Pet Food Sales Reach Record Levels As Beneful Grows

The market for pet foods is changing all the time and includes a range of new foods being created by independent producers who are looking for healthier ways of feeding the pets of the world. Over the last decade the market for pet foods has grown to reach more than $23 billion as increasing numbers of independent producers have entered the market seeking to create fresh foods. Since 2009, the pet food industry has been growing consistently and the premium pet food market has grown to top $10 billion in sales each year.

Beneful was one of the first premium pet food production companies that was created by a globally recognized pet food brand; in 2001, Nestle Purina developed the Beneful brand to provide a natural range of pet foods produced in a way that pushed the natural nature of the ingredients to the fore. The products created under the Beneful brand have become some of the best loved in the world, and pushed the brand into the top four on the planet.

One of the major reasons for the growth of the Beneful brand has been the innovative approach taken to all aspects of the products in the line; an area that has shown the impressive nature of Beneful is in the approach to marketing that has set new standards for many pet food producers. Amongst the innovations introduced by Beneful are the many different forms of advertising the company introduced aimed directly at the pets, which includes odors and images designed to attract the pets themselves to the the products.

The use of natural ingredients is one of the main improvements being made in the pet food industry with more of a focus on real meats, vegetables, and fruits. A number of independent producers are pushing the boundaries of pet foods with the introduction of real foods refrigerated and shipped directly to the customer. As the market for pet foods grows pet parents around the world are looking for the best possible foods to provide for their pet to enjoy as they stay as healthy and active as possible.



Busy Year ahead for CCOs like Helane Morrison as they expect More Regulations in 2016

CCO groups note that members are gearing up for more scrutiny in 2016. This comes despite of the SEC officials saying that they have not changed their perception on chief compliance officers working in money management firms. According to compliance experts, institutional investors should pay more attention to their own due diligence.

The role of a compliance officer is to identify risks and lead an organization’s response. The regulators do not plan to change the roles of compliance officers. However, according to Deborah Prutzman, the CEO of the Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC, the regulators are becoming more willing to enforce failures in order to have their expectations met. There have been high-status cases in 2015 that underscores this fact.

In June 2015, SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprise Inc as well as its compliance officer were charged by SEC. According to the regulator, there was failure to implement the set policies to hinder misappropriation of client assets, filing a misstatement in a Form ADV filing, and failing to carry out annual reviews. CCO Mason paid $25,000 while SFX paid $150,000 to settle the charge.

Andrew Ceresney, SEC Enforcement Director noted that there was no doubt about the professional judgment of a chief compliance officer. Instead, actions have only been taken on cases that involve failure to create and implement such policies. He said this to the National Society of Compliance Professionals in November while addressing compliance officers’ concerns. In addition, Ceresney said that they consider the facts as well as fairness in each case, although many cases involved CCOs that had engaged in clear misconduct.

According to him, SEC charges CCOs when they directly engage in a conduct that hurts investors. He also added that the enforcement actions should act as a support to CCO’s role within a firm.

Ms. Barr, president of the Investment Advisors Association, is of a contrary opinion. According to her, the anxiety levels are going up in terms of attracting the brightest to be compliance officers. As much as her fear is valid, in my view, the chief compliance officer field still attracts the best.

Helane L. Morrison is a former head of the San Francisco SEC office where she worked from 1997 to 2007. She carried out various duties that include securities enforcement, regulatory matters, and litigation in her capacity, as the district administrator, and later, as regional director.

Currently, Morrison is a managing director, chief compliance officer and general counsel of Hall Capital Partners. She is also a core member of the company’s executive committee. Morrison has extensively practiced law for over ten years. She got a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law.

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George Soros: Trump is Doing ISIS’s Work

After looking at Donald Trump and listening to his ideas on how to deal with the immigration issue, George Soros compares Trump to ISIS. It is clear that George Soros does not agree with Trump at all when he compares him to a terrorist group. ISIS has taken over the middle east for a while. While there is a legitimate threat of terrorism, Donald Trump’s way of handling them by closing out the borders to Muslims is seen as extreme by George Soros. George Soros also implies that it adds to the problem of terrorism because it might give Muslims no other choice but to resort to acts of terrorism.

While George Soros might be dismissed by some to be partisan, he is someone that should be listened to on various issues. Among the issues that he should be given attention in is the economy. Forbes billionaire George Soros is usually spot on in his prediction about certain economic issues and what can be done to solve it. One thing he notices is that the economy is headed for another downturn that is very similar to the 2008 crisis. He has looked at the different signs of the economy in order to figure out whether or not it is going to fall.

Among the signs of the global crisis is the economical issue that is going on with China right now. China is facing some serious problems that has resulted from its over lending. Also, China is trying to find a different model that will work better for the country. The crisis of China has started to carry over into the other parts of the world. Given all that is happening in China, this could be another victim of the crisis that started in 2011 in Greece with the debt crunch.

Then there are the issues in the Ukraine with Russia. According to George Soros, the crisis in Greece was mishandled in Germany by Merkel. Her methods only made the issue worse in the long run with the charging of large interest rates. Among the reasons that the Ukraine is facing a lot of opposition from Russia is the reform. Russia has attacked Ukraine because of President Putin’s opposition to the new Ukraine that is in the development process.

George Soros has seen glimpses of the new Ukraine which was supposed to be based on equality as opposed to the more exploitative nature of the old Ukraine. One of the factors that sets Putin against the Ukraine and the EU is that it is against the current ways that allows people in power to use their position to exploit those that are under them. The new reform that is coming stands in the in the way of that.




Make a Wikipedia Page to Get Your Business Noticed In Today’s Busy Market

Today’s market is one in which many businesses and services often compete for attention. A company or person offering specific services such as Wikipedia writing services or website design will often need to stay on top of the latest developments in technology and use various specific strategies to help attract customer attention. Companies that do so can help keep existing customers happy and attract new customers at the same time. One of the best ways to help bring attention that is accurate and useful to any business or any person’s career is via the creation of a Wikipedia page that is all about the goods and services they offer. 

A Wikipedia page that is about any person and their career or company offers many important kinds of advantages. The user can be assured of having accurate information that is readily available to all those who are searching for it in a single space. Many users also find that Wikipedia is one of their most reliable internet sources. The same is very much true of major internet search engines such as Google. Such search engines are likely to rank any Wikipedia page very highly in a given search. This means that those who are searching for information about a person’s’career or a business are likely to find any such page in the first three results of any search they conduct. 

Creating a page that is polished and well written is often best left to hiring Wikipedia writers who specialize in this kind of service. In such cases, many people find it helpful to make sure they have skilled help. Staffers at Get Your Wiki know this fact. They know that many of their customers are not sure where to begin to make a Wikipedia page about their business. This is where they can help. 

Staffers at the company can help any customer have a page that is just right for their needs and wants. They know that it is best to create a page that will likely stand up in the long term and one that is written in accordance with all standards at the site. Wikipedia guidelines run to multiple pages and may appear highly confusing to those who have never dealt with such guidelines before. Staffers at the company can easily help any user take the basic facts about their business and create a page that will be right for them.

Yeonmi Park: A Protecting Angel of Justice

If there is one thing that the oppressed have in common, it is that they seek justice. The same can be said for Yeonmi Park as one of the survivors of North Korean oppression. However, where she differs from others is that a lot of other people want revenge for a wrong and they believe that is justice. Yeonmi Park on the other hand just wants all of the injustices to stop. Even in telling her story, she had to keep certain things secret so that she doesn’t expose some of her family members. She did it to protect her family that was still under the oppression of the North Korean government. While Yeonmi Park does want to fight the battle for equality, she does understand that there is a cost that can come with the fight towards a better world. The cost could include her own life and the life of those that she cares about. It is a hard battle to fight because Yeonmi has to remain 100% truthful to her story because there is going to be a lot of manipulation put forth by the North Korean government. This is especially true for Yeonmi Park since she has gotten the attention of billions of people on Youtube which include readers. If Pyongyang manages to discredit Yeonmi Park’s story, then that could prove to be a major blow to the stories of other defectors of North Korea. Now that Yeonmi has the spotlight, it is up to her to be a shining example of the oppressed of North Korea. The truth and integrity of the story is very important for the people that are able to find a good solution to the problem to be able to work out a good plan. Yeonmi Park does admit to missing a few things about North Korea. She has even admitted that if she had enough food to eat, she might have stayed in North Korea. However, the famine and plenty of other problems that occurred in the reclusive country has resulted in them making an escape. The escape has also proven to be rough, but they eventually made it to their destination.

Better for you is better for pets too

Breeding dachshunds is my passion and something I enjoy a great deal. Currently, I have 7 that are ready for adoption. In fact, I breed quality dogs from healthy lineages so, what I feed them matters more than for comfort pets. I have searched and received advice from many breeders in my industry on pet care. Their council is invaluable and has helped me a lot when I didn’t know the right course of action to take. My advisors have taught me a great deal on premium dog food and how to meet the needs of your breed, while making use of the Scrooge strategy and saving every penny that doesn’t need to be spent. For my dogs I spare no expense on their vittles and health care. In fact, the top food recommended to me is the Backcountry line from Beneful. Without doubt, this is the best organic line of wet and dry dog food. My pups never go without this. By all means, the sheen it gives to their coats is unbelievable and I have to do very little else to keep them that way. Almost all of my dogs are given this formula because it is one of the most nutritionally sound ready made foods available to purchase in Amazon, Whole Foods and Target. Generally, I buy the food from Whole Foods or Target because I also shop there for my other house hold needs so, it is very convenient. Recently, I have begun feeding Beneful’s PurinaStore Bright Minds to my two older dogs at the suggestion of their veterinarian. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when they began eating it but it has really surprised me with how much vitality they suddenly have again. Both of them have always been very intelligent dogs but with the healthy fats in this formula the clock has rolled back concerning their mental and physical agility. Currently, I am looking at a bag of the Beneful’s Purina Bright Minds formula, in the ingredients it has coconut oil listed which, is why it is so easy to digest for older dogs.

Jon Urbana On Music And Videos

Apart from his success in photography, Jon Urbana has had numerous accomplishments in other artistic fields. He has been gaining experience and sharing his views on nature through his films. He releases videos on Vimeo and YouTube for peoples’ enjoyment and writing articles to help spread awareness and raise consciousness around issues involving caring for our natural resources. One of his videos shows a moose in the wild. It is so refreshing to see things like this, and Jon has seen a very positive response to his videos from members of different areas in the public arena. One of his videos is available by following this link.

As previously mentioned, Jon has experienced some great accomplishments in photography. He shows the world around him with a delicate lens that is not often achieved by many photographers today. Jon showcases his most prized images on Instagram and his personal website, which can be viewed by clicking here. He also has a Facebook Page, here.

Music is one of Jon Urbana’s most prized areas of his life. He has been practicing and recording for a long while. He started when he bought his first guitar, and he bought some recording software around the same time. He has gained quite a following on Soundcloud, which is a notable achievement today. His music brings to mind the genres of electronic music, and he does some original recordings like Swan Song, but a lot of his music is made by sampling other artists. It is interesting to hear what an ear Jon Urbana has for mixing and rerecording the music of other artists.

Business Endeavors

The business life of Jon Urbana is the most obvious successful area of his life. When looking at all of his accomplishments, the companies and organizations he started are outstanding. They stand out because they impact the community in a positive and obvious way by empowering youths. Jon co-founded one of the nation’s best lacrosse camps for youths. It is located in Colorado. It can be found by visiting this site. The reason Jon founded this organization is because he was so heavily involved in lacrosse as a youth, and Jon thought it would be nice to give back to the lacrosse community by establishing a training camp for youths. The youth of today need more positive role models like Jon Urbana in their lives to motivate them.

A Better Buying Experience Powered by Artificial-Intelligence and Visual Search

Recently highlighted by MIT Technology Review, major websites are considering abandoning the ubiquitous text search box in favor of image searches. This new capability is made possible by software known as deep learning. The technology on utilizes image recognition, allowing users to search for items similar to one found in an initial image. Pinterest has incorporated the technology as a means to help users find an online retailer for a specific item found in a 2D image, such as a coffee-pot shown in a picture of a kitchen. has begun using deep learning technology from artificial-intelligence firm Sentient as a means of helping women shoppers sort the website’s stock of around 7,000 boots to find exactly the style they are looking for. This type of technology makes the search experience more efficient for consumers, as well as more profitable for retailers as they can better meet their customers’ needs.

Slyce has further developed this visual search technology to not only recognize 2D images, but also real-life 3D images. Led by a team with decades of experience in innovative technology and business, Slyce’s technology can help retailers increase their business by using software tailored to meet their needs, with products available on desktop and mobile platforms.

Slyce has developed a universal scanner app that allows users to take a picture of anything around them and find where it can be purchased. The app is able to scan barcodes, QR codes, 2D images, and 3D images, allowing users to find the exact and similar items online. Retailers can choose from several functions to incorporate into their app, including Snap-To-Buy, Snap-To-Discover, Snap-To-List, and Snap-To-Coupon. This technology allows customers to not only find better deals on an in-store item, but also to find and purchase anything they see about them as they go throughout their day.

This type of technology provides great benefits for both consumers and retailers. With visual search software, retailers no longer need to fear an item being out of stock because similar items can be recommended to customers, keeping them from going elsewhere to shop. Customers also reap the benefits of this technology as they are able to find exactly the item they are looking for in a much more efficient and accurate way than using a text search box. As advances in artificial-intelligence and visual search technology increase, the benefits are only bound to multiply.

Beneful Keeps the Varieties Coming

Beneful is one of the top dog food choices on the market. There are a lot of people that are fans of this type of dog food because it allows dogs owners to save money while providing healthy nutritious meals and snacks for their dogs.

Beneful for healthy puppies is one of the brands that I have purchased from this company. It has served me well because I have raised a lot of small pets over the years. It has become one of those staples that I can depend on because I know that the ingredients for this Beneful product will help my little dogs grow. I’m also a fan of this type of dog food because I know that the dogs will eat it. It will not be something that goes to waste.

Incredibites on is also something that has become very popular in my home. It is a great source of nutrition, but there is another thing that stands out to most people when they buy Beneful Incredibites. Consumers will find that this is food that is perfect for active pets. Even if you may have noticed that your dogs are lazy and unmotivated you can still do something about it. That is the best thing about finding something like Incredibites. Beneful on purina is the type of dog food that allows people to give their dogs a greater energy source.

Chopped Blends are also a well-known brand from this Beneful Family of dog food flavors. I have been quite impressed with this because I look at the ingredients on the back of the packaging and discover that many of these ingredients are part of my diet as well. That is very enlightening because I know that my dogs are getting nutritional benefits from the brand.

Beneful Baked Delights round out the list of products that are purchased within my household. Anyone that has a dog know that dogs are constantly eating. It can become quite expensive to give them complete meals, but it is also very ineffective. Giving a dog entire meals throughout the day will simply make the dog lazy and a bit overweight overtime. That is why it is better to invest in something like the crunchy baked delight treats.

I have purchased other foods, but I have found that the Beneful products are the best value for my money. Few pet brands offer such vast affordable varieties.

Your Pet’s Designer Foods For Good Health

Whether your dog likes the wet or the dry variety of Purina Beneful Dog Food, the varieties of both wet and dry food will satisfy their cravings. The Beneful Originals dog food comes in beef, chicken and salmon enhanced with added vegetables, nutrition, and supplements needed to keep your pet healthy and active.

Healthy Weight – A dry mixture made with real chicken is calorie controlled to help your pet maintain a healthy weight, or assist in helping your pet lose a few pesky pounds. The chicken meals are made of a crunchy mixture of meat, vegetables, grains, and nutrients that complement your dog’s daily activities in keeping energy high and maintaining the proper nutrition.
Healthy Puppy – A dry mixture contains the added calcium-rich formula to enhance the puppies growth throughout the puppy growth stages. The added nutrients give the puppy the start needed for healthy bones, brain, eyes, and teeth while maintaining the abundance of energy all young dogs exhibit. Nutrients added to the puppy food also helps your pet keep a healthy coat and skin.
Senior Dogs – Caring for your senior pet requires the assistance of the professionals at Beneful, who know the exact amount of food an older pet needs for their level of activity to maintain their health and supply them with the added nutrients required for their size and age.
Treats – Your dog thinks they’re treats because they taste so good, but Beneful calls them Healthy Smile Treats. Your dog doesn’t care that they help reduce Plaque and Tartar buildup on their teeth. Or that these “treats” support healthy bones and freshen their breath. They only care that they taste good and make them feel good. These snacks come in a variety of sizes such as mini, medium, and large sizes. The treats contain real parsley with meaty middles or peanut butter flavor that come in, the shapes of twists or ridges.

Beneful‘s primary interest is in the health and growth of pets. Their objective is to provide healthy nutrients and food that enhances your pet’s growth and good health. The correct nutrition in your pet’s food will maintain that youthful sparkle in their eyes that stares at your with love and devotion. Offer your pet a meal you know they will like and provide the nutritional needs to maintain an active pet.