Opposition slams state of emergency decree

Venezuela’s opposition party slammed president Nicolas Maduro’s emergency over the weekend, and said it would press forward with its efforts to have a recall vote this year, according to Reuters.
Venezuela is in the midst of a great economic crisis brought on by falling oil prices, but opposition leaders blame Maduro’s socialist policies. Maduro as reported by local news station El Venezolano, declared a 60 day state of emergency and accused the United States and the opposition party of trying to subvert him and his nation. There are long lines waiting to shop in stores for food, and there is not much food available.

The opposition party won control of the legislature last December, but so far the supreme court of that nation has stymied their efforts to oust Maduro. The law allows for a referendm after three years in office, which is this year for Maduro. He and his allies say there will be no referendum this year. Opposition leaders including David Osio are busy gathering signatures but have faced hurdles in the system.

If the referendum is held this year and Maduro loses, there would be another election immediately. However, if the referendum is held in 2017, and Maduro lost, the vice president would take over. That would defeat the purpose of the opposition as the vice president is also a socialist and ally of Maduro. The opposition believes it can get control with a new election, and polls show Maduro’s popularity is at a very low state.

India Looks To Aid Venezuela As Defaults Grow

The growing crisis in Venezuela has had an impact on the economy of the world as business owners across the globe become worried about the growing implications on the world of finance. Open Corporates reports one of the major business partners of Venezuela is India, which has recently looked to develop a new business agreement with the South American nation in a bid to avoid any future defaults.
According to The Hindu members of the Indian Government have formulated a new agreement that has been given to the Venezuelan authorities to be discussed in a bid to keep trade routes open between the two countries. Indian authorities have become concerned by falling levels of exports to Venezuela, in particular the pharmaceutical industry that has been badly affected by the economic crisis in Venezuela.

Expert Velasquez Figueroa explains that the new deal being discussed between Venezuela and India will see the introduction of a holding account to act as a buffer for payments on imports into Venezuela from India. The basis of the proposal sees Indian importers paying for Venezuelan goods, including oil, through an Indian bank that will hold a portion of all funds to pay for future exports to the South American country. The vostro account system has been used in the past, but the Venezuelan government will have to agree to the system for the next steps to be taken in its introduction.

Marc Sparks helping young entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur of many startups. Some have been tremendously successful, and some have failed nevertheless. Marc’s is highly conducive to startup incubation. He loves transforming new businesses into revenue generating companies. He has strong faith in God, and his positive attitude has guided him through the toughest of times.

In his book, They Can’t Eat You. He highlights that there is a required special flow within an office that is required to ensure that collaboration and output are maximized. It’s through his experience that he started Timber Creek Capital, LP as a sustainable enterprise.

Spark Tank DFW says that Marc Sparks handles many companies at the same time, mentors them and provides access to resources like banking, marketing, capital, office space, etc.

According to Crunchbase, Marc Spark says that through experience he has come to understand the challenges and devastating situations entrepreneurs can face. Thus, he helps them build their dream and companies to acquire critical mass. Marc Sparks is the founder, owner, and CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is also a philanthropist, author, and an entrepreneur.

Timber Creek LP is a private equity firm that deals with turning the dreams of entrepreneurs into valuable, revenue-generating products and services. Its offices are located in Dallas, Texas office, Timber Creek Capital, provides the required capital, equipment, intellectual capital, banking, marketing, merchant banking, graphic arts, customer service expertise, support staff, office space, legal and accounting.

Marc Sparks says that coming up with a meaningful presentation is key to being successful in selling the idea to a venture capitalist. The following steps guide entrepreneurs on how to make a great presentation. Firstly, make sense with every visual. Secondly, tell your investors the path that they are to follow to realize success. Third, keep it simple and straightforward to ensure they understand it. Fourth, have faith and pride in your product or service.

A list of companies that Mr. Sparks has dealt with GlobalTec Solutions (200-2005) Provider of decision and analysis products, Splash Media (2004-present) it’s one of the largest marketing services in the globe that deals with video production, SEM, SEO and programming services.

Reliant Healthcare (2006-2011) It’s a Physician-sponsored healthcare management company with an additional focus on inpatient rehabilitation and healthcare operations. Agency Matrix (2007-2011) Provider of business office solutions through automation and user-friendly tools. Cobalt Real Estate Services (2009-Present) Commercial and multifamily residual property sales and management in the state of Texas. Just to name a few – http://www.nbcdvd.com/marc-sparks-more-business-than-usual/.

Spark’s enthusiasm and great energy have helped him acquire many accolades. He dedicated time and money to the Samaritan Inn (a homeless shelter in Texas). He has also established the Sparky’s Kids foundation for the poor youth.

Sparks encourage everyone by giving out his story. Sparks got a C+ average in High School and continued to fuel himself up with little resources and a tight budget.

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Search Fixers: Fix My Online Reputation!


Online reputation management work is something all business owners and managers should look into. Decades ago, quelling customer discontent or dealing with a bad public relations issue required a minimal amount of work. Things are not so easy these days. The internet has changed how bad information is addressed. Simply put, something posted on the internet is not going to go away without prodding.

Even the way online reputation management is handled has become more complex. Eliminating or responding to negative comments won’t cut it anymore. Instead, a very deliberative and targeted strategy designed to engage in total online reputation management.

A variety of reasons exist as to why reputation management has to be taken seriously. Among the most important reasons would be to keep control of the messaging. Customers may write bad reviews. No business is capable of preventing this from occurring. Not taking steps to mitigate the effects of bad reviews or allowing bad reviews to craft the primary message about a business would be an unwise strategy. Once a message is lost, a business cannot effective brand itself in the eyes of the public.

Poor branding combined with poor messaging is going to effect sales in a very negative way. No business is going to survive if it cannot generate a proper amount of revenue. Ignoring a reputation crisis is hardly going to allow time to heal the problem. Being proactive and dealing with the situation is a must. Among the best ways to do this would be to hire professionals who are capable of doing a solid, comprehensive job.

The Search Fixers are available to help those who are struggling with undesirable search engine results to fix their online reputations. Search Fixers will go right to work on improving what Google and the other search engines reveal. With the Search Fixers on the job, those querying the search engines might not come across a host of harmful negative items.

Business owners should always be in control of the marketing of their enterprises. Keeping the reputation of a business in the public’s good graces falls under this process. Seeking the help of those capable of delivering such results is definitely advisable.

Crystal Hunt Shows Her Skills In Many Areas Of Life

The actress Crystal Hunt has a face that will be familiar to people who follow a wide range of types of media, from movies through to daytime TV drama and reality TV. Crystal Hunt has spent the vast majority of her life growing up on screen in a range of soap operas and movies, before embarking on a new range of projects both on screen and in business that have propelled her to new levels of success. Despite not appearing in a daytime soap opera for a number of years the skills shown by Crystal in her roles as “Guiding Light’s” Lizzie Spaulding and “One Life To Live’s” Stacy Morasco see her retain a cult following among drama fans.

The recognition Crystal Hunt has as a dramatic star of soap operas saw her asked to return to the final episodes of “One Life To Live” in her iconic role as the scheming Stacy Morasco; since leaving the soap opera industry the star has returned to her drama roots with her role in the reality show “Queens Of Drama”. The show sees Hunt teamed with a number of former daytime soap opera stars who form an all female production company hoping to develop a new drama for prime time television.

The success Crystal Hunt has achieved in reality TV has come after she not only revealed her acting skills, but also showed the business skills she has developed from her hometown base of Clearwater, Florida. Not only does Crystal Hunt own a pet boutique close to her Florida home, but she has acted as an executive producer on a number of TV shows and movies, including the Zac Efron starring “Talbot County”.  Other than this, Crystal works on her budding photography portfolio, in addition to the work that she’s pursuing with her YouTube highlight reel.

China’s Debt-fueled Economy Similar to U.S. in 2007-08 Warns George Soros

George Soros is an American investor, author, and philanthropist who has a Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and holds dual citizenship of Hungary and United States. He is the current Chairman and founder of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundation. Soros broke the Bank of England on http://www.georgesoros.com/essays/ with short sales of US$10 billion worth of British Pounds that enabled him to make an enormous profit of $1 billion in 1992 UK currency crisis.

Soros is also known for his involvement in politics as a known supporter of American liberal and American progressive political causes. Soros has donated more than $11 billion from 1979 to 2015. He has contributed to political organizations on http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527 supporting Hilary Clinton in her bid to become US president. Soros is also known for making controversial statements that spike reactions from various parties including the government, media and organizations.

One of the recent opinions was about the state of the China’s economy which he claim is headed for a collapse following resemblance to the U.S. debt-fueled economy in 2007-08 which later led to the global financial crisis. George Soros believes that the current hike in credit growth figures should be taken as a warning of what is about to happen to China’s economy in the future with similar impacts to the world. Currently, Bloomberg survey shows the credit growth is unsustainable with figures surpassing the forecasted 1.4 trillion yuan and hitting 2.34 trillion yuan in the month of March.

Soros has already made a fortune of $24 billion through savvy wagers in the market showing how much investors cannot ignore his knowledge. During a world Economic Forum in Davos in January on http://www.profitconfidential.com/economy/economic-collapse-george-soros-delivers-grim-warning-for-investors/, he made his sentiments clear when he disclosed to have placed a bet on some of the Asian currency as a way of expressing confidence that some countries in the region’s economy would have to experience a hard landing. However, China responded to his through the state media agency Xinhua that he has made similar predictions in the past, and this one is no different.

George Soros continued to insist that the reason the problem has affected China in a big way is because interbank lending is still small. However, he said that as the credit market surges, interbank lending will increase and eventually because a source of uncertainty and instability. The China’s economy is already experiencing soaring housing values with new home prices rising approximately 62 percent per year.

Soros also expressed positive indication about China’s foreign exchange saying that the strategy to link the yuan to a basket of various currencies was better than just linking it to the dollar to minimize the risk of devaluation. He also expressed confidence in the strengthened relationship between China and U.S. saying that it is good for calming the markets.
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iFunding Combines Real Estate Investment and Crowdfunding

One of the biggest changes in the venture capital and small business capital industry over the past five years has been the massive increase in the amount of crowd funding that has taken place. Many entrepreneurs with a great business plan are idea are now able to raise tens of thousands of dollars through crowd funding within a matter of days.

While crowd funding has been great for business owners and entrepreneurs, seasoned real estate investors as well through iFunding are now getting into crowd funding. iFunding is an online crowd funding website that is designed to help real estate investors get matched up with real estate professionals that need either debt of equity for a specific project.

iFunding allows people interested in investing in real estate to invest from as little as $5,000 into specific real estate projects. Each real estate project is fully vetted by the iFunding staff to ensure that the project is viable and could provide a sizable return on investment. iFunding has provided a wide variety of projects from single family home conversions to commercial projects that have raised millions of dollars. The company also provides a range of asset classes that an investor can choose from including apartment buildings, retail, hotels, and office projects.

iFunding has turned into a very successful company thanks to the leadership of its founder and CEO William Skelley, who was recently named as a member to the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. William Skelley has a long and successful history in real estate investment and capital raising. Prior to starting iFunding, he founded a small investment bank that was able to origination over $2 billion in commercial real estate transactions while raising hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. He also spent some time at Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund that was initially founded by a Harvard Busines School professor.

Along with many investors, William Skelley said on Twitter he sees significant potential in the growth of iFunding. The technology and concept is still growing and allows younger investors to partake in major transactions, which is something that would not have been available to them in the past.

Class Act Showcase: Jon Urbana Gets It Done

When it comes to environment and caring for it, along with community and business ventures, Jon Urbana has his work cut out for him. He enjoys staying busy and taking part in events that mean a lot to him. He grew up in the Colorado area and knows what it is like to experience to beauty. The home of the Rockies has definitely shaped him into the man he is today. It’s why his thousands of Facebook devotees love to keep up with his life.

The environment has always been something that Jon loves and cares for. He decided to start a GoFundMe Campaign to help raise donations for a non-profit organization called Earth Force. All of the proceeds that he raises will be donated to the organization which is geared towards the youth. Earth Force is focused on educating the younger generation and teaching them how important it is to care for the environment. He is also an avid animal lover, and has also started a charity fundraising event located online to help raise donations for a no kill cat shelter. The shelter is responsible for taking in stray cats that need homes, and will keep them until they find an owner for them. In a blog post with his plans, it became clear that Jon Urbana hopes to help raise money to help with the overall costs in keeping the animals until they can find a permanent home.

Jon, an esteemed alum of the Villanova lacrosse program, was recently recognized by the FAA for his pilot skills. Urbana is now a certified pilot who has exceeded the necessary skills it takes to achieve medical and safety status when becoming a certified pilot. The FAA always advises consumers to ensure that they are only flying with certified pilots who have passed all of the rigorous tests for safety and accountability measures.

He presides over a laser skin care company called Ellipse USA. They are responsible for correcting skin care problems such as scarring, fine lines and wrinkles along with many other issues that patients have. He ensures that each client is satisfied and that the business is ran efficiently.

On top of his daily busy functions, he uses Tumblr all the time and is the founder of a lacrosse youth camp. He currently has registrations open for the camp allowing youth to better their skills and become fundamentally more function at the sport.

Slyce shares annual improvements of 2015 as well as financial reports



Slyce had a further technological improvement which it shared with the public on November 25th 2015. The improvement is called Slyce link and is Slyce’s proprietary retail image recognition technology solution. This technology is currently in beta testing phase and has been in the companies development for more than a year. The beta testing phase is being done by only a single major retail customer of Slyce.


The Slyce Link is a system that provides the user with visual product suggestions allowing for an increase in the shopping transformation on the e-commerce based website of the client. The over all goal of the system is to increase the number of sales made as well as reduce the number of times customers abandon their shopping carts. This is done by allowing the retailer to show the customer visually similar products at certain specific instances in the online shopping experience. The platform is provided to the client in the form of JavaScript coding as well as native software development kits that are available on both Android and iOS devices.


All the retailer has to do is paste several small lines of code within the existing coding of the website to allow them to give the customer a full visual recommendation journey and experience. The complete technology is individually customizable to suit the clients needs and existing designs. On the other end of the Slyce Link Platform are a number of technologies to improve the consistency between the search results made by the customer and the product line that is on the retailers website. These technologies are product feed processing mechanisms, search logic and an image matching engine. There is also the possibility of meta data filtering as well as visual relevancy integration. This filter allows for the use of several different data sets to be included within the algorithm of the Slyce Link software. These are price range, stock availability, product ratings and size.

Life Is Easier Thanks To Slyce’s Take On Visual Search

It is an interesting day and age in fashion. The industry is growing at an alarming rate, and it is probably due to the ease of purchasing items online. eCommerce websites in India are actually at an all time high, according to an article by Live Mint. In that same article, a young developer named Ram Prakash makes several interesting claims about eCommerce, the fashion industry and the online shopping industry. It would make sense that they are all interconnected, but his claims seem to shed some new light on how much they depend on each other in order to make changes, grow and make profits.

Claims About Fashion Industry

Ram Prakash claims that the fashion industry runs off of visual cues, and he asserts that the cues needed to facilitate a well oiled machine that the fashion industry attempts to become are not present in the current infrastructure. The current infrastructure, in fact, is made up of a fashion industry that is supplying their products due to data feeds. The analytics that the fashion industry uses, much like the data that is being used by other areas of retail (such as home improvement or lifestyle retailers) is often not helping retailers to make quick decisions.

Slyce is using image recognition and doing their best to provide retailers with an accurate description of how consumers are viewing products. The company works to connect consumers to their actual environment in a way that consumers can just reach out with their camera to make a purchase. Consumers can use Slyce to directly connect with the online marketplace without having to go through the tough job of searching with keywords. The long, annoying keyword searches can take forever, which frustrates many consumers. It leaves people wanting their products, but not finding what they want, so they quit looking online. They go to the store instead. Slyce, however, has made online shopping worthwhile once again.

Slyce has developed some exciting new products. The top of the line of visual search is available through Slyce’s platform. They are bringing a new take on visual search straight to the hands of the people that user online shopping the most. People are using Slyce to find the exact models, the exact products that they want to purchase. There’s no longer a need to go through struggles finding the right keywords thanks to Slyce.