years, and he has always been a perfectionist.


In the early years Tom Hanks of into his list of 1990s comedies. He has movies like “Big” and “House Pit” where he would hone in on his comedy skills. He would become good at providing laughs, but he wanted to be able to do more than this. He made a conscious decision to engage in more drama as he got older. That is why he would take on other roles in movies like “The Green Mile” and “Saving Private Ryan.” These would be heart touching movies that would allow people to get a different feel for the type of work that Tom Hanks was capable of. He would take on the role of a soldier. He would take on the role of Paul Edgecomb in “The Green Mile” and choices like this would take him further. He would become known as an actor that could move from the comedy to the drama without any problems.


He would thrive as an actor that could make people believe in his transition roles. He transformed his appearance completely when he did “Castaway.” This is one of his strongest performances. He would also have great movies like Forrest Gump that would totally change his career.

High Investor Confidence Leads To Oversubscription Of A Bank’s Senior Notes

Recently, NexBank Capital reported that its senior unsecured noted were oversubscribed after the management made the decision to reopen its initial offering. The total amount raised from the transaction was $155 million, $80 million of which had been raised from the second phase.

According to the information released by the firm, the notes will mature on March 16, 2026. The interest rates on the notes will be fixed at 5.50 percent for the first five years, after which the notes are callable. From March 15, 2021, the interest rate on the notes will be determined based on a spread above the three-month LIBOR of 435.5 basis points. Kroll Bond Rating Agency has signed an investment grade rating of BBB on the notes.

The money generated from the transaction will use used by NexBank Capital to repay specified debts. The capital will also be used to finance the company’s general corporate purposes. The notes were floated to the public through Sandler O’Neill & Partners.

Speaking during the announcement, NexBank Capital’s president and CEO, John Holt said that the over subscription of the placement is an indication of the strong investor confidence in the company. He stated that the firm had a formidable long-term business strategy that would result in enhanced growth and increase its market share. He noted that the business had enjoyed many years of stability and strong financial performance. This can be ascertained by Kroll Bond Rating Agency’s decision to award the company a BBB rating. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire .

Matt Siekielski believes that the company’s core businesses and strategies were central to the success of the transaction. In the last 12 months, the company had been able to raise over $200 million. The capital has was sourced from a broad range of institutional investors. Matt is the firm’s executive vice president and COO.

NexBank Capital is a financial services company. The entity offers its services through three key business units. They are mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. The banks offer its banking services to financial institutions, institutional clients, and corporations across the United States. It also provides personal and online banking services. As of December 31, 2016, the company’s assets were valued at over $4.6 billion. NexBank’s board of directors comprises notable and experienced leaders such as James Dondero who is its chairman.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

One misconception about life on the road, specifically traveling on the Greyhound bus line, is that it is dangerous. Looking through the pictures on Doug Levitt’s website and hearing him talk about his travels though, you do not get that impression. In fact, you get the opposite impression. Doug shows and tells you a lot of things, but one thing he never mentions is violence or criminal activity. There are a lot of good, decent and hardworking people who travel the highways and bi-ways on Greyhound buses, and with the rare exception of of a few people who are mentally unstable, everyone gets along just fine.


This may be the biggest misconception of the people that Doug Levitt spent so much time and so many miles with, that they are the criminal element that travels by bus. Some of them may look the part, but most if not all are just ordinary, average people who work hard for low wages and, simply put, cannot afford a vehicle of their own. This does not make them bad people by any stretch of the imagination, but it does make them misunderstood by people who live a vastly different life. We tend to shy away from these people and give them their own space. But if we just took the time to talk to them for a little bit and give them the benefit of the doubt, we will see that they are just like us…….only poorer.


Judging a book by its cover rarely works, and this is no exception to that rule.

Why Equities First Holdings Might Be the Best Solutions for You

Equities First Holdings may be just what you are looking for if you’re wanting to obtain a loan that comes with a low interest rate. Unfortunately, there are many people who are unable to obtain loans at all. They are also the ones who may need to obtain loans the most.

Some people obtain loans so that they can use the capital that is loaned to them to make more capital, whereas, some people obtain loans so that they may merely be able to survive through some times that they were not necessarily expecting of not having any money. If this happens to be your particular case, please do not hesitate to contact one of the specialists of Equities First Holdings as they will be more than glad to see what they can do to assist you in achieving your goals.

It is important to note that although many lending companies have limits on who they may potentially provide loans for, Equities First Holdings is one that is non-judgmental. They provide loans to anyone who may be seeking it or needing it. Even high net-worth individuals may apply for a loan, whether they want to use it to fund a business, charity, vacation, or any non-purpose/personal matter is totally up to them and their preferences/goals, however, it’s important for them to know where such loans exist. This is why Equities First Holdings is wanting to be put on the radar of companies that people are made aware about as they may be able to greatly benefit from what they offer. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by as you may be able to benefit greatly from the wonderful offers they provide at low priced interest rates and fair rules of collateral should the borrower not be able to make timely repayments.

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Chairman Tim Armour Continues to Lead Capital Group to the Top Using Its Multi-Manager Investment System

Capital Group is recognized by Morningstar as a highly recommended multimanager investment firm in the U.S. On October 1st, 2015, Janet Yang, Fund Analyst of Morningstar provided an analysis in an advisory report of the company and its subsidiary, American Funds.

Based on the report, Capital Group’s American Funds received a higher Stewardship rating of A for the its culture three months after Mr. Armour was elected as Chairman of the Los Angeles based firm, in July 2015. He joined the firm as an intern, in the 1980s, immediately after graduating from Middlebury College, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics. As one of the equity portfolio managers, he continuously contributes to the growth of one of the largest and growing investment management companies, worldwide.

Janet Yang’s forecast of the Capital Group comprises of the company’s culture of investment strategies and some background history of the firm. She stated in the analysis American Funds received a higher rating for providing incentives to their fund managers and their history of following regulations. Since the Capital Group was founded in 1931 as a private company, its complete equity investment managing portfolio, including all its subsidiaries have grown to more than $1.3 trillion in assets management. In the early 1950’s, the firm adopted the multimanager investing system and continues to use the same system with some enhancements. It is accredited to the success of the firm and Tim Armour will continue to lead the company to the top using the system while serving as Chairman.

Capital Group selected Mr. Armour to replace former Chairman James Rothenberg after he passed away. Tim helped structure the multimanager investing system to permit twelve or more equity portfolio managers and analysts to manage individual portfolio of funds. The system is proven to work for the firm’s investors providing diversification of funds with low volatility during most economic condition. In 2013, Capital Group began implementing transparency efforts to provide reports for advisors and institutions. These reports provide transparency of portfolio managers, research portfolio, top holdings, and contributions.


Arthur Becker; A Leading Real Estate Developer In New York

Arthur Becker is an American real estate investor and a tech mogul based in New York City. Arthur is known as a tech mogul due to his different projects in the tech industry. Currently, Becker serves as the managing director of Atlantic Investors company, a real estate investment company. Becker is also the chairman and CEO of Zinio Company, a digital marketing firm. Even though Arthur is known as a tech mogul, it is his real estate investment that has positioned him at the helm of the best investors in New York.

Recently, Becker scored big in his real estate investment business in New York. He became the proud owner of three different townhouses adjacent to each other on Sullivan Street, reports, propelling him to be ranked among the top 10 people to invest in the City. Becker has investments in 10 Sullivan Street and his acquisition of 30, 40 and 50 will strengthen his ownership in New York.

These 6,500-square-foot townhouses were among the four homes developed by Kevin Maloney’s Property Markets Group and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities. Becker took ownership of the townhouses in exchange for his share in the condominium development, a new venture the two companies are involved in. The townhouses are strategically placed with the potential to appreciate in value once completed putting Becker on an upper hand from the agreement.

The townhouses were not complete when Becker acquired ownership. He plans to take one for himself after completion and sell or lease the other two. Becker said the townhouses would be priced higher than 20 Sullivan, the one townhouse he didn’t acquire, as they have a larger backyard. According to StreetEasy, the 20 Sullivan property was sold in June 2015 at $18.5 million, down from its asking value of $20.8 million in March.

Becker has had an exciting career. He serves as the managing director of Madison Technology Group; a position he has held since 2001. Becker has a Bachelor of Administration degree from Bennington College, a college he attended between 1969 and 1972. He then joined the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth between 1973 and 1974.

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UK Vintners Provide You With The Best in Quality Wine

UK vintners offer some of the best products of wine that are available in the entire industry. Unfortunately, many purchasers and/or investors are unaware of what it takes to make wine that is of high quality. Proper wine making takes time. In other words, a wine vintner should not be making their wine in a hurry so that they can simply make a quick profit by selling off as much wine as they can in as little of time as possible. Therefore, it is highly imperative for investors/purchasers to know whether the vintner that they choose to purchase their wine from are truly taking their time or not.

Have you ever found yourself drinking wine that didn’t necessarily taste so good to you? If so, then you may be wondering what exactly it was that caused it to taste such a way. If your wine happened to be bitter, then it is highly likely that the wine that you had chosen was made under manufacturing processes that were quicker than is required for proper wine making. However, it is not too late to switch up your decision making when it comes to buying wine.

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Wine merchants are regularly inspected by inspectors to ensure that they are following proper protocols of wine making. If a wine maker is not undergoing proper wine making protocols, then it is highly likely that the quality of your wine will suffer. You do not want to make the mistake of buying wine, especially if a large amount, that is not of high quality. Today should be the day that you make a few phone calls or search online to decide whether the vintner you will be purchasing from is an optimal choice or not. Be sure to ask about the time they take in making the wine in the midst of your research.

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Provide All Natural Coverage For Your Cherished Lips

Thousands of women trust the benefits of EOS lip balm products to nourish their lips and provide long lasting coverage throughout the day. Your favorite celebrity like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have been seen whipping their colorfully packaged products out of their purse. You will be glad that you decided to use a product that contains all natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic tested and cruelty free. You can nourish your lips with a lip balm tat is uniquely designed to nourish your lips. You won’t have to worry about multiple applications throughout the day with a silky smooth shine with every application.

Evolution Of Smooth Is Chosen

There is a number of women that want to utilize organic beauty care products for their skin. Amazingly, Evolution of Smooth is chosen 10 to 1 over other leading balm products. They contain eleven essential amino acids that give your lips moisture with the proper blend of fragrance. Their products are packed with jojoba oil and shea butter. Your lips are the only set you’ll ever get and are worth the tender loving care. Evolution of Smooth penetrates within the skin tissue to provide protection against the elements and leave your lips feeling properly nourished. Say goodbye to your tube of Chapstick.

EOS Lip Balm

– Mint Kisser

– Almond Milk

– Strawberry

– Wildberry

– Acai

Sweet Mint

– Lemon Drop

– Original EOS

Visit your local Target or Walmart and find EOS lip balm products in the beauty care aisle. You can also order Evolution of Smooth directly from their website ( or via Amazon. You’ll never look back to your former lip care product for protection. Build your lips back to a natural state with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. You’re invited to chose your favorite flavor today.